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What color goes with green in a bathroom?

What color goes with green in a bathroom?

When choosing a color scheme for a bathroom, it can be tricky to find colors that complement the relaxing, natural feel that green evokes. Thankfully, there are several stylish color combinations that pair beautifully with green in bathroom designs.

Quick Answer

The best colors to pair with green in a bathroom are:

  • White – Clean, bright, and fresh
  • Blue – Calming and serene
  • Gray – Sophisticated and peaceful
  • Brown – Warm and earthy
  • Beige – Soft and subtle

Complementary Colors

Looking at the color wheel is a great way to find colors that naturally complement green. The opposite colors on the wheel create striking color combinations that play off each other. For green, these complementary colors include:

  • Red – A bold, vibrant color that adds energy and drama when paired with green
  • Orange – Warm, inviting and lively alongside green’s cool tranquility
  • Purple – Sophisticated and luxurious, purple makes a rich pairing with green

To create a soothing, relaxing bathroom atmosphere, focus on lighter tints of red and orange rather than overly bright hues. Dusty reds, peach, salmon, and apricot pair beautifully with sage, mint, and moss greens.

Analogous Colors

Choosing analogous colors – colors located right next to each other on the color wheel – creates a harmonious, blended look. Analogous colors that complement green include:

  • Blue – From sky blue to navy, all shades create a cool, calming pairing
  • Yellow – Cheerful yet soothing, especially buttery yellows
  • Teal – Blends perfectly with green for a soothing spa-like feel

Soft aquas, sky blues, buttery yellows and seafoam all help extend green’s natural palette in relaxing, inviting ways.

Neutral Colors

Sticking with neutral backgrounds is a safe, stylish way to let green make a bold statement. Classic neutrals that work well include:

  • White – Crisp, bright, and fresh, white highlights green’s vibrancy
  • Gray – From light dove to deep charcoal, gray creates an elegant backdrop
  • Black – Striking contrast against vivid greens; best in small doses
  • Beige – Warm, welcoming blend with green’s earthy qualities

Cream, taupe, and biscuit are softer neutrals that gently complement without overpowering the green.

Earthy Colors

Since green carries natural, earthy qualities, earth tones make ideal complements in rustic, organic designs. Soft earth tone pairings include:

  • Brown – Rich espresso, warm tan, or deep walnut brown
  • Terracotta – Subtle spice that ties to green’s earthiness
  • Moss green – A darker, more muted green creates depth

Nature-inspired materials like stone, wood, and ceramic in creamy neutrals or deep earth tones beautifully accompany green.

Best Color Combinations with Green

Some particularly striking color palettes to use with green in bathroom designs include:

  • Sage green + cream + terra cotta
  • Olive green + chestnut brown + ivory
  • Mint green + navy + white
  • Lime green + charcoal gray + black
  • Teal + peach + beige
  • Moss green + espresso + walnut wood
Color Scheme Mood Created
Sage green, cream, terra cotta Warm, welcoming, earthy
Olive green, chestnut brown, ivory Organic, soothing, subtle
Mint green, navy, white Crisp, refreshing, nautical
Lime green, charcoal gray, black Bold, modern, dramatic
Teal, peach, beige Relaxed, cheerful, breezy
Moss green, espresso, walnut wood Rustic, inviting, natural

Tips for Decorating with Green

Follow these tips to create a beautifully coordinated green bathroom:

  • Use green as an accent – Little touches of green freshen up neutrals without overwhelming
  • Vary shades and tones – Light greens energize, deep greens relax
  • Repeat green in accessories – Soaps, towels, trays create a pulled together look
  • Introduce texture – Pair matte and glossy greens; add natural materials
  • Limit bright greens – Opt for muted, dusty shades for tranquility
  • Contrast warm and cool – Mix green with orange or red AND blue or purple

Green Bathroom Paint Color Ideas

From pale mint to deep emerald, green paint sets the perfect relaxing mood. Consider these enchanting green hues for bathroom walls:

  • Benjamin Moore Slipper Satin – Silvery cool green with soothing zen feel
  • Sherwin-Williams Riverway – Grayish blue green with natural charm
  • Valspar Hipnotic – Vibrant lime punch brightens without overwhelming
  • Behr Cucumber Basil – Crisp, clean light green for spa-like ambience
  • PPG Timeless Sage – Dusty gray-green perfectly calming and subtle

Pair these tranquil greens with detailed white trim, light wood cabinetry, and chrome or nickel fixtures for a refreshing, on-trend look.

Green Bathroom Tile Ideas

Vibrant green bathroom tile creates an eye-catching punch. Consider these fresh green tile ideas:

  • Subway tile green backsplash
  • Bold green floor tiles
  • Green mosaic tile shower surround
  • Metro tiles in zig-zag herringbone pattern
  • Geometric green hexagon floor tiles

Pair green tile with white grout and walls to let it pop. Or complement with soft beige, walnut brown, or navy blue.

Green Bathroom Accessories

Finish off your green bathroom with coordinating accessories:

  • Green towels and bath mats
  • Plants like succulents, aloe, or orchids
  • Soap dispensers, trays, wastebaskets in coordinating colors
  • Candles, curtains, art in complementing shades

Repetition creates a harmonious look. For cream and beige bathrooms, add pops of green with towels, plants, and art.


The right color combinations can enhance green’s natural tranquility and verdant good looks. Cool blues, elegant grays, warm browns, creamy neutrals and punchy reds or oranges all beautifully complement green bathroom designs. Play with tints, tones, and shades for a relaxing, inviting green bathroom retreat.