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What color eyeglass frames are in style?

What color eyeglass frames are in style?

When it comes to eyeglass frames, color is one of the most important factors in determining what’s stylish and fashionable. The right frame color can complement your skin tone, hair color, and overall style. Frame colors come in and out of trend, with some hues holding steady as perennial favorites. As we head into 2023, here’s an overview of what frame colors are expected to be in vogue this year.

Neutral Tones

Neutral metallic tones offer versatility and flexibility when it comes to coordinating with wardrobe colors and skin tones. Here are some of the top neutrals for 2023:


Gold eyeglass frames are a timeless classic. Gold frames complement a variety of skin tones and lend a touch of glamor and luxury. 14k gold, rose gold, and yellow gold frames are expected to maintain their popularity in 2023.


Like gold frames, silver eyewear never goes out of style. Silver frames have a cool, sleek look that pairs well with both warm and cool skin undertones. Sterling silver, brushed silver, and shiny metallic silver frames will continue to rank among the top frame colors this year.


For a neutral tone with an edgier vibe, gunmetal grey eyewear is on trend. The dark charcoal grey hue is versatile enough for everyday wear yet unique enough to make a style statement.

Neutral Tone Attributes
Gold Timeless, glamorous
Silver Sleek, cool
Gunmetal Edgy, charcoal grey

Bolds and Brights

Vibrant, attention-grabbing colors are also having a major moment in 2023 eyewear trends. Bold frames in primary colors and pastels pack visual impact and allow you to express your fun, playful side.


Red frames make a fiery, dramatic style statement. Crimson, cherry, and oxblood red frames command attention.


Blue eyewear ranges from pretty pastel azure to bold cobalt. Both dark and light blue frames align with 2023 color trends.


Sunny yellow frame colors conjure images of optimism and summer. Canary, lemon, and amber yellow eyeglasses uplift any outfit.


Emerald, olive, lime, and forest green frames connect with nature. Green eyewear adds an earthy, laidback vibe.


Mysterious, regal purple frames add flair. Lavender, lilac, and violet shades are playful pastel options.

Bold Color Attributes
Red Fiery, dramatic
Blue Pretty, bold
Yellow Sunny, cheerful
Green Earthy, laidback
Purple Mysterious, playful


In addition to newly on-trend colors, some traditional frame staples remain perennial favorites year after year.


A little black frame never goes out of fashion. Black eyewear is eternally chic and pairs with any wardrobe.


The natural brownish-orange swirled pattern of tortoiseshell frames offers a retro yet modern look. Tortoiseshell works well for both men and women.


Transparent clear or transparent-tinted frames provide an invisible look. Clear glasses are a discreet option that puts the emphasis on your eyes.

Classic Color Attributes
Black Eternally chic
Tortoiseshell Retro, modern
Clear Discreet, invisible look

Choosing Frames for Your Coloring

When selecting a frame color, consider how the hue pairs with your individual features and coloring. Here are some tips for choosing flattering frame tints tailored to you:

Skin Tone

– Warm skin tones look great in golden browns, honey, peach, and amber tones.

– Cool skin tones are complemented by icy pastels, silver, gunmetal, and greys with blue undertones.

– Neutral skin tones can pull off both warm and cool shades. Black and tortoiseshell also suit neutral complexions.

Hair Color

– Blondes and redheads tend to look best in lighter eyewear colors like silver, rose gold, clear, grey, peach, and light blue.

– Brunettes are complemented by deeper shades like black, dark red, purple, cobalt, and forest green.

Eye Color

– Brown/amber eyes pop against cooler blue, purple, grey, and green frames.

– Green eyes stand out with red, rose, peach, yellow, brown, and cream colored frames.

– Blue eyes look vivid against warm brown, gold, peach, red, and pink shades.

– Hazel and grey eyes look great in both warm and cool tones.

Frame Styles and Shapes

In tandem with frame colors, the most stylish eyeglass shapes for 2023 include:

– Round and oval frames
– Geometric shapes like hexagons and octagons
– Cat-eye and upswept frames
– Retro inspired shapes like aviators and browlines
– Sleek rectangular styles
– Oversized and XL silhouettes


Frame color is one of the most defining aspects of eyeglass style. As we move through 2023, popular tones include golds, silvers, gunmetals, vibrant brights like red and yellow, and ever-stylish classics like black and tortoiseshell. Choosing frames tailored to your complexion and coloring ensures the most fashionable look. Frame shape also contributes to eyewear trends, with rounded, geometric, and retro silhouettes emerging strong this year. With so many options, you can rock stylish, on-trend eyeglasses to complement your personal flair.