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What color is Earl GREY Jeep?

Jeeps are iconic American vehicles known for their rugged durability and off-road capabilities. The Earl GREY Jeep is a unique color option that Jeep has offered on certain models throughout the years. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the Earl GREY Jeep color – what models it’s available on, what the color looks like, and how it fits into Jeep’s color palette.

Introduction to the Earl GREY Jeep Color

Earl GREY is a distinctive grayish-green hue that Jeep has used on various models since the 1970s. It’s a color that manages to be both bold and understated at the same time. Earl GREY Jeeps stand out from the crowd yet maintain a certain stately elegance.

The Earl GREY color was first introduced by Jeep on the CJ models in the 1970s. It proved popular and continued to be offered by Jeep on various models over the next few decades. While not the most common Jeep color, Earl GREY has developed a following among Jeep enthusiasts who appreciate its unique look.

Jeep Models Offered in Earl GREY

Here are some of the key Jeep models that have been available in the Earl GREY exterior color option:

  • Jeep CJ – Earl GREY was first introduced on the CJ models in the 1970s.
  • Jeep Wrangler – Select Wrangler models have offered Earl GREY over the years as a specialty color.
  • Jeep Cherokee – The XJ generation Cherokee offered Earl GREY as an option in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee – Earl GREY was available on the first generation ZJ Grand Cherokee models.
  • Jeep Commander – This 3-row SUV offered Earl GREY on some versions from 2006 to 2010.
  • Jeep Liberty – select versions of the Liberty compact SUV came in Earl GREY.

So while not widely available across all models, Earl GREY has graced many iconic Jeeps over the past 5 decades. It attracts interest from collectors and enthusiasts due to its uniqueness.

What Does Earl GREY Look Like?

Describing the exact shade of Earl GREY can be tricky. It’s a color that can appear slightly different depending on the light and viewing angle. Here’s an overview:

  • Grayish-green hue – Earl GREY is definitely more gray than green. The green undertones are subtle.
  • Matte finish – Earl GREY Jeeps have a matte, muted finish rather than a metallic sparkle.
  • Neutral yet bold – Earl GREY is neutral enough to match different colored trim and accessories, yet bold enough to stand out.
  • Retro vibe – The color has a bit of a retro 1970s or 1980s look to it.

Perhaps the best way to get a sense of the Earl GREY color is to see it on an actual Jeep. Here are some photos of Earl GREY Jeeps that illustrate the hue:

Jeep Model Photo
1976 Jeep CJ-7 1976 Jeep CJ7 in Earl GREY
1990 Jeep Cherokee 1990 Jeep Cherokee in Earl GREY
2006 Jeep Commander 2006 Jeep Commander in Earl GREY

As you can see from the photos, Earl GREY has a subdued gray-green appearance that is both retro and sophisticated.

How Earl GREY Fits Into Jeep’s Color Palette

Most automakers offer their vehicles in a wide range of color options, and Jeep is no exception. Here’s an overview of how Earl GREY fits into the broader Jeep color lineup:

  • Neutral tones – Most Jeep models offer various neutral exterior colors such as black, gray, white, and silver. Earl GREY fits into this neutral color family while offering a more unique greenish-gray look.
  • Earth tones – Jeeps are often associated with the outdoors, so the brand offers a lot of beige, brown, and tan earth-tone exteriors. Earl GREY provides an earthy tone as well, just with a grayer vs. browner hue.
  • Green colors – From olive green to bright green shades, various green exterior colors have long been available on Jeeps. Earl GREY offers customers a more muted, gray-infused green option.
  • Unusual retro colors – In addition to Earl GREY, Jeep has occasionally offered unique “Easter egg” colors that evoke a retro vibe. Earl GREY very much fits into this fun, throwback color niche.

So while not as common as white, black, or silver Jeeps, the Earl GREY color allows customers to give their Jeep a cool, retro look that stands out from the crowd. It occupies a unique spot on the broader Jeep color spectrum.

Notable Earl GREY Jeep Models

While Earl GREY could be ordered on many Jeep models over the years, there are a few specific Jeep variants that are particularly iconic in this color:

1976-1983 Jeep CJ-5 and CJ-7

The Jeep CJ models perhaps best exemplify the Earl GREY color. The 1976-1983 CJ-5 and CJ-7 could both be ordered in Earl GREY, and many enthusiasts feel these were the models that wore the color best. Something about the bold Earl GREY hue just perfectly suits the iconic CJ body style.

1990 Jeep Cherokee Laredo

Jeep introduced the all-new XJ Cherokee lineup in 1984, and by 1990, the family-friendly SUV was selling very well. The 1990 Cherokee Laredo model in Earl GREY has become a sought-after collector’s item. The boxy Cherokee shape really pops in the grayish-green Earl GREY paint.

2006 Jeep Commander Overland

When the 3-row Commander SUV debuted in 2006, Jeep was looking to offer a more premium model above the Grand Cherokee. The 2006 Commander Overland came loaded with luxury features and the unique Earl GREY exterior color option. It presents a more upscale twist on the familiar Jeep hue.

These examples demonstrate how Earl GREY has spanned various important Jeep models over the past 5 decades. It’s a color with broad appeal that never seems to go out of style.


Earl GREY has rightfully earned its status as an iconic Jeep color. The grayish-green hue perfectly captures a sophisticated yet adventurous spirit. It manages to be neutral enough to match various Jeep trim and accent colors, while also being bold enough to turn heads on the road.

Jeep owners who want their vehicle to stand out from the crowd are drawn to the Earl GREY color. It presents a more unique take on an exterior gray or green. And for many Jeep fans, Earl GREY will be forever linked with legendary 4x4s like the CJ models of the 1970s.

So next time you see a Jeep on the road in a classy gray-green color, it’s likely the iconic Earl GREY. It’s a shade that has been offered by Jeep for over 40 years and will continue to be popular with collectors and new Jeep buyers alike.