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What color flowers go with burgundy?

What color flowers go with burgundy?

Burgundy is a rich, deep red color that pairs beautifully with certain flower colors for floral arrangements and centerpieces. When selecting flowers to complement a burgundy color scheme, it’s important to consider tones and hues that provide contrast while still coordinating in an aesthetically pleasing way. In this article, we’ll explore the best flower colors that go with burgundy for weddings, events, home decor, and more.

White Flowers

White flowers offer a crisp, fresh contrast against the deep burgundy hue. Popular white flower options include:

Roses Calla lilies
Tulips Gardenias
Hydrangeas Lilies
Daisies Carnations
Ranunculus Anemones

The purity of white flowers against the wine-colored burgundy creates an elegant, sophisticated look. White flowers also represent innocence and can provide a nice contrast for more formal events like weddings.

Pastel Pink and Purple Flowers

Soft, pastel-colored flowers in pink and purple shades also pair beautifully with deeper burgundy tones. Try pairing burgundy with:

Pale pink roses Lavender
hydrangeas Blush peonies
Dahlias Roses
Ranunculus Sweet peas
Lilacs Violets

The lighter pinks and purples create a more romantic, feminine look against the burgundy. These soft colors also blend nicely together for a coordinated, monochromatic look. Pastels add a lovely springtime feel.

Vibrant Orange Flowers

For a bold, dramatic statement, pair burgundy with vibrant orange flowers. Options include:

Tiger lilies Marigolds
Gerbera daisies Sunflowers
Roses Dahlias

The striking contrast of orange against the deep red burgundy makes for an eye-catching arrangement. This color combination is perfect for modern weddings, fall events, and adding a lively touch to home decor. The warm orange tones also hint at the richness of burgundy.

Cream and Blush Flowers

For a soft contrast, cream and blush-colored flowers add lightness against the darker burgundy. Options include:

Peonies Roses
Garden roses Dahlias
Ranunculus Anthuriums

These creamy hues have a delicate, romantic feel when combined with deep burgundy. Blush flowers also pick up on pinkish tones in burgundy for a coordinated look. The cream and blush colors are perfect for weddings and formal centerpieces.

Red and Wine Flowers

Don’t be afraid to pair shades of red and wine-colored flowers with burgundy for a rich, monochromatic scheme. Options include:

Red roses Red tulips
Poppies Red dahlias
Red carnations Red ranunculus

Matching reds and wines with burgundy can create texture and visual interest while pulling the whole color palette together. This combination is bold and luxurious.

Silver and Gray Flowers

Cool-toned silver and gray flowers contrast elegantly with burgundy’s warmth. Consider pairing burgundy with:

Silver brunia Dusty miller
Lavender Roses
Tulips Dahlias

The silver and grays add light and help the burgundy pop. This combination conveys an air of refined sophistication, perfect for formal affairs. The contrast is elegant but not overpowering.

Yellow Flowers

Yellow flowers pair beautifully with burgundy for cheerful brightness. Popular yellow flower options include:

Sunflowers Daffodils
Roses Tulips
Lilies Gerbera daisies
Chrysanthemums Dahlias

The joyful golden hues contrast strikingly with the deep red burgundy. Yellow and red are complementary colors, making them natural pairs. This combo is perfect for rustic fall weddings and seasonal decor.

Blue and Purple Flowers

Cool-toned shades like blue and purple contrast beautifully with burgundy’s inherent warmth. Pair burgundy with:

Hydrangeas Iris
Lavender Violets
Pansies Delphinium

These bluish and purple blooms have a soothing, elegant effect against rich burgundy. The colors complement each other in an sophisticated way that’s perfect for formal affairs.

Green Flowers and Foliage

Don’t overlook green accents like ferns, vines, and green flowers when pairing with burgundy. Options include:

Seeded eucalyptus Ivy
Dusty miller Zinnias
Bells of Ireland Hypericum
Salal Ferns

Green foliage and blooms act as the perfect neutral against the powerful burgundy. Greens also represent nature, helping soften burgundy’s bolder presence. Use greenery for texture and balance.

Mix and Match Flowers

Don’t be afraid to mix and match flower colors to create rich, dimensional bouquets and arrangements with burgundy. Some stunning combinations include:

Burgundy, blush, and white Burgundy, cream, and silver
Burgundy, purple, and yellow Burgundy, red, and orange
Burgundy, blue, and green Burgundy, pink, and lavender

Mixing flower shapes and sizes adds further interest. Pairing burgundy with two or more contrasting flower colors allows each hue to enhance the next for showstopping appeal.


Burgundy is a versatile color that pairs attractively with both warm and cool flower tones. White, pink, purple, orange, cream, and yellow all make classic companions for burgundy blooms. Even shades of red and green can provide stylish contrast. For the most eye-catching results, don’t hesitate to mix and match multiple flower hues. With so many options, you can create stunning burgundy floral arrangements perfect for any occasion or setting.