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What color GREY is on the Hellcat?

The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is one of the most powerful muscle cars on the market today. Under the hood lies a supercharged 6.2L HEMI V8 engine producing an incredible 707 horsepower. With its menacing looks and earth-shattering power, the Hellcat has quickly become a modern automotive icon.

One of the defining visual features of the Hellcat is its available factory matte paint finish. Dubbed “Destroyer Grey,” this sinister gray hue gives the muscle car an even more imposing presence. In this article, we’ll take a close look at the unique gray tone offered on the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat.

Destroyer Grey Origins

Destroyer Grey has its roots in military warships. The name is a reference to warship “destroyers” which were often painted in shades of gray for camouflage purposes. Dodge designers wanted to capture the essence of these lethal naval vessels when creating the color for the Hellcat.

The muted gray tone both matches the car’s aggressive personality while also helping it blend into the background when prowling the streets. It’s the perfect color for a stealthy, sinister supercar.

Paint Composition

The Hellcat’s Destroyer Grey is not just a plain, simple gray. It’s a complex metallic paint made up of tinted color flakes suspended in layers of clear coat. As light hits the paint, the gray color shifts and shimmers, revealing hints of silver, pewter, even olive depending on the lighting conditions and viewing angle.

This dynamic, changeable nature adds visual drama and interest to the paint. It has depth and dimension, offering different looks depending on time of day, type of light, and positioning.

Exact Color Specs

So what exact shade is Destroyer Grey? According to Dodge, the Hellcat color is an extremely dark charcoal gray. The formal paint code is PPG MDP93. Here are some more precise color details:

  • Hex Color Code: #4F5D6B
  • RGB Values: R 79, G 93, B 107
  • CMYK Values: C 26%, M 13%, Y 0%, K 58%
  • Closest Pantone Match: Pantone 426 C

These color standards help quantify the specific gray tone. But pictures show it best…

Destroyer Grey Visual Analysis

Here are some images showing Destroyer Grey on the Dodge Hellcat under various lighting conditions:

Image Analysis
Hellcat Destroyer Grey outdoors Outdoors, the dark charcoal base is evident but metallic flakes add dimension in bright sun.
Hellcat Destroyer Grey indoors Indoors and in shade, the gray takes on a cooler, blue-green tone.
Hellcat Destroyer Grey at night At night or in low light, the Hellcat appears especially dark and opaque.

As you can see, the color takes on different shades depending on the environment. But the menacing dark gray look always comes through.

Owner Feedback

While the factory quotes specific color standards, how does the Destroyer Grey look to real Hellcat owners? Here are some comments:

  • “It’s an awesome, sinister color. Looks black at night. Perfect for a tire-shredding muscle car.”
  • “The flakes really glitter on a sunny day. But it still looks dark and mean, which I love.”
  • “It’s the perfect modern interpretation of battleship gray. Just a great color for the Hellcat.”

Owners seem to love the complex, shifting nature of the gray tone. It provides an ideal balance of standout looks and subtle menace.


Destroyer Grey was introduced when the Hellcat debuted for 2015. It quickly became the most popular color choice on the model, accounting for over 25% of Hellcats sold.

The color has continued to be offered each model year. It represents an iconic Hellcat paint shade closely tied to the car’s attitude and performance.

Destroyer Grey features a $1000 upcharge over standard paint colors. But most owners feel it’s worth it for the unique, head-turning looks.

Paint Care

Like any matte finish paint, Destroyer Grey requires some special care. Here are a few tips for keeping it looking its sinister best:

  • Use touchless car washes or hand washing to avoid paint swirling from brushes
  • Wax with a non-glossy matte finish wax to protect the paint
  • Avoid rubbing or polishing the finish excessively
  • Touch up stone chips quickly to prevent corrosion

With proper care, Destroyer Grey will maintain its dark luster and intimidating presence.


The factory matte Destroyer Grey paint gives the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat an instantly recognizable look. The complex metallic gray tone is sinister and stealthy, yet shows intriguing dynamic color effects. This unique color choice represents the Hellcat’s balance of aggression, attitude and road presence. For owners, Destroyer Grey is the ideal palette to clothe this modern muscle car icon.