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What color is egret in clothes?


Egret is a light grayish-yellowish white color. In the fashion world, egret refers to clothing and accessories in various shades of white, off-white, or very pale gray. The name comes from the snowy white plumage of egrets, a type of heron waterbird. Egret clothing provides a crisp, clean, and elegant look.

Characteristics of Egret Color

Egret color lies within the white and gray color families. It sits between stark white and light gray. Here are some key characteristics of egret as a color:

  • Very pale grayish white or pale yellowish white
  • Slightly warmer than pure white
  • More subtle than bright white
  • Softer and more delicate than white
  • Light and airy appearance
  • Hint of cream or ivory
  • Lacks strong undertones
  • Works as a neutral color
  • Transeasonal versatility

The exact shade can vary from a nearly white egret to a pale dusty gray egret. It depends on how much grayness or yellowness it contains. Overall, egret sits in the light tonal range and comes across as soft, subtle, and ethereal.

Egret in Fashion

In the fashion world, egret refers to clothing and accessories colored in tones of white with a whisper of gray or ivory. It has a timeless, sophisticated style.


Egret clothing flatters most skin tones. It provides versatility from day to night occasions. Here are some ways egret is used in fashion:

  • Dresses – Egret is popular for sundresses, maxi dresses, day dresses, and cocktail dresses. The color looks breezy and relaxed for daytime yet elegant for evening.
  • Separates – Egret cropped pants, skirts, blouses, sweaters, and jackets have a refined look. The paleness creates a nice contrast with dark neutrals like black, charcoal, or navy.
  • Jumpsuits & Rompers – An egret jumpsuit or romper makes a chic style statement. The color elongates the body.
  • Swimwear – Egret bikinis and swimsuits convey both sporty simplicity and vacation glamour.
  • Coats & Jackets – A long egret trench or tailored jacket has timeless appeal over dark trousers or skirts.

Shoes & Accessories

Egret shoes and accessories provide the perfect finishing touch to an outfit. Options include:

  • Shoes – Heels, wedges, flats, sneakers, sandals, and boots in soft egret shades.
  • Bags – Totes, shoulder bags, satchels, and clutches made of egret leather or fabric.
  • Jewelry – Egret pearls and stones like moonstone or opal complement the delicate color.
  • Scarves & Shawls – Airy egret scarves add visual interest.
  • Hats – Wide-brim egret hats make a bold accent.

Egret accessories work especially well against darker neutrals and brighter colors. They act as the perfect neutral.

Egret Color Palette

There are many shades that can be described as egret. Here are some common variations:

  • Pale Egret – The lightest end of the scale with a nearly pure white appearance.
  • Beige Egret – Holds a subtle hint of tan or stone for a creamy effect.
  • Silver Egret – A little cooler with a whisper of blueish gray. Sometimes called “lunar egret”.
  • Dusty Egret – Light grayness provides a softer chalkier look.
  • Warm Egret – Subtle yellow undertone creates a warmer mood.
  • Shadow Egret – Slightly darker for a mushroom-like tone.

Egret Color Codes

Here are some common egret color codes:

Color Name Hex Code RGB Code
Pale Egret #FAF9F6 R 250, G 249, B 246
Beige Egret #F5F5DC R 245, G 245, B 220
Silver Egret #ECEBE6 R 236, G 235, B 230
Dusty Egret #E7E6E1 R 231, G 230, B 225
Warm Egret #FAF4E8 R 250, G 244, B 232
Shadow Egret #E2DFD3 R 226, G 223, B 211

These codes can be useful for web design, graphic design, fashion/textile design and matching colors.

Egret Color Psychology & Meaning

Colors carry symbolic associations and emotional impacts. Here is an analysis of the psychology and meaning behind egret:

  • Clean – Egret evokes a clean, fresh sensation. Its pale clarity suggests purity and renewal.
  • Ethereal – The weightless quality appears spiritual and etheral, like an angel’s robes.
  • Peaceful – Egret has a peaceful aura. It induces calm feelings and tranquility.
  • Empty – Stark emptiness can also come across from its void-like appearance.
  • Neutral – Egret works as a harmonious neutral backdrop for bolder shades.
  • Soft – A soft, gentle essence differs from the harsh glare of bright white.
  • Traditional – Its formality links it to weddings and traditional feminine style.

Overall, egret offers a soothing, harmonious impression. In color psychology, it balances the mental and spiritual realms.

Using Egret in Fashion & Decor

From clothing to home decor, egret offers versatile possibilities. Here are some tips for stylishly using egret:

In Clothing

  • Pair egret with navy or black for classic contrast.
  • Match it with pastels like pink or mint green for a spring/summer look.
  • Layer egret with gray or tan for high contrast.
  • Add egret jackets or coats over darker outfits.
  • Use white accessories like shoes or bags to make egret pop.

In Home Decor

  • Paint walls, ceilings, doors or trim egret for an open, airy feeling.
  • Upholster furniture in egret linen or cotton for a casual refined look.
  • Select egret area rugs to anchor a space without dominating.
  • Display egret vases, bowls or sculptures as accents against dark woods.
  • Hang sheer egret curtains to filter sunlight gently.

Use touches of solid white, metallic grays, or soft blues to enhance an egret decor scheme.


Egret is a stylish neutral white that offers lighter, subtler appeal than true white. In fashion, it conveys elegance and sophistication for all seasons. For home interiors, egret provides a clean, ethereal backdrop to design with. Both classic and contemporary, this pale white gray tone has enduring versatility. Egret’s soft, harmonious essence will continue inspiring designers and style lovers.