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What color eyeliner and mascara for hazel eyes?

Hazel eyes are a beautiful mix of brown, green, and sometimes flecks of gold. When choosing makeup for hazel eyes, you want to enhance the different colors in the iris. The right eyeliner and mascara colors can really make hazel eyes pop. Here are some quick tips for choosing flattering eyeliner and mascara shades for hazel eyes:

Quick Tips for Eyeliner for Hazel Eyes

– Brown eyeliner is a safe bet that complements the brown tones in hazel eyes. Go for a rich chocolate brown or espresso.

– Olive green eyeliner brings out the green hues. It’s especially pretty on hazel eyes with more green in them.

– Plum purple eyeliner enhances the bits of gold and green. It’s a fun pop of color.

– Black eyeliner is a classic that sharply defines the eyes. Use a soft pencil formula to avoid harshness.

Quick Tips for Mascara for Hazel Eyes

– Black mascara nicely intensifies hazel eyes. It adds definition without competing with the colors.

– Brown mascara has a softening effect. It subtly enhances hazel eyes for daytime.

– Navy blue mascara subtly brings out the green tones in hazel eyes.

– Burgundy mascara plays up the golden specks in hazel irises.

How to Choose Eyeliner for Hazel Eyes

Now that we’ve covered some quick tips, let’s go into more detail on how to choose flattering eyeliner colors for hazel eyes. The key is looking at the different colors in your iris and choosing liner shades that enhance them.

Go for brown eyeliners

Warm, earthy brown eyeliners are a perfect choice for bringing out the brown hues in hazel eyes. Look for rich chocolates, espresso browns, bronze, tan, chestnut, and cocoa shades. These colors accentuate the brown while downplaying the green tones. Pencil liners allow you to softly define the eyes. Liquid and gel formulas give high intensity color.

Try green eyeliners

Green eyeliners help make hazel eyes pop. Olive, forest green and teal shades complement the bits of green, brown and gold in the irises. Apply a green liner on the upper lash line and smudge it slightly. Or, line the lower waterline with green pencil to accentuate the colors. Metallic emerald or teal liners are brilliant for parties and events.

Go bold with purple

Vibrant purple eyeliners intensify hazel eyes. Plum, lilac and violet shades play up the underlying hints of green and gold in the irises. For bright bold color, use a liquid or gel formula. Apply to the upper lash line in a thin stroke. Blend with a brush or cotton swab for a softer look. Purple pencil looks pretty on the lower waterline or tightlined along the upper lashes.

Flatter with bronze

Warm bronze eyeliners enhance the golden flecks in hazel eyes. Shimmery bronze liquid liner is perfect for creating a sexy smoky eye. Or, sweep bronze pencil along the lower lash line for definition. For an everyday look, use bronze liner inside the eyes, smudging it along the upper lashes.

Go classic with black liner

You really can’t go wrong lining hazel eyes with classic black eyeliner. Black liner provides definition and makes the colors pop. Liquid black liner lets you create a perfect cat eye. Use black eyeliner pencil on the upper rim for a striking look. For more softness, apply black liner just to the outer third of the eyes.

Try gray for a subtle effect

For a more understated enhancement of hazel eyes, try gray eyeliner. Shades like charcoal, slate and silver subtly define eyes while bringing out the color variations. Sweep gray pencil along the upper lash line and smudge lightly. Or, tightline with gray for natural definition.

How to Choose Mascara for Hazel Eyes

Mascara is as important as eyeliner for making hazel eyes look their best. Here’s a breakdown of how different mascara colors enhance hazel irises:

Black mascara

Rich black mascara is a universally flattering choice for hazel eyes. Black defines and darkens lashes to beautifully frame the eyes. It provides definition without competing with the kaleidoscope of iris colors. Black mascara works for any situation, from day to night. Look for intense pigmented black formulas.

Brown mascara

For a soft daytime mascara shade, go with brown. Neutral brown mascara subtly enhances hazel eyes while looking very natural. It lightly tints, thickens and lifts lashes without being too intense. Look for beautiful brown shades like chocolate, espresso, bronze and cinnamon. Brown mascara is perfect for achieving a wide-eyed look.

Blue mascara

Blue mascara is an unexpected choice that really makes hazel eyes pop. Navy, cobalt and royal blue accentuate the green hues in hazel irises. Blue mascara looks striking and bold on the upper lashes. For more subtle enhancement, apply blue just to the tips of lashes.

Purple mascara

Deep purple or plum mascara complements the golden and green tones in hazel eyes. This color works best for hazel eyes that skew more toward green shades. Apply purple mascara to both upper and lower lashes for dramatic definition.

Burgundy mascara

Warm burgundy mascara plays up the bits of gold, green and brown in hazel eyes. It’s a nice alternative to classic black mascara. Focus burgundy mascara on the upper lashes to let the color really stand out. Keep lower lashes bare or swept with brown mascara.

Tips for Applying Eyeliner and Mascara on Hazel Eyes

Here are some tips for flawless application when using eyeliner and mascara on hazel eyes:

– Prep eyelids first with primer and concealer to create a smooth base

– With eyeliner, start thin. You can always make the line thicker and bolder.

– Draw eyeliner close to the upper lash line to darken the lashes

– Allow 20-30 seconds drying time before blinking to avoid smudging

– Apply 2-3 coats of mascara for full, lifted lashes

– Wiggle the mascara wand at the base of lashes to deposit maximum color

– Finish the mascara look by coating the bottom lashes

– Set the eyeliner and mascara by dusting eyeshadow on top

– Use a lash comb to separate lashes and remove any clumps

– Clean up under-eye fallout before it sets

– Finish with an eyelash curler for extra lift and opening of the eyes


Hazel eyes are so fun to accentuate with makeup. Choosing the right eyeliner and mascara colors makes a big impact. Browns, greens, bronzes and plums are beautiful eyeliner choices that intensify the kaleidoscope effect of hazel irises. Mascara in black, brown, purple or blue defines lashes while complementing the eye color. With the right application techniques, hazel eyes can really be made to stand out and sparkle. Play around with different eyeliner/mascara pairings until you discover your perfect hazel eye look.

Makeup Color Recommendations for Hazel Eyes

Here is a summary table of recommended eyeliner and mascara colors for enhancing hazel eyes:

Makeup Type Best Colors for Hazel Eyes
Eyeliner Brown, olive green, plum purple, bronze, black, gray
Mascara Black, brown, navy blue, burgundy, purple

Inspiring Eyeliner and Mascara Looks for Hazel Eyes

Here are some beautiful hazel eye makeup looks to inspire your own artistic experiments:

Everyday Natural

– Chestnut brown pencil liner on upper lash line
– Cocoa brown mascara

This quick look enhances hazel eyes for daytime. The brown liner and mascara softly define while looking natural.

Classic Smoky

– Black liquid liner cat eye
– Black volumizing mascara

This elegant combo uses black liner for a cat eye and black mascara for major lash impact. Perfect for evenings out.

Green Pop

– Olive green liner smudged on upper and lower lash line
– Black mascara

The green liner brings out the green hues in hazel eyes, while black mascara frames in bold definition.

Violet Vixen

– Deep eggplant purple liner in a thin sweep along upper lash line
– Light purple mascara on tips of top lashes

This fun look plays up the golden tones in hazel eyes. The purple liner and mascara glitz up the eyes.

Bronzed Goddess

– Metallic bronze liner pressed along upper lashes
– Black brown mascara

Bronze liner applied like tightlining eye shadow gives a sultry, smoky effect. Black brown mascara keeps it wearable.

Have fun playing with eyeliner and mascara colors to bring out the beauty of your hazel eyes!