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What color goes with metallic rose gold?

What color goes with metallic rose gold?

Metallic rose gold is a beautiful, feminine shade that has become incredibly popular in recent years. But like any metallic or shiny color, rose gold can sometimes be tricky to pair with other colors. The key is finding tones that complement rather than compete with the rosy metallic hue. Here are some ideas for colors that go beautifully with metallic rose gold.

Soft Neutrals

Some of the most classic and elegant color combinations with metallic rose gold involve soft, neutral tones like creams, taupes, light grays, and tans. These understated neutrals allow the rose gold to really pop while also creating a soothing, refined look. Try pairing a rose gold dress or heels with neutral accessories like a tan leather tote bag or a cream blazer. For decor, add rose gold accents to a soft gray or taupe painted room. The neutral backdrop will make the rose gold decorative touches shine.

Blush Pink

For an especially feminine, romantic look, pair metallic rose gold with blush pink. The shades are similar enough to complement each other seamlessly but different enough in tone to avoid looking matchy-matchy. Blush pink also enhances the warm, rosy quality of the metallic shade. Try a rose gold skirt with a blush pink top for an occasion outfit. For a bedroom, use rose gold sheets or pillows with blush pink painted walls and accents.

Rich Greens

Deep green hues may seem like an unexpected pairing with rose gold, but the combo can be quite stunning. Jewel-toned greens like emerald, hunter and forest provide an elegant contrast to the warm metallic, while still having enough richness to complement it beautifully. Pair a rose gold cocktail ring with an emerald green manicure for a festive holiday look. Or decorate your living room for Christmas using rose gold garlands and forest green pillows.


While cooler tones like blue may seem counterintuitive with the warm metallic rose gold, the right shades can work very well. Stick to deeper, more saturated blues rather than pale or pastel. Royal blue, cobalt, or sapphire blue will contrast gorgeously with the rose gold for a bold, eye-catching look. Try a rose gold belt with dark wash blue jeans, or blue sofa pillows with a rose gold coffee table.


One of the easiest, most classic color pairings for metallic rose gold is black. The dark hue provides the perfect neutral contrast to make the rose gold finish pop. It also creates an elegantly understated, neutral color scheme. Pair a rose gold watch with a black leather band or a little black dress with rose gold heels. Use black accents like throw pillows or photo frames to complement rose gold furniture or wall paint.

Muted Jewel Tones

Jewel tones like purple, ruby red and citrine yellow can work beautifully with rose gold when the shades are muted, dusty or antique-looking. Intense, saturated jewel tones may compete too much with the metallic rose gold. But vintage-inspired versions like amethyst, marsala and mustard create a more complementary, harmonious look. Try pairing an antique rose gold necklace with a muted amethyst cocktail ring. Or mix ruby red, citrine yellow and rose gold pieces together for an eclectic look.

Earth Tones

Natural, earthy tones like terracotta, moss green, wood brown and slate gray pair gorgeously with rose gold. These grounded, organic colors complement the tone and metallic shimmer of the rose gold in a natural yet sophisticated way. Use terracotta dishes with rose gold flatware for an earthy table setting. Or try rose gold bathroom fixtures with wood brown cabinets and slate gray walls.


Soft, creamy pastels like lilac, peach, mint green and buttercream can make beautiful combinations with rose gold. The pastels take the edge off the brightness of the metallic, creating a soothing, feminine look. Pair a rose gold maxi dress with peach or mint accessories for a springtime bridesmaid outfit. Or paint a bedroom wall rose gold and use pastel art, area rugs and bedding for a relaxing oasis.

Which Colors Avoid with Rose Gold

While many shades pair elegantly with rose gold, some colors are better to avoid. Stay away from other metallics like silver, bronze or copper that can overpower the rose gold metallic finish. Neon brights and loud prints can also compete too much. Additionally, avoid pure white, which can sometimes make rose gold look brassy or fake against its stark brightness. Stick to soft rather than stark whites. In general, pair rose gold with tones that complement rather than compete with the warm metallic hue.

Tips for Combining Colors with Rose Gold

Here are some top tips for pairing colors with metallic rose gold successfully:

– Stick to a maximum of 3 colors overall for a simple, elegant look.

– Use one darker and one lighter color along with the rose gold. This creates depth and dimension.

– Add texture like wood grains, woven fabrics or velvet to bring depth to neutral color pairings.

– Layer on metallics like bronze or silver sparingly as accents to avoid looking too flashy.

– Be consistent with color schemes throughout for a polished, curated aesthetic.

– Don’t overdo patterns and prints. Let the rose gold shine as the focal point.

– Avoid matching rose gold directly with other pinks. Stay in complementary color families for best results.

How Lighting Affects the Look of Rose Gold

It’s important to note that the look of metallic rose gold can shift quite a bit depending on the lighting. In warm, incandescent lighting, the gold tones dominate and the rose color is subtler. In daylight or cool LED lighting, the pink undertones come out much more. Make sure to view your rose gold pieces in the actual lighting conditions they’ll be used in to make sure the colors pair as perfectly as possible. The rose gold finish can also pick up colors from surrounding hues, so keep that in mind when coordinating palettes.

Example Color Combinations with Rose Gold

Here are some stunning rose gold color schemes to inspire you:

Blush Pink, Cream and Rose Gold: This ultra feminine palette is perfect for a bedroom or bathroom. Use metallic rose gold textiles like bedding or towels along with blush pink walls and cream furniture.

Emerald Green, Black and Rose Gold: Deep green velvet sofa cushions, black lacquered side tables and rose gold floor lamp makes a rich, dramatic living room combination.

Rose Gold, Ruby Red and Terracotta: For an earthy, bohemian tablescape, layer a rose gold table runner with ruby red napkins and terracotta dinnerware.

Royal Blue, Moss Green and Rose Gold: A royal blue velvet sofa with moss green and rose gold accent pillows creates a bold yet nautral living room.

Mustard Yellow, Slate Gray and Rose Gold: Vintage mustard armchairs, gray washed wood walls and rose gold curtains make a cozy, retro-inspired den.

Lilac, Peach and Rose Gold: A lilac bedroom wall with rose gold bedframe and peach lamp and art prints is a sweet, soothing sleep space.

Color 1 Color 2 Rose Gold
Blush Pink Cream Metallic
Emerald Green Black Metallic
Ruby Red Terracotta Metallic
Royal Blue Moss Green Metallic
Mustard Yellow Slate Gray Metallic
Lilac Peach Metallic


Metallic rose gold is a gorgeous color that pairs beautifully with a range of other tones. Stick to soft neutrals, rich greens, blacks, earth tones, muted jewel tones and pastels for elegant combinations. Avoid stark whites or brights that compete too much. With the right complementary hues, rose gold can take any look from basic to brilliant. Have fun and get creative mixing and matching this glamorous shade!