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What color goes with plum color?

What color goes with plum color?

Plum is a rich, deep purple shade that can make a striking addition to any wardrobe or decor. However, finding the right colors to complement plum can be tricky. Unlike more neutral hues like black or brown, plum has a vivid, eye-catching tone that calls for careful color pairing. The wrong combinations can clash or overpower. So what are the best color matches for plum? Let’s explore the top options.

Cool Tones

A general rule of thumb is to match plum with other cool-toned colors. Plum is a cooler shade, meaning it has hints of blue rather than warm yellow undertones. Pairing it with other cool hues creates a cohesive, soothing look. Some top cool-toned colors to try with plum include:

Navy A classic complement to plum, navy is a rich blue that allows the plum to pop. The dark tones also elegantly match.
Gray For a more subtle, muted look, pair plum with medium to lighter grays. A heather gray nicely complements the plum without being overpowering.
Ice Blue Lighter, airy shades like ice blue provide a pretty contrast against the deeper plum. The mix of light and dark is eye-catching.
Lilac Pairing plum with a lighter purple like lilac creates a monochromatic look. The different shades of the same color family work nicely together.

Cool shades bring out plum’s lush depth and vibrancy while remaining soothing and elegant.

Warm Neutrals

While cool tones may be the obvious choice, don’t overlook warm neutrals as complements for plum. Rich warm shades provide a striking contrast that makes both the plum and paired color pop. Neutrals help keep the look grounded while allowing the plum to shine. Some warm neutrals that work beautifully with plum include:

Camel The warm peachy tone of camel nicely contrasts the cool plum. It brings out plum’s richness without competing.
Gold Metallic gold makes a glamorous accent color with plum. Pair a plum dress with gold shoes or jewelry for a luxe, elegant look.
Cream Soft creamy white provides a bright, airy contrast to plum’s depth. Use cream accessories or layers to make plum the focal point.
Blush The warm rosy hue of blush pink flatters and contrasts plum in an feminine, romantic way. Try a blush coat over a plum dress.

Warm neutrals give versatility to working with plum, providing both complementary and contrasting effects.

Vibrant Accents

In addition to softer complementary shades, don’t be afraid to pair plum with bolder, vibrant accents. Used sparingly, bright saturated colors make plum pop even more. Vibrant accents also create fun, eye-catching looks. Some bold hues that work with plum include:

Lime Green This high-impact citrus green is a daring accent with plum. Use it minimally in accessories or prints.
Teal The cool blue-green tone of teal works harmoniously with plum. Pair them in abstract prints or solids.
Coral This energizing warm pink-orange makes plum sing. Mix them in floral prints or jewel tones.
Canary Yellow Cheerful canary yellow contrasts gorgeously with plum’s depth. Use yellow accessories to brighten up plum outfits.

Vibrant accents give plum pairings a bold, lively twist. They should be used sparingly to avoid clashing but can add amazing pops of color.

Nature-Inspired Hues

Colors drawn from the natural world also beautifully complement plum’s lush, jewel-like tone. Nature-inspired colors pair gorgeously while feeling grounded and organic. Some top nature-based shades to try with plum include:

Moss Green The soft yet vivid green of moss looks elegant and sophisticated with plum. Use as prints or solids.
Sage The muted gray-green sage has an earthy quality that enhances plum’s richness.
Sky Blue Calming, airy sky blue provides contrast and visual interest with plum.
Chocolate Brown Deep cocoa brown grounds plum’s depth while matching its intensity. Pair them in fall palettes.

Drawing color inspiration from nature results in subtle yet gorgeously complementary pairings. The colors feel intrinsically harmonious.

Metallic Shades

For a glamorous effect, don’t overlook pairing plum with metallic shades. Plum’s richness pairs divinely with the shimmer and shine of metallics. Some metallics that complement plum wonderfully include:

Pewter This muted gray metallic reads as a cool neutral, complementing plum elegantly.
Bronze Bronze’s warm golden sheen contrasts and complements plum’s cool tones.
Merlot This reddish purple metallic mimics plum’s depth while adding shine.
Steel Gray Steel gray’s cool sheen matches the mood of plum while adding subtle sparkle.

Metallic accessories are an easy way to add shimmer and contrast to plum outfits and decor. Plum truly shines when paired with glistening metallic tones.

Avoiding Clashes

When pairing colors with plum, there are a few hues that tend to clash and should generally be avoided:

Bright Red This clear, primary red competes too much with plum, resulting in visual vibration.
Orange The warm intensity of orange clashes with plum’s cool jewel tone.
Lime Green Except as an accent, lime green can look garish and overwhelming with plum.
Burgundy Pairing plum with its deeper wine-colored cousin burgundy is too matchy-matchy.

Stick to cooler, softer, or more muted tones that complement rather than compete with plum’s dramatic vibrancy. Vibrant accent colors can work, but should be used sparingly.

Plum Color Palettes

Here are some recommended palettes featuring plum paired beautifully with complementary shades:

Plum + Cream + Bronze The soft neutral contrast between rich plum, buttery cream, and warm metallic bronze is ultra-feminine and elegant.
Plum + Charcoal Gray + Blush Charcoal gray’s smoky coolness intensifies both the plum and the soft warmth of blush in this sophisticated color story.
Plum + Moss Green + Chocolate Earthy moss green and chocolate brown bring out the refined vintage quality of plum in this organic palette.
Plum + Ice Blue + Pewter The contrast of vivid plum with icy blue and cool metallic pewter reads modern and fashion-forward.
Plum + Navy + Sky Blue Deep lush plum pops against the classic navy-and-sky blue combination in this nautical-inspired palette.

These palettes demonstrate the gorgeous versatility of plum. From feminine to edgy, plum complements a wide range of colors beautifully.

Tips for Decorating and Fashion with Plum

Here are some quick tips for stylishly working plum into your wardrobe, home decor, and more:

– Incorporate plum as an accent in rooms with neutral walls and furniture. Use plum in pillows, throws, carpets, and art for pops of color.

– Pair a plum cardigan or blazer over a white or black top and jeans for easy chic style.

– Mix plum with other jewel tones like emerald green and sapphire blue for rich, elegant color combos.

– Add metallic plum shoes or a handbag to pull together neutral outfits with a touch of flair.

– Distressed woods, wrought iron, and vintage elements complement plum’s historic regal vibe.

– For events, pair a plum cocktail dress with gold heels and accessories for an elegant night-out look.

– Use plum as the focal color in floral arrangements, with cream and green as supporting players.


With its dramatic depth and richness, plum commands attention and pairs best with colors that complement rather than compete with its vibrancy. Cool tones, warm neutrals, and nature-inspired shades are all harmonious matches for plum. Stay away from harsh primary colors and instead choose softer, more elegant complements. With the right combinations, plum can be incorporated elegantly into any design or wardrobe for a touch of royal drama. Don’t be afraid to get creative and find new shades that make this lush jewel tone shine its brightest.