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What color flowers match rose gold?

What color flowers match rose gold?

Rose gold is a popular metal color that pairs beautifully with certain flower colors for events like weddings and parties. When selecting floral arrangements, bouquets, and centerpieces, it’s important to choose colors that complement rose gold accents. This guide will examine optimal flower colors to match rose gold and provide advice on creating cohesive decor.

Matching Rose Gold and Blush Pink

One of the most elegant color pairings with rose gold is blush pink. The softness of the pink tone works well with the warmth of rose gold. Blush pink flowers that pair nicely include peonies, roses, ranunculus, sweet peas, astilbe, spray roses, and carnations. These choices provide timeless, romantic flair.

For example, a rose gold table runner paired with a blush pink peony and rose bouquet creates a seamless look. The metallic rose gold pops against the soft pink blooms. For centerpieces, rose gold vases or candleholders hold blush pink flowers like ranunculus for a cohesive arrangement.

Complementing with White Flowers

Crisp white flowers offer a clean, bright contrast to rich rose gold tones. Options like roses, calla lilies, orchids, tulips, daisies, lilies, freesia, and baby’s breath complement rose gold vases, charger plates, cutlery, and other decor elements.

A rose gold candelabra with white roses and trailing greenery makes an elegant centerpiece. White calla lilies in a rose gold trumpet vase provide contemporary style. And a rose gold cake stand displays white floral cupcakes to perfection. The white blossoms pop against the metallic background.

Pairing with Creamy Ivory Flowers

In addition to pure white, creamy ivory flower varieties also match rose gold beautifully. Choices like garden roses, peonies, dahlias, snapdragons, stocks, larkspur, and magnolia offer warm ivory tones. These softer blooms provide a rich complement to shiny rose gold.

An ivory bouquet wrapped in rose gold ribbon is pretty and polished. Low rose gold urns filled with ivory garden roses work well on dining tables. And draping rose gold tulle behind ivory flower arrangements adds a touch of shimmer. The ivory flowers tie in softly with the metallic rose gold.

Matching with Blush, Peach, and Coral Flowers

For a more vibrant pairing, blush pinks, peaches, and corals complement rose gold nicely. Pastel orange roses, ranunculus, lilies, gerbera daisies, celosia, and chrysanthemums offer bright pops of color. These warmer blooms provide energy against the luxurious metal tones.

A coral gerbera daisy bouquet wrapped in rose gold foil is eye-catching. Peach ranunculus sprinkled with rose gold glitter create a playful centerpiece. Groupings of blush pink lilies and roses give arrangements modern flair. The light orange tones liven up the rose gold backdrop.

Accenting with Purple and Lavender Flowers

Soft purple and lavender flowers can make interesting accents with rose gold. Options like hyacinth, lisianthus, clematis, lilac, iris, orchids, asters, and veronica add regal, feminine touches. A little bit of purple goes a long way when paired with rose gold.

Mini calla lilies dipped in rose gold match nicely with lavender orchids. Trailing rose gold amaranthus provides texture next to purple lisianthus blooms. And spiked rose gold branches coordinate with small touches of iris and clematis. The purple notes provide depth with the metallic rose gold.

Complementing with Blush and Burgundy

For an elegant, luxurious look, pair rose gold with rich burgundy flowers. Deep red roses, dahlias, peonies, and ranunculus offer sophistication. Touches of softer blush pinks and ivories keeps the palette feminine.

A rose gold vase overflowing with burgundy peonies makes a bold statement. Blush roses mixed with deep red dahlias provides contrast. And trailing rose gold ivy dotted with ivory ranunculus softens the dark blooms. The blend of blush, burgundy, and rose gold creates an upscale look.

Adding Neutral Blossoms

Neutral cream, beige, and blush blossoms also complement rose gold nicely. Flowers like garden roses, peonies, magnolias, narcissus, astilbe, scabiosa, stock, and snapdragons in creamy neutrals pair elegantly.

Neutral garden rose pomanders suspended from rose gold hangers offer a fresh look. Short rose gold vessels topped with overflowing neutral peonies keep arrangements light. And mixing neutral magnolias with blush roses in rose gold environments provides cohesion. The soft neutrals blend effortlessly with the warm metallic tones.

Incorporating Foliage and Greenery

Don’t forget about foliage and greenery when matching flowers to rose gold. Green elements help ground arrangements and connect floral colors.

Trailing ivy, jasmine vines, eucalyptus, olive branches, pittosporum, and lemon leaf complement rose gold vessels and decor. Frothy ferns offer organic contrast to the shiny metal. And fresh green stems of florist greens fill out bouquets. Sprinkle in touches of foliage amongst flower blossoms to tie the look together.

Avoiding Clashing Colors

When combining flowers with rose gold, avoid clashing colors that compete with the warm metallic tones. Stay away from bright, vivid flowers like gerbera daisies and sunflowers. Skip cooler tones like purple orchids and blue hydrangea. And avoid loud orange lilies and zinnias. These bold colors distract rather than complement.

Stick to soft, neutral and blush blossoms when matching flowers to rose gold. Loud, vivid flowers tend to look mismatched rather than coordinated. Keep arrangements, bouquets and centerpieces elegant by selecting subdued blooms. The rose gold accents will truly pop.

Table Comparing Flower Colors that Match Rose Gold

Flower Color Specific Varieties
Blush Pink Peonies, roses, ranunculus, sweet peas
White Roses, calla lilies, orchids, tulips
Ivory Garden roses, peonies, dahlias
Peach Ranunculus, lilies, roses
Lavender Hyacinth, clematis, iris
Burgundy Roses, dahlias, peonies
Neutral Garden roses, magnolias, narcissus

Tips for Matching Flowers to Rose Gold

Here are some top tips for pairing flowers with rose gold:

– Stick to soft, romantic blush pinks, whites, and ivories for a timeless elegant look. Peonies, roses, tulips, and orchids in these colors complement rose gold best.

– Add peach, coral, and orange ranunculus, lilies or roses for a pop of bright color against the rose gold. But use these tones sparingly.

– Incorporate touches of greenery like trailing ivy, eucalyptus, and olive branches to ground floral arrangements.

– Allow rose gold accents like vases, ribbons, and candles to shine by keeping flower colors subdued. Avoid bold, vivid flowers that compete with the rose gold.

– Mix in white and ivory blooms with blush pinks and corals to keep bouquets and centerpieces soft and sophisticated. Too much coral can look loud next to rose gold.

– Add purple and lavender flowers like orchids, iris, and lilacs in small doses for a pop of regal color. Too much purple can feel heavy and dark.

– Pair deeper burgundy dahlias and roses with soft blush blooms for rich contrast and depth with the rose gold.

Example Rose Gold and Floral Arrangements

Here are a few example floral arrangements showcasing beautiful flowers paired with rose gold:

– A tall clear glass vase with rose gold detailing filled with white roses, blush garden roses, trailing jasmine vines, and rose gold painted ferns.

– Short round rose gold bowls down the center of rectangular farm tables overflowing with blush and ivory peonies, ranunculus, and eucalyptus.

– A rose gold candelabra as the centerpiece surrounded by white orchids and soft purple lisianthus in silver mercury glass votives.

– A rose gold ring box displaying two intertwined burgundy dahlia stems dotted with neutral garden roses.

– Delicate rose gold baskets hanging above banquet tables filled with frothy ferns, eucalyptus, blush roses, and peach ranunculus.

– An ornate rose gold frame showcasing a wreath of fresh white roses, greenery, and accented with rose gold ribbons.

Considerations for Rose Gold Weddings

Rose gold is a top trend for weddings. It adds a touch of luxury and warmth to special occasion decor. Here are some tips for incorporating rose gold and flowers for weddings:

– Select soft blush pink and ivory rose varieties like garden roses, peonies, and ranunculus for bouquets. These romantic flowers suit weddings beautifully.

– Use rose gold accents lightly throughout – vases, table runners, charger plates, cutlery, signage, candleholders and more. Less is more.

– Add rose gold ribbons and other embellishments to floral arrangements. A little metallic touch goes a long way.

– Pair roses gold decor with light wood elements like farm tables and chiavari chairs for a relaxed elegance.

– Mix in some greenery and foliage like eucalyptus and olive branches to break up the flowers and rose gold.

– Stick to a color palette of whites, ivories, blush pinks, and soft corals when selecting all flowers. Avoid bold, loud colors.

– Use rose gold vessels like vases, pots, and urns to display romantic floral centerpieces and arrangements.

Keeping flowers soft and metallic accents classic will help achieve a timeless rose gold wedding aesthetic. The right floral choices can make the rose gold details truly stand out.


Rose gold’s warm, luxurious color pairs beautifully with select flower varieties and colors. By choosing soft, elegant blooms in colors like blush pink, ivory, white, and peach, florals complement rose gold decor. Avoid loud, vivid flowers that compete with the rich metallic tones. Incorporate neutral greens like eucalyptus to tie arrangements together. With the right floral selections, rose gold accessories and details will truly shine. Following these tips will create a cohesive, romantic look for any special event or wedding. Flowers and rose gold are a match made in heaven.