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What color goes good with dusty blue dress?

What color goes good with dusty blue dress?

When choosing a color to pair with dusty blue, which is a soft, muted blue-gray hue, there are several options that can work beautifully. The right color combinations will accentuate and bring out the subtle tones in dusty blue for a pulled-together and stylish look. Let’s explore some of the top color pairings that go great with dusty blue.


One easy way to make dusty blue the focal point is to pair it with neutral colors like black, white, gray, tan or beige. These muted, soft hues allow the dusty blue to take center stage without competing. Black is a versatile neutral that adds contrast and visual interest. White has a crisp, clean look that lets the dusty blue shine. Soft grays, tans and beige bring out the blue-gray tones while remaining subtle.

Neutral Color Pairing Rationale
Black Adds contrast and makes the blue pop
White Clean, crisp backdrop for the blue
Gray Enhances the blue-gray tones
Tan/Beige Subtle, earthy pairings

Neutrals are easy to match with just about anything, so they make an effortless combination with dusty blue. Black jeans, white blouse, gray blazer, tan wedges – all simple neutrals that complement the blue beautifully.


Pairing dusty blue with soft, light pastel colors is another easy way to highlight the muted blue tones. Pretty pastels like lavender, blush pink, mint green, pale yellow and powder blue blend seamlessly with dusty blue. These feminine shades have a romantic, vintage vibe that works perfectly with the blue-gray color.

Pastels add just enough color without overpowering. For example, a dusty blue dress would look darling with a pair of blush pink heels and a mint green clutch. A pale yellow cardigan over a dusty blue blouse and jeans makes a cute spring outfit. Pastels and dusty blue are made for each other.

Jewel Tones

Although pale pastels work beautifully, don’t be afraid to pair dusty blue with bold, rich jewel tones too. Colors like emerald, ruby, sapphire and amethyst have an elegant, regal vibe that complements the muted blue wonderfully. The saturated jewel tones make the dusty blue feel more vibrant.

Think of combining a dusty blue sheath dress with emerald heels and ruby red lipstick for a holiday party or night out. Or pair dusty blue trousers with a jewel-toned silky blouse. There are so many chic ways to incorporate jewel tones into a dusty blue ensemble.

Jewel Tone Pairing Concept
Emerald green Pops against the blue
Ruby red Bold, romantic vibe
Sapphire blue Deepens the blue tones
Amethyst purple Elegant, regal look


For a glamorous, festive look, consider pairing dusty blue with metallics like gold, silver, bronze and pewter. Metallic shoes, jewelry, bags and accessories can add a touch of glitz and shimmer to a muted blue ensemble. A metallic gives the outfit just a hint of sparkle without going overboard.

Some stylish ways to incorporate metallics include:

  • Gold heels with a dusty blue dress
  • Silver clutch with blue pants and top
  • Rose gold earrings with a blue blouse
  • Bronze eyeshadow and lipstick with a blue outfit

Metallics look beautiful against the soft blue backdrop. The metallic sheen catches the light, letting the dusty blue take center stage.

Earth Tones

Finally, don’t overlook earth tones like olive green, tan, mocha and taupe when choosing pairings for dusty blue. Earth tones have a natural, grounded look that blends seamlessly with the muted blue. Olive green brings out the subtle green undertones in dusty blue. Soft tans and mocha browns have a warm, cozy vibe. Taupe adds subtle contrast.

Some ways to pair earth tones with dusty blue include:

  • Olive green cardigan over a dusty blue dress
  • Mocha brown riding boots with blue jeans
  • A taupe handbag with a blue and white outfit
  • Tan wedges with a blue skirt

Earth tones work year-round with dusty blue and offer an easy, natural color combination.


Dusty blue is a beautiful, soft blue-gray shade that pairs effortlessly with many colors. Neutrals let the blue take center stage while pastels have a feminine, romantic look. Jewel tones and metallics add glamour and elegance. Finally, earth tones offer an easy, grounded pairing. There are so many options to choose from when coordinating with dusty blue. Keep the pairings soft and muted or go bold – either way, you can’t go wrong with this versatile blue hue.