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What color flowers are good luck?

What color flowers are good luck?

Flowers have long been associated with meaning and symbolism. Throughout history, different cultures have attributed certain flowers with bringing good fortune, Prosperity, and blessings.

Red Flowers

Red flowers are considered lucky in many cultures. In China, red is a lucky color associated with happiness and prosperity. Red roses symbolize love and passion. Giving red roses is thought to bring good luck in relationships. Red carnations represent pride, admiration, and charity. They are given on Mother’s Day in many countries as a symbol of a mother’s undying love. Poinsettias are known as the Christmas flower. Their red and green colors represent Christmas, and legend has it that poinsettias were blessed with the ability to bloom at Christmas as a gift to baby Jesus.

Yellow Flowers

Yellow flowers represent joy, friendship, and new beginnings. In Germany, yellow flowers are thought to bring good luck. Sunflowers specifically follow the sun and symbolize longevity, lasting happiness, and loyalty. Daffodils emerge in early spring, bringing the promise of renewed life. Yellow tulips represent cheerful thoughts. Yellow roses signify friendship and care. Overall, yellow blooms are cheery flowers that provide a bright spot for many during cloudy times.

White Flowers

White flowers represent purity, innocence, and new beginnings. In weddings, white flowers reflect love and new chapters. White roses specifically denote new love, spirituality, and remembrance. White lilies symbolize chastity and virtue. White carnations indicate pure love and good luck. White chrysanthemums represent loyalty and honesty. Overall, white blooms are classic symbols of good fortune during major life events.

Orange Flowers

Orange flowers represent joy, creativity, and warmth. Orange roses signify enthusiasm and passion. Orange lilies represent confidence, pride, and wealth. Orange gerbera daisies specifically convey cheerfulness. Orange marigolds signify creativity and determination. Overall, orange blooms are bright bursts of color that convey positive energy.

Pink Flowers

Pink flowers signify love, gratitude, and appreciation. Pink roses represent grace, happiness, and admiration. Pink carnations denote the love of a mother or woman. Pink orchids symbolize affection, joy, and femininity. Pink peonies represent bashfulness and compassion. Overall, pink blooms convey gentle, positive sentiments.

Purple Flowers

Purple flowers denote charm and passion. In many cultures, purple symbolizes royalty, nobility, luxury, and ambition. Purple roses convey enchantment and love at first sight. Purple carnations indicate capriciousness. Purple orchids represent respect, admiration, and dignity. Purple iris flowers signify wisdom and compliments. Overall, purple blooms are regal flowers that evoke mystery and magic.

Blue Flowers

Blue flowers represent tranquility and calmness. Blue roses specifically symbolize mystery and unattainability. Blue iris flowers denote faith and hope. Blue morning glories indicate affection. Cornflowers represent delicacy and fragility. Hydrangeas convey heartfelt emotions. Overall, blue blooms are soothing flowers that spark imagination and convey sincerity.

Rainbow Flowers

Rainbow flowers come in a blend of colors and represent spirit, joy, and creativity. Multicolored tulips and roses bring about happiness and signify new adventures. Multicolored carnations express fun and celebrate all of life’s blessings. Rainbow bouquets containing a variety of blooms represent the beauty and diversity of nature.


Throughout history and across cultures, flowers have held symbolic meaning and been thought to influence one’s fortune. Red flowers represent passion and prosperity. Yellow flowers signify joy and friendship. White flowers denote purity and new beginnings. Orange flowers convey warmth and enthusiasm. Pink blooms represent love and gratitude. Purple flowers indicate luxury and charm. Blue flowers spark imagination and evoke calm. Rainbow flowers celebrate spirit and diversity. Overall, vibrant blooms in a variety of hues are considered lucky flowers that bring positive energy into people’s lives.

Color Meaning Examples
Red Passion, prosperity Roses, carnations, poinsettias
Yellow Joy, friendship Sunflowers, daffodils, tulips
White Purity, new beginnings Roses, lilies, carnations
Orange Warmth, enthusiasm Roses, lilies, daisies
Pink Love, gratitude Roses, carnations, orchids
Purple Luxury, charm Roses, orchids, iris
Blue Tranquility, imagination Roses, iris, hydrangeas
Rainbow Joy, diversity Tulips, roses, carnations