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What color heels go with dark purple?


Dark purple is a rich, luxurious color that can be challenging to pair with other colors. However, with the right shoe choice, a dark purple outfit can look sophisticated and elegant. When selecting heels to match dark purple clothing, it’s important to consider the shade of purple, the formality of the event, and your own personal style preferences. Read on for tips on choosing heels that will complement a dark purple dress or outfit perfectly.

Matching Shoe Color to Dark Purple

Here are some top color choices for heels to wear with dark purple:

Heel Color Why it Works
Nude Nude heels elongate the leg and act as a neutral base for the eye-catching purple outfit. Nude works well for both light and dark skin tones.
Silver Metallic silver adds a glamorous, elegant accent and brightens up the dark purple hue.
Gold Like silver, shiny gold heels add a touch of glamour and contrast to deep purple. Gold works well for warm skin tones.
Black Classic black heels ground the outfit and let the purple pop. Black is ideal for a formal event or night out.
White Crisp white heels create visual contrast against rich purple. White works well for spring and summer events.
Red Vibrant red heels complement the purple and convey a bold, fun look.

When selecting a heel color, consider if you want a subtle, neutral accent or bolder contrast. Metallic and pale nude heels are safe options that won’t fight the purple, while red and white will make the purple pop.

Heel Style for Dark Purple Outfit

Along with color, the style of heel you choose can impact the overall look:

Heel Style Best For…
Pointed Toe Stiletto Formal events, night outs, adding drama
Pointed Toe Kitten Heel Office or daytime events, elongated leg
Peep Toe Fun, flirty occasions
Ankle Strap Heel Stability and support
Chunky Block Heel Daytime events, comfort
Slingback Vintage and retro vibe

Consider the formality of the event when deciding on a heel shape. Pointy stilettos or slingbacks work well for formal occasions, while chunky heels or peep toes give a more playful look. For stability, an ankle strap is a great choice.

Material for Heels with Dark Purple

Heel material also affects the vibe of the outfit:

Heel Material Benefits
Leather Sleek, elegant, versatile
Suede Soft, velvety finish
Patent Leather Glossy and eye-catching
Metallic Flashy and glamorous
Plastic Fun pop of color
Lucite Modern, transparent look

For dark purple, stick with classy options like leather, suede or patent leather. Metallic heels in silver, gold or rose gold can also complement purple beautifully. Lucite heels provide a contemporary vibe. Stay away from very casual fabrics like canvas or cotton.

Choosing Color for Specific Dark Purple Tones

Not all dark purples are created equal! Here are heel colors that work for different shades:

Dark Purple Shades
  • Eggplant
  • Wine
  • Plum
Best Heel Colors
  • Nude
  • Black
  • Silver
Dark Purple Shades
  • Amethyst
  • Iris
  • Lavender
Best Heel Colors
  • Gold
  • Red
  • White

Darker eggplant/plum purples pair well with nudes and blacks, while lighter lavender/iris shades pop with gold, red and white. Match the shoe color intensity to the purple shade for a cohesive look.

Outfit Ideas with Dark Purple and Heels

Here are some chic outfit examples with dark purple and coordinated heels:

  • Dark purple maxi dress
  • Silver chandelier earrings
  • Silver rhinestone clutch
  • Silver strappy heels
  • Sleeveless plum cocktail dress
  • Gold jewelry
  • Gold sequin bag
  • Gold ankle-wrap heels
  • Dark purple pantsuit
  • White blouse
  • White pointy pumps

Play with mixing metallics, pairing neutrals, and adding pops of accent colors like red or white for fashionable looks with dark purple outfits and heels.

Tips for Styling Dark Purple with Heels

Finish off your purple outfit flawlessly with these styling tips:

– Match metal tones together – e.g. silver heels with silver jewelry
– Contrast textures like leather heels with a satin dress
– Add opaque black tights for warmth and leg elongating
– Carry a small matching purple handbag or clutch
– Use heels to incorporate a second color like red or gold
– Stick to heel heights you can comfortably walk in
– Have fun and express your personal flair!


Finding the perfect heels to match a dark purple outfit doesn’t have to be a challenge. Stick to classy neutrals like nudes and metallics, or add a pop of contrast with red and white. Consider the shade of purple, formality of event, and your own style inclinations. From elegant pointed toe stilettos to fun ankle strap heels, let your heels add flair and personality to any dark purple ensemble. Use these tips to choose color-coordinated heels you love walking in and own the look from head to toe!