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What color is black sapphire on a car?

Black sapphire is a popular color choice for cars. It is a deep, rich black color that really makes a car look sleek and luxurious. But what exactly is the color black sapphire on a car? And what makes it different from other black car paint colors? In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into what color black sapphire is, what it looks like on different car models, and how it compares to other black car paint colors.

What is Black Sapphire Car Paint?

Black sapphire is a metallic black car paint color. It’s not just a flat black – it has a subtle sparkle or shimmer to it when the light hits it just right. This sparkle comes from tiny metallic flakes in the paint.

Car manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi use black sapphire as a color option on many models. It’s a popular choice for luxury vehicles because it looks upscale and sophisticated.

The origin of the name “black sapphire” comes from the deep, rich black color of the precious gemstone sapphire. Black sapphire gemstones exhibit a faint iridescence or light play, similar to the subtle sparkle in black sapphire car paint.

What Does Black Sapphire Look Like on Different Cars?

While black sapphire is very dark and rich overall, its precise hue can vary slightly depending on the make and model of the car. Here’s what black sapphire looks like on some popular models:

BMW Black Sapphire

On BMW models, black sapphire has a bluish tint in bright direct sunlight. But in lower light or shade, it appears a true, deep black. The blue sheen gives it some added dimension and visual interest.

Mercedes-Benz Black Sapphire

Mercedes-Benz black sapphire has a subtly warmer, black cherry tone to it. In some lighting conditions it can take on a very faint warm brownish hue. The rich black still dominates overall.

Audi Black Sapphire

Audi’s black sapphire is a cooler, bluer black with pronounced sparkle from the metallic flakes. It has a bold, dramatic, and high-tech look.

Range Rover Black Sapphire

On Land Rover’s Range Rover models, the black sapphire tone is similar to Audi’s – a deep cool black with strong blue undertones when the light catches it. This gives it a sophisticated, contemporary look.

How Black Sapphire Compares to Other Black Car Paints

Black sapphire stands apart from other black car paint colors because of its subtle metallic sparkle. Here’s how it compares:

Solid Black

– Single stage paint, no metallic flakes
– Flat, true black without shimmer
– Less dynamic look

Jet Black

– May be single stage or clear coat over black base
– Slightly warmer tone than true black
– No metallic, uniform flat finish

Black Sapphire

– Clear coat over black base with blue/black metallic flakes
– Cool or warm black tone depending on brand
– Subtle shimmer effect in the right light

Matte Black

– Flat, muted finish without gloss
– May have slight satin sheen
– More industrial, hardcore appearance

Black Cherry

– Clear coat over a black base with red, copper, or purple metal flakes
– Warmer, reddish-black hue
– Similar sparkle to black sapphire

The Pros and Cons of Black Sapphire Car Paint

Like any car paint color, black sapphire has both advantages and disadvantages:


  • Deep, rich black color looks expensive and luxurious
  • Metallic flake sparkle adds visual interest and depth
  • Pairs well with chrome and silver accents
  • Hides imperfections better than lighter colors


  • Shows dust, dirt, and swirl marks more easily than lighter colors
  • Can be difficult to keep clean and looking new
  • Absorbs heat from the sun, making the interior hotter
  • Less vibrant and eye-catching than brighter colors

Maintaining Black Sapphire Paint

While beautiful, black sapphire does require careful maintenance to keep it looking its best:

  • Wash frequently using a clean mitt and mild car wash soap to prevent swirl marks
  • Use a clay bar treatment regularly to remove bonded surface contaminants
  • Apply paint sealant or wax to protect the finish
  • Aim for monthly thorough cleanings and waxing
  • Be extra cautious of scratches and swirling when washing
  • Consider ceramic coating for longer lasting protection

With the right products and techniques, you can keep black sapphire paint looking showroom fresh. Quick detail sprays in between washes help touch up the shine.

Is Black Sapphire Right for Your Car?

So when considering a new car, is black sapphire a good color choice? Here are a few factors to think about:

  • Car model and body style – Black sapphire looks great on most luxury sedans and SUVs. Performance sports cars can also pull it off nicely.
  • Climate and conditions – The high heat absorption may be disadvantageous in hot, sunny climates. But the color hides winter salt and road grime well.
  • Amount of time/effort you can commit to care – Black sapphire requires frequent, careful washes and detailing.
  • Your personal taste and style – While always in fashion, black cars are most appealing to those who like a bold, distinctive luxury look.
  • Resale value – Black and other dark colors maintain reasonably good resale value.

For many car buyers, black sapphire is an elegant, head-turning color choice. Its metallic sparkle and upscale vibe give it an extra appealing edge over solid black. Pay attention to the required maintenance, and your black sapphire ride will maintain its beautiful luster for years to come.


Black sapphire is a deep, rich black car color with subtle metallic flake sparkle. It looks slightly different across car brands – BMW’s leans cool and blue, while Mercedes’ has warm undertones. Compared to flat black or jet black paint, black sapphire has extra visual interest and depth. Maintaining the glossy finish requires frequent, careful washing and detailing. For luxury vehicle buyers who appreciate a sophisticated, eye-catching black paint color and don’t mind the required upkeep, black sapphire is an excellent choice. Its lustrous darkness will give any car an instantly sleeker, more exclusive look.