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What color goes with yellow and red?

What color goes with yellow and red?

Yellow and red are both bold, energetic colors that look fantastic together under the right circumstances. The key factors to keep in mind when combining yellow and red are the shade and saturation level of each color, and the overall balance between them. Lighter, brighter yellows tend to look best with deeper, richer reds. Going for too much intensity in both colors at once can make the combination overwhelming. With some thoughtfulness around hue, you can use yellow and red to create a palette that’s lively, playful, and visually striking.

Quick Answers

What are some colors that go well with both yellow and red?

– Orange, blue, green, purple, pink, black, white, brown

What color schemes work with red and yellow?

– Analogous (red, red-orange, orange, yellow, yellow-orange)
– Complementary (red and green)
– Split complementary (red, blue-green, yellow)

Do red and yellow go together in fashion?

Yes, red and yellow can work very well together in fashion when balanced properly. Many designers use red and yellow accents together for a bold, attention-grabbing look.

Shades of Yellow That Complement Red

When working with red and yellow, pay close attention to the shades you select. Here are some examples of yellow hues that tend to look great with red:

Pure Yellow – A primary, bright yellow works as an energetic counterpart to bold red. Together they are fiery and eye-catching.

Mustard Yellow – Mustard yellow is a warmer, muted shade that creates a softer look alongside rich red. The earthiness of mustard yellow tones down the intensity of red.

Lemon Yellow – Vibrant lemon yellow has a zesty, uplifting feel. Paired with red, lemon yellow provides a cheerful pop of contrast.

Golden Yellow – Golden shades of yellow add a glamorous, luxurious accent to red. The metallic nature of golden yellow plays beautifully with red’s richness.

Yellow Shade Pairing with Red
Pure Yellow Energetic, fiery
Mustard Yellow Muted, earthy
Lemon Yellow Cheerful, uplifting
Golden Yellow Luxurious, glamorous

Best Reds to Combine with Yellow

Just as yellow has many varied shades, so does red. Here are some excellent red hues to use in color pairings with yellow:

Scarlet – Vibrant, saturated scarlet paired with a bright lemon or golden yellow creates a joyful, celebratory palette. The intensity of scarlet makes a lively contrast.

Crimson – Deeper crimson reds work beautifully with softer yellows like mustard. The richness of crimson and muted quality of mustard balance each other.

Ruby Red – Ruby reds with a pinkish undertone complement the warmth of yellow well. Together they read as playful and feminine.

Burgundy – Deep burgundy reds offer a bold sophisticated look when combined with pure primary yellow. The opacity of burgundy balances the transparency of yellow.

Red Shade Works Well with…
Scarlet Lemon and golden yellows
Crimson Mustard yellow
Ruby Red Warm yellows
Burgundy Pure primary yellow

Achieving Color Balance with Yellow and Red

Balance is important when combining colors as bold as yellow and red. Here are some tips for creating harmonious color balance:

– Use more yellow than red. Since yellow is lighter and more luminous, it commands less visual weight than saturated red.

– Counterbalance brighter yellows with more muted reds. A lemon yellow pops beautifully against a ruby or burgundy red.

– Surround hot red with lots of cool whitespace or neutral colors. This allows the red to be a focal accent against a lighter background.

– Add a third bridging color like orange or purple to transition between the yellow and red

For balance… Try…
More yellow than red 60% yellow, 40% red
Brighter yellows Pairing with muted reds
Hot reds More cool neutral whitespace
Transitioning Bridging with orange or purple

Color Schemes for Red and Yellow

Here are some examples of classic color scheme formulas that work well with red and yellow:

Complementary – This scheme uses colors from opposite sides of the color wheel. Red and green are complements which allows yellow to fit nicely between them.

Split Complementary – This scheme uses one base color, plus the two colors adjacent to its complement. For red, this would be yellow and blue-green.

Triadic – Triadic color schemes use three colors equally spaced around the color wheel. Red, yellow, and blue are spaced 120 degrees apart for high visual impact.

Analogous – Analogous schemes use adjacent colors on the color wheel, like red, red-orange, orange, yellow, and yellow-orange.

Color Scheme Example Combination
Complementary Red, yellow, green
Split Complementary Red, yellow, blue-green
Triadic Red, yellow, blue
Analogous Red, red-orange, orange, yellow, yellow-orange

Uses of Red and Yellow Together

Here are some popular and effective ways red and yellow are combined in design and marketing:

Warning Signs – Red and yellow are used together on warning signs, traffic signals, and safety notices to grab attention. This draws the eye to important information quickly.

Fast Food – Chains like McDonalds leverage red and yellow in their branding to stimulate appetite and convey a sense of speed.

Sports Teams – Many sports franchises combine red and yellow for a bold, high energy look. Some examples are the L.A. Lakers, Chicago Bulls, and Milwaukee Bucks.

Geography – The red and yellow of the Spanish flag represents the colors of the Crown of Castille and the Crown of Aragon.

Use Case Example
Warning Signs Traffic lights, safety notices
Fast Food McDonald’s
Sports Teams Lakers, Bulls, Bucks
National Pride Spanish flag

Red and Yellow in Fashion

In the fashion world, red and yellow can create bold statements. Here are some tips for wearing these colors together:

Tops and Bottoms – Pairing a red top with yellow bottoms or vice versa is an easy way to combine the two colors stylishly. Add neutrals like white or black to anchor the outfit.

Prints and Patterns – Mixing red and yellow prints, like florals, stripes or polka dots, makes for a lively, eclectic look.

Monochromatic – Wear different shades of red and yellow together in a tonal outfit. This creates visual interest through hue rather than contrast.

Small Accents – Use red and yellow for pops of color in accessories like scarves, jewelry, handbags and shoes.

Fashion Usage Example
Tops and Bottoms Yellow skirt with red blouse
Prints and Patterns Red dotted dress with yellow floral scarf
Monochromatic Shades of red shirt with golden yellow pants
Small Accents Red heels with yellow clutch

Interior Design with Red and Yellow

Red and yellow can make a powerful impact in interior spaces like homes, offices, restaurants and more. Some interior design tips include:

Accent Wall – Paint one focal wall red or yellow to make it stand out while keeping other walls neutral.

Furniture – Use a big red or yellow statement piece like a couch or armchair as a bold accent against neutral furnishings.

Decor Items – Add punches of red and yellow through decorative pillows, rugs, lamps, artwork, flowers and other accessories.

Kitchenware – Incorporate small appliances, dishes or utensils in red and yellow for playful pops of color.

Interior Use Example
Accent Wall Bright yellow dining room wall
Furniture Red sofa as focal point
Decor Items Yellow and red throw pillows
Kitchenware Red and yellow utensil holder


Red and yellow are both extremely versatile colors that look bold and lively together. By paying attention to the shade and balance of the hues, the color combination can be tailored to achieve anything from playful vibrancy to luxurious elegance. Red and yellow work beautifully in all types of design applications, from graphic design to home decor, fashion, marketing materials and more. With a little creativity, this powerful color duo is sure to make a memorable visual impact.