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What color is 348 embroidery?

Determining the color of a specific embroidery floss number can be confusing. DMC floss comes in over 400 colors, each with its own unique number identifier. Number 348 is a medium pink color in the DMC floss line. Knowing the exact shade for a particular project is important for embroidery enthusiasts and crafters. In this article, we’ll explore the specifics of DMC 348, look at how it fits into color trends, and examine ways to use this thread color in your next project.

Understanding DMC Floss Colors

DMC floss has been around since the 1920s and uses a numerical system to identify each color. Numbers range from 1 to over 400. Sometimes different numbers will look very similar in color. And the same number from different dye lots may have slight variations. Here are some key facts about DMC embroidery floss colors:

  • Each number identifies a specific color.
  • There are over 400 colors available.
  • Colors may vary slightly across dye lots.
  • Nearby numbers are often similar shades.
  • The higher the number, the darker/brighter the color.

Knowing the idiosyncrasies of the DMC system helps when trying to identify a particular color. Now let’s see how 348 fits into this spectrum.

DMC 348 Color Specifications

So what exact shade is DMC 348 embroidery floss? Here are the details on this specific color:

  • Number: 348
  • Color: Medium pink
  • Shade: Light dusty rose pink
  • Tone: Soft muted pink

The 348 shade falls right around the middle of the DMC floss range. It’s a light to medium pink with soft dusty rose tones. When compared to other shades, 347 is a pale pink and 349 is a brighter fuchsia pink. The 300 numbers in DMC lean toward pinks and roses. 348 fits as a nice medium pink in that section.

How DMC 348 Fits Color Trends

Color trends help inspire crafters and designers when picking shades for projects. Knowing what’s popular can make your embroidery more appealing. Here’s how 348 fits into current color trends:

  • Millennial pink – Dusty muted pinks like 348 are right on trend for the Millennial aesthetic.
  • Pastels – The soft dusty rose tone makes 348 a nice pastel option.
  • Vintage – Muted pink looks great in embroidery with a vintage vibe.
  • Shabby chic – The washed out pink works well for shabby chic and cottage style pieces.

The muted softness of 348 aligns perfectly with many modern color trends focused around neutrals and pastels. It has a classic, nostalgic feel despite being a more contemporary shade. This versatility makes 348 a useful addition to your embroidery floss collection.

Using DMC 348 in Your Embroidery

Now that you know the exact shade of this floss, how can you incorporate it into projects? Here are some ways to use 348 in your embroidery:


The soft pink color is perfect for flowers. Use it for blooms like peonies, carnations, roses, cherry blossoms. It looks natural yet beautiful in floral designs.


348 makes pretty lettering pop when used to outline monograms or inspirational phrases. The color provides nice definition without being too bold.


Outlining shapes like circles, hearts, diamonds, and squares gives them dimension. 348 adds a delicate detail.


Embroidered animals and people get a boost of color from details in 348. Try it for cheeks, ears, paws, clothes, or accessories.

Mix with neutrals

Pairing 348 with creams, taupes, grays, and browns creates a modern muted look. The pink gives just a touch of color.

Combine with other pastels

Mixing 348 with other soft hues like mint, peach, yellow, or blue results in a fresh pastel palette.

DMC 348 Embroidery Inspiration

Need some inspiration for using this pretty shade? Here are a few ideas:

Wedding embroideries

  • Bridesmaid gifts
  • Ring pillows
  • Mr. and Mrs. towels
  • Wedding dress embroidery
  • Bridal bouquets

Nursery & Kids’ Rooms

  • Name wall hangings
  • Baby onesies
  • Blankets
  • Book covers

Home Decor Accents

  • Pillows
  • Table runners
  • Doilies and lace
  • Picture frames
  • Lampshades

The lighter pink hue suits well for delicate and feminine designs. Next time you need just the right muted pink, reach for DMC 348.

Summary of DMC 348

DMC 348 embroidery floss provides crafters and artisans with a soft, muted pink. The light dusty rose color works well for florals, lettering, accents, and details. It fits nicely in vintage, shabby chic, pastel, and neutral color palettes. Embroidery enthusiasts will find 348 to be a useful addition to their floss collection.

Understanding the exact shade and tone helps identify how to best use this color. Numbers around 348 are similar pinks, while higher 400s get darker. When planning your next project, consult this guide to DMC 348. Let the pretty pink inspire your creativity for timeless pieces.


DMC floss 348 is a soft muted pink with a dusty rose tone. The medium pink works well for florals, lettering, and accents. It fits color trends like millennial pink, pastels, vintage, and shabby chic. Examples and inspiration show how to incorporate 348 into wedding, nursery, and home décor embroideries. Knowing the details of this color helps crafters pick the perfect shade for their projects.