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What color is Feria V48?

Feria V48 is a rich, vibrant red hair color. It’s part of the Feria permanent hair color line by L’Oreal Paris. This shade is perfect for those looking to go bold and make a statement with their hair. Keep reading to learn more about the specific coloring of Feria V48 and how to use it to achieve a stunning look.

About Feria V48

Feria is L’Oreal’s ammonia-free permanent hair color line that promises to deliver bold, multi-tonal results. The formulas use a gentler alternative to ammonia called MEA (monoethanolamine) to open up the cuticle and deposit color. Feria comes in over 20 intermixable shades that can be used alone or combined to create custom color.

V48 is one of the vibrant red shades in the Feria range. Here are some key facts about this shade:

  • Color Family: Reds
  • Level: 5
  • Tone: RR (Rich Red)
  • Features: Maximum vibrancy and shine
  • Lasts up to 28 shampoos

The level 5 intensity means this Feria shade will show up clearly and boldly on most hair colors, including medium blondes and light to medium brunettes. The rich red tone gives hair a true, powerful red shade that really makes a statement.

Describing the V48 Red Color

So what does Feria V48 look like exactly? Here are some ways to describe this vivid red shade:

  • Cherry red
  • Blood red
  • Scarlet
  • Crimson
  • Ruby red
  • Bold red
  • Intense red

V48 is a pure, blue-based red that pops against any hair color. There are no orange, brick red or coppery undertones. This makes it a striking choice for redheads looking to enhance their color with maximum vibrancy.

Color Family Reds
Level 5
Tone RR (Rich Red)
Key Descriptors Cherry red, blood red, scarlet, crimson, ruby red, bold red, intense red

Trying on Feria V48

The best way to know if V48 is the right red hue for you is to try it on. Here are some tips for test driving this shade before committing:

  • Get a removable wash-in color or coloring conditioner in a similar red tone to temporarily color your hair.
  • Use hair editing apps like ModiFace to upload a selfie and virtually try on different shades.
  • Buy a Feria V48 color sample kit or swatch and apply to a small section of hair.
  • Consult with a professional hair colorist about whether your skin tone and complexion will complement V48.

Seeing Feria V48 against your face and skin will help you determine if it’s the right red tone to achieve your desired look. Adjustments can be made to go slightly lighter, darker, cooler or warmer based on your test run.

Application Tips for Feria V48

Once you’ve decided Feria V48 is the red for you, here are some tips for flawless application:

  • Prep your hair. Shampoo and towel dry your hair the day before coloring. Healthy, clean hair accepts and retains color better.
  • Do a skin test. Apply a small amount of color cream behind your ear and leave for 48 hours to check for sensitivities.
  • Protect your skin and clothes. Cover your skin with petroleum jelly around your hairline and wear an old shirt or robe.
  • Divide your hair. Section clean, dry hair into four parts for manageable application.
  • Mix the color. Combine the color cream and developer according to package directions.
  • Apply the color. Use the applicator brush to paint the color from roots to ends, one section at a time.
  • Process the time. Allow the color to develop for the full processing time stated on the box.
  • Rinse and style. Rinse until water runs clear, then style as desired.

Correct application is key to achieving vibrant, long-lasting results from Feria V48. Follow these steps for salon-quality color at home.

Caring for Feria V48

Maintenance is also important for making Feria V48 last. Here are some tips for keeping your color looking fresh:

  • Use sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfate-free formulas help maximize color retention.
  • Wash less often. Limit shampooing to every 2-3 days to prevent fading.
  • Rinse with cool water. Hot water can cause the cuticle to open and color to run.
  • Use color-protecting conditioner. Conditioner deposits pigments to help seal in color.
  • Limit heat styling. Allow hair to air dry when possible and use heat protectant sprays.
  • Gloss between permanent color. Red tones fade the fastest, so use semi-permanent gloss to keep color vibrant.

With proper care between permanent coloring services, you can keep your Feria V48 looking bold and beautiful.

Who is Feria V48 Best For?

Feria V48 is a fantastic shade for:

  • Natural redheads. This intense red enhances natural red tones in hair.
  • Fair to medium skin tones. The blue-based shade complements cooler skin tones best.
  • Green or blue eyes. Reds make light colored eyes really pop.
  • Warmer makeup looks. Pair with copper eyeshadow, nude lips and rosy cheeks.
  • Those who want vibrant color. V48 delivers maximum red tone payoff.

This shade may be too bold for those with darker complexions or who want a more natural look. But for fair to medium skinned redheads, V48 is the perfect way to pump up your red aura.

Complementary Hair Colors

Feria V48 looks beautiful on its own as a solid, all-over color. But you can also enhance and customize the shade by adding highlights and lowlights. Here are some complementary tones to consider:

Lighter Tones – Copper
– Strawberry Blonde
– Golden Blonde
Darker Tones – Cherry Brown
– Auburn
– Burgundy

Lighter coppery pieces around the face will warm up the red tone. Darker lowlights will add dimension. Mix and match with V48 to create your own custom red hair color.

How Long Does Feria V48 Last?

With proper application and maintenance, Feria’s permanent red shades like V48 typically last:

  • 4-6 weeks with frequent shampooing
  • 6-8 weeks with less frequent shampooing
  • Up to 8-10 weeks with sulfate-free shampoo and gloss treatments

The average lifespan is 4-8 weeks before roots will need another application. Red tones tend to fade the quickest of any color. But curbing shampooing, using cooler water and adding gloss can help maximize the vibrancy of V48 between permanent touch-ups.

How to Refresh Feria V48

When Feria V48 starts to fade or look brassy, you have a few options to refresh your color:

  • Permanent touch-up. Reapply the same shade of V48 all over when regrowth is about 1/2 inch.
  • Gloss treatment. Use a semi-permanent red gloss to boost shine and richness between permanents.
  • Reducing shampoo. Switch to a shampoo specifically formulated to enhance and prolong red color.
  • Toner. Use a violet-red toner to neutralize brassiness and refresh tone.

Root touch-ups every 4-8 weeks will keep Feria V48 looking salon-fresh. Gloss and toners can also help retain vibrancy and richness between applications.

Feria V48 Color Review

Here is an overview of the pros and cons of Feria’s V48 shade based on customer reviews:

Pros – Vibrant, intense red tone
– Long-lasting results
– Ammonia-free formula
– Easy at-home application
Cons – Can stain skin/tub if not careful
– Quick to fade
– Can pull dark if overlapped too much
– Dryness possible if not conditioned

Users say V48 delivers bold, beautiful red color when applied correctly. But it does require maintenance to keep the tone from fading or getting too dark. Overall, it’s a top pick for bright, head-turning red hair color.

Achieving Your Reddest Reds

Feria V48 is a foolproof way to get gorgeously bold, vibrant red hair color at home. For best results, prep and apply carefully, enlist help if needed to ensure full coverage and use products that extend color life between permanent touch ups. You’ll be stopping traffic in no time with this rich, head-turning hue!

Do you have experience with Feria V48? Let us know your thoughts on this vibrant red shade in the comments!