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What color is deep royal?

What color is deep royal?

Deep royal is a rich, jewel-toned shade of blue that evokes a sense of luxury and elegance. It gets its name from being the distinctive color historically associated with royalty and aristocracy. Deep royal sits between a true royal blue and a navy blue on the color wheel. It is a dark, saturated shade that commands attention wherever it is used.

Defining Deep Royal Blue

Deep royal blue is considered a very dark shade of azure blue that has a purple undertone to it. It is classified as having a hue code of around 255 in the HSV color space. The RGB values for deep royal blue are red: 0, green: 35, and blue: 102. The hex code is #002366.

Some key characteristics that define the deep royal blue color are:

  • Jewel-toned – Deep and vivid shade that resembles a sapphire gemstone.
  • Regal – Associated historically with kings, queens, and nobility.
  • Sophisticated – Refined color that conveys elegance and luxury.
  • Commanding – Dark, saturated shade that attracts attention.
  • Soothing – Calming, tranquilizing color that evokes stability.

When you see deep royal blue, you can expect a rich, bold color that makes a striking visual impact. It has an air of importance and class about it.

Deep Royal Blue vs Royal Blue

Though their names are similar, deep royal blue and royal blue are actually distinct shades. Here is how they compare:

Deep Royal Blue Royal Blue
Much darker, saturated shade Lighter, brighter shade
Has subtle purple undertones No purple undertones
Closer to a navy blue True primary blue
RGB values: R:0, G:35, B:102 RGB values: R:65, G:105, B:225
Hex code: #002366 Hex code: #4169E1

As you can see, deep royal blue is a much deeper, darker azure that has subtle hints of purple to give it a richer feel. Royal blue is brighter and lacks the purple tone.

History of Deep Royal Blue

Deep royal blue has a long history of being associated with royalty, aristocracy, and nobility. Here is a look at how it became the noble color it is today:

  • Middle Ages – Royal blue garments were worn by kings, queens, and princes across Medieval Europe.
  • 17th & 18th Century – Dark blue military coats were worn by officers in the British Army, sparking the link between deep blue and authority.
  • Victorian Era – Deep royal blue gowns and capes became fashionable among the aristocratic circles of the time.
  • Today – Many formal military, police, and firefighter uniforms incorporate deep royal blue hues.

So deep royal blue’s association with status, prestige, and leadership has developed over centuries. It is a color that subconsciously conveys power and importance. That regal mystique remains to this day.

Symbolism of Deep Royal Blue

What does the color deep royal blue represent and what meanings does it convey? Here are some of the key symbolic associations with deep royal blue:

  • Authority – Deep royal blue conveys authority, leadership, and command.
  • Prestige – The color denotes exclusivity, luxury, and high social/professional stature.
  • Trust – Darker blues like deep royal are considered honest, dependable colors.
  • Success – In business contexts, deep royal blue represents achievement and corporate success.
  • Confidence – The strong, sophisticated color expresses self-assurance and conviction.

So in essence, deep royal blue combines the stability and trust of blue with the status and confidence of purple. This makes it an ideal color for premium brands and companies that want to convey success, style, and credibility.

Uses and Applications of Deep Royal Blue

Thanks to its regal pedigree and sophisticated charm, deep royal blue shines in many contexts. Here are some popular uses and applications:

  • Formal uniforms – Military, police, flight attendant, and firefighter uniforms often incorporate deep royal blue.
  • Business branding – Banks, financial institutions, and corporate brands leverage deep royal blue to convey trust and success.
  • Luxury packaging – Premium cosmetics, perfumes, accessories, and liquor products often feature deep royal blue packaging.
  • First-class services – Airlines, cruise lines, and hotels may use deep royal blue to represent their first-class services.
  • Yearend galas – Deep royal blue is a popular color for new year’s eve and gala events.

Overall, deep royal blue’s balance of being stylish yet serious makes it a versatile color for conveying professionalism across many industries and applications.

Pairing Colors with Deep Royal Blue

When incorporating deep royal blue into designs, thoughtful color pairing can create really stunning schemes. Here are some colors that work beautifully with deep royal blue:

  • Gold – Deep royal blue powerfully contrasts light, metallic golds.
  • Ivory – Soft ivory or cream serves as a pleasant neutral against rich deep royal blue.
  • Teal – Vibrant teal complements and highlights deep royal’s blue undertones.
  • Violet – Blending deep royal blue with light violets creates a regal scheme.
  • Silver – Cool silvers allow deep royal blue to stand out while providing contrast.

When using deep royal blue in designs, aim for colors that either sharply contrast like gold and ivory, or those that contain complementary undertones like teal and violet. This helps the deep royal blue pop while remaining sophisticated.

Deep Royal Blue in Branding & Design

Many major companies leverage deep royal blue in their branding, logos, and designs to align with its prestigious connotations. Here are some examples:

  • Bank of America – Uses deep royal blue in its logo to convey trust, credibility, and corporate success.
  • IBM – IBM’s official blue is a deep royal shade that represents dependability, stability, and security.
  • Boeing – The aviation giant features deep royal blue prominently on its aircraft and in branding.
  • Ralph Lauren – The upscale fashion label uses deep royal blue on product logos and packaging.
  • Harley Davidson – Many Harley models such as the Fat Boy feature deep royal blue paint jobs.

For all these major companies, deep royal blue is an integral part of establishing their elite, premium brand image. It’s a color that demands respect and communicates excellence.


Deep royal blue is a magnificent, jewel-toned shade that conveys nobility, success, and prestige. Its lineage can be traced across centuries of European history, cementing its ties to aristocracy. Today deep royal blue remains a staple color for formal wear, premium branding, and first-class services. It effectively communicates trust, confidence, and refined taste. Deep royal blue’s bold hue and commanding presence make it a go-to color for creating sophisticated designs that stand out from the crowd.