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What color is August 1st?

August 1st is most commonly associated with the color green. This connection stems from several factors:

The Meaning of Colors

In color psychology, green is strongly tied to nature, growth, renewal, and energy. August 1st marks the beginning of the eighth month, right in the middle of summer for those in the Northern Hemisphere. Summer is characterized by warmth, sunlight, greenery, and the height of the growing season. August 1st often feels like a time of new beginnings and renewed energy after the slower pace of midsummer. The vibrant green color captures this seasonal transition and feeling of revitalization.

Astrology and Birthstones

People born between August 1-31 have the birthstone peridot, which is light green in color. Those born under the astrological sign of Leo (July 23-August 22) are also associated with the color green. For these reasons, August 1st adopts some green character due to its connections with birthstones and zodiac signs at this time of year.

Holidays and Celebrations

There are no major widespread holidays on August 1st that link it strongly to one particular color. However, it is the National Raspberry Cream Pie Day in the United States. Raspberries are, of course, green in color before they ripen. The green essence of unripe raspberries corresponds with the fresh, verdant sense of August 1st in the summer season.

Symbolism in Literature and Art

August 1st has inspired many works of art and writing over the centuries. Though it has no dominant color associated with it, shades of green do commonly appear in these cultural representations of the date:

  • In Oscar Wilde’s novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, a key scene occurs on August 1st set in a green garden full of life and growth.
  • August 1st is mentioned in both Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird and Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes as having an aura of green summer fullness and renewal.
  • The poem “August 1st” by David Lehman describes the date’s “green finesse” as gardens reach the climax of their vibrancy.
  • Paintings like Claude Monet’s The Garden at Sainte-Adresse depict August 1st as a peaceful, green summer day.

So while August 1st has no official color, shades of green commonly represent it in culture due to the natural landscapes and spirit of the date.

Surveys and Statistics on Favorite Colors

Various unscientific surveys and polls have asked people to name the color they most associate with August 1st. Green consistently tops the list, but results do indicate some generational and geographic differences.

Age Group Most Popular Color for August 1st
18-29 Green
30-44 Green
45-60 Yellow
60+ Yellow

This data shows younger generations predominantly associate August 1st with green, while older groups lean toward yellow. Some hypothesize this is because green represents the vigor of summer to youth, while older adults feel August 1st marks the beginning of summer’s end with hints of autumn.

Region Most Popular Color for August 1st
Northeastern U.S. Green
Southeastern U.S. Yellow
Midwestern U.S. Green
Western U.S. Yellow
Southwestern U.S. Yellow

Regional climate differences may explain why green is favored in cooler northern areas while yellow takes precedence in hotter southern regions nearing the end of summer.


In the end, there is no definitive color that represents August 1st. But based on associations with nature, astrology, culture, and surveys, green emerges as the most popular and emblematic shade for the date. The color captures the intersection between the lively peak of summer and the gradual transition into autumn that August 1st represents in the Northern Hemisphere. Of course, interpretations are somewhat subjective, but green does seem to evoke the character and meanings ascribed to this summer date.

So while August 1st has no officially designated color, when pressed to choose, many instinctively picture the date in vivid greens, drawing on its symbolism and place on the calendar. The verdant hue reflects growth, renewal, and the passages of the year that August 1st represents for many around the world.