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What color countertops for cherry wood cabinets?

Choosing the right countertop color to pair with cherry wood cabinets can be a challenging decision. The rich, warm red tones of cherry wood lend themselves well to certain colors, while clashing with others. In this article, we’ll explore the best countertop colors for cherry cabinets and provide tips to help you find the perfect complement for your kitchen design.

Factors to Consider

When selecting a countertop color for cherry cabinets, there are a few key factors to keep in mind:

  • Undertones – Cherry wood has both red and brown undertones. You’ll want to find a countertop color that complements, rather than clashes with these earthy undertones.
  • Style – Is your kitchen decor traditional, contemporary or somewhere in between? The style of your kitchen can help determine which color palettes work best.
  • Lighting – The amount of natural and artificial lighting in your kitchen affects how colors are perceived. Factor daylight and lighting into your decision.
  • Backsplash – If you’ll have a backsplash, make sure your countertop and backsplash colors complement each other.
  • Floors – You’ll want your countertop, cabinet and floor colors to work cohesively. Keep your flooring color and material in mind.

The Best Color Choices

When working with cherry cabinets, you’ll want to stick to countertop colors that have some natural warmth to complement the wood’s red undertones. Here are some of the best colors to consider:


Granite countertops offer timeless beauty and durability. Natural granite slabs come in a myriad of colors and patterns that can pair beautifully with cherry cabinets. Here are some top granite choices:

  • Tan Brown Granite – The creamy tan background with accents of richer brown and black can pick up both the warm and cool tones in the cherry wood.
  • Forest Green Granite – Subtle green backgrounds with reddish brown accents echo the cherry cabinet color in a bold, yet naturalistic way.
  • Rustic Red Granite – Red granite with dark brown, black and white flecks offers an organic complement to the variances in cherry woodgrain.


For a sleek, contemporary look, quartz countertops are a great option. Here are some top quartz choices for cherry cabinets:

  • Whisper Grey Quartz – The muted grey-brown tones of this quartz blend seamlessly with the colors in cherry wood.
  • Taj Mahal Quartz – Creamy beige with bold black and white veining offers classic contrast against rich cherry.
  • White Storm Quartz – Crisp white with grey patterning lightens up the look of cherry while echoing the woodgrain.


Elegant marble countertops bring a high-end, Old World feel that works well with traditional cherry cabinets. Top options include:

  • Grey Marfil Marble – Light grey with dark grey veining pairs nicely with the red tones in cherry wood.
  • Emperador Light Marble – Warm brown and white marbling complements the variations in cherry woodgrain.
  • Crema Marfil Marble – Subtle cream and grey tones offer an understated complement to rich cherry cabinets.


For a farmhouse style kitchen, soapstone is the perfect natural match for cherry cabinets. Its dark grey color with rustic texture provides an earthy contrast.

Colors to Avoid

Some countertop colors can clash with cherry cabinets or feel outdated. Here are some colors to steer clear of:

  • Pure white – Too stark and clinical against the warmth of cherry wood.
  • Black – Overwhelms the richness of the cabinet color.
  • Bright primary colors – Can feel garish alongside natural wood tones.
  • Greens with blue undertones – Clash with the red undertones in cherry.

Tips for Picking Colors

Here are a few quick tips to guide your countertop selection process with cherry wood cabinets:

  • Bring home samples – View colors in your kitchen lighting before fully committing.
  • Consider undertones – Complementary or harmonizing undertones are key.
  • Think texture – Pair sleek surfaces like quartz with wood’s natural grain.
  • View full slabs – If using natural stone, view the full slabs to see overall veining and patterns.
  • Ask an expert – Consult a kitchen designer if you need guidance pairing colors.

Countertop Options for Cherry Cabinets

To recap, here are the best countertop options to pair with cherry wood cabinets:

Countertop Material Color Recommendations
Granite Tan Brown, Forest Green, Rustic Red
Quartz Whisper Grey, Taj Mahal, White Storm
Marble Grey Marfil, Emperador Light, Crema Marfil
Soapstone Dark Grey Natural Tones


Finding the right countertop color to match cherry cabinets is all about choosing warm, earthy tones and natural materials that complement (rather than compete with) the beautiful ruddy color of the wood. Options like granite, quartz, marble and soapstone in tan, brown, grey, cream and red-based shades are your best bets for creating a cohesive, stylish kitchen design. Avoid stark whites and blacks in favor of softer neutrals. With some thoughtful color selection, you can end up with a countertop and cherry cabinet pairing that looks timelessly elegant.