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What color clothes goes with mauve?

What color clothes goes with mauve?

Mauve is a beautiful soft purple or lilac shade that can be challenging to coordinate in an outfit. However, there are many colors that complement mauve beautifully and allow it to stand out. Choosing the right colors to pair with mauve clothing or accessories allows you to create stylish and sophisticated looks.

Quick Answer

Some quick answers for colors that go well with mauve include:

– Neutrals like white, black, gray, beige and taupe
– Pastels like light pink, mint green, pale yellow and baby blue
– Earth tones like brown, tan and olive green
– Metallic shades like gold, silver, copper and pewter
– Deep/jewel tones like royal purple, emerald green, navy blue and burgundy

The key is choosing colors that are harmonious with mauve on the color wheel. Sticking to a monochromatic, analogous or triadic color scheme creates a cohesive palette.

The Color Mauve

Mauve is a pale purple or lilac shade that was popularized in the late 19th century. The color was named after the French word for the mallow flower. True mauve has a grayish tint rather than the brighter purple of lavender. It sits between violet and raspberry hues on the color wheel.

The muted and dusty tones of mauve make it a soft, romantic and feminine color. It has an old world vintage feel to it as well, since mauve clothing and home decor was fashionable in the Victorian era. Mauve works beautifully in outfits inspired by the late 1800s or early 1900s.

In fashion, mauve is a flattering color for many skin tones. It complements fair and olive complexions especially well. Mauve clothing like dresses, tops, cardigans and skirts exude vintage charm. Accessories in mauve like shoes, purses, hats and jewelry also have a romantic, retro vibe.

Mauve makes a sophisticated accent color in home decor too. It works well in living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms when used in moderation. A touch of mauve can give neutral decor a pop of gentle color. Pair mauve with creams, taupes, tans, grays and metallics for a soft, elegant aesthetic.

Choosing Colors to Go with Mauve

Certain shades and color families complement and accent mauve especially beautifully. Sticking to a monochromatic, analogous or triadic color scheme is the easiest way to pull together a mauve outfit.

Here are some of the best colors to pair with mauve clothing, accessories and decor:


– White
– Black
– Gray
– Beige
– Ivory
– Cream
– Taupe

Crisp whites, smoky blacks and soft beiges make ideal neutral counterparts to mauve’s muted purple tones. They allow mauve to stand out while acting as balancing foundation shades. Neutrals help anchor mauve so outfits don’t become overly matchy-matchy.

For example, a mauve dress would pop against a white blazer and taupe heels. Mauve jewelry stands out when worn with a little black dress. Neutrals allow the beauty of mauve to shine.


– Light pink
– Mint green
– Lavender
– Baby blue
– Pale yellow
– Soft peach

Pretty pastel shades complement mauve’s delicate nature. Mixing mauve with other pale tones creates a sweet, romantic color story. Pastels also mirror mauve’s vintage charm.

For instance, a mauve skirt with a mint green top and pink heels makes for a lovely spring outfit. Or decorate a room in soothing mauve, peach and yellow pastels. The lightness of pastels prevents them from clashing with light mauve hues.

Earth Tones

– Olive green
– Moss green
– Tan
– Camel
– Brown
– Rust
– Mustard

Natural earth tones provide an elegant contrast to mauve’s cool purple tones. Earthy greens, browns, taupes and oranges ground mauve in a more neutral palette. This allows mauve to stand out as a pop of color.

A mauve sweater dress would shine with tan boots and an olive green jacket. And touches of mauve decor would add interest to a rustic, earthy color scheme. The innate harmony between earth tones and mauve makes them effortlessly mixable.

Metallic Shades

– Gold
– Silver
– Copper
– Bronze
– Pewter
– Rose gold

Shiny metallics pair strikingly with the matte, dusty finish of mauve. Metallic shoes, handbags, jewelry and decor objects make mauve “pop” and appear richer. Cool silvers complement mauve’s purple undertones, while warm golds provide eye-catching contrast.

For example, a shimmering gold clutch would make a mauve cocktail dress feel luxurious and glam. Or accent a mauve sofa with silver and copper throw pillows. Metallic accents lend mauve a sophisticated, elegant air.

Deep/Jewel Tones

– Eggplant
– Plum
– Burgundy
– Royal purple
– Navy
– Forest green
– Emerald

Vibrant jewel tones team up beautifully with mauve to create bold, striking color combinations. Deep greens, purples, blues and reds provide energy when combined with mauve’s quiet tranquility.

A mauve cardigan over an emerald dress makes a dynamic statement. Paint one wall in a dining room a rich purple to accent mauve table linens. These bold jewel tones excite mauve in timeless color pairings.

Best Color Combinations with Mauve

Some of the most stylish, foolproof color combinations to try with mauve clothing, accessories or decor include:

Mauve and White

Crisp white is a perfect neutral to pair with mauve. It provides clean contrast while allowing the mauve tones to shine. White tops, shoes and handbags always complement mauve bottoms. And a white backdrop makes decor details in mauve pop beautifully.

Mauve and Black

Another classic combination – black’s severity always softens against elegant mauve. Wear mauve with black pants, dresses, coats and tights. Or decorate with black and white prints punctuated with mauve pillows or vases.

Mauve and Gray

Cool grays create harmonious, sophisticated combinations with mauve. Pair a mauve sweater with gray pants or a skirt. Hang a mauve piece of art on a charcoal gray wall for texture.

Mauve and Beige

Soothing beige is a natural partner for mauve. Contrast a mauve dress with nude heels and bag. Or mix mauve throws and seats cushions into a beige living room. Beige highlights mauve’s softness.

Mauve and Mint Green

Vintage-inspired mauve is perfectly pretty when mixed with springlike mint green. Find mauve and mint pieces for a girlie outfit, or use the combo in a guest room or bathroom.

Mauve and Light Blue

Sweet baby blue has a charming retro feel when paired with mauve. Look for a mauve skirt or cardigan to match a powder blue dress. Use the two hues in home decor for a soft, romantic look.

Mauve and Olive Green

Earthy olive green grounds the femininity of mauve. Match a mauve top with an olive jacket and skirt. Decor items in olive and mauve exude organic sophistication.

Mauve and Navy Blue

Deep navy makes mauve appear extra soft and light. Contrast the two colors in your outfit by wearing a navy dress with mauve shoes. Use navy blue artwork or throw pillows to accent mauve furniture.

Mauve and Blush Pink

Pretty in pink takes on a retro vibe when mixed with mauve. Wear mauve and blush pink together in a layered outfit. Or decorate a girl’s room in these sweet, romantic colors.

Mauve and Gold

Metallic gold makes mauve glow and feel luxe. Pair a mauve cocktail dress with gold heels and jewelry for an elegant look. Or mix mauve and metallic gold decor for stylish contrast.

Color Combos with Mauve Outfit Ideas Home Decor Ideas
Mauve and White Mauve skirt with white top Mauve pillows on white sofa
Mauve and Black Mauve dress with black tights Mauve vase on black console
Mauve and Gray Mauve sweater over gray pants Mauve art on gray wall
Mauve and Beige Mauve heels with beige bag Mauve throw on beige chair
Mauve and Mint Green Mauve top with mint skirt Mauve and mint bedding
Mauve and Light Blue Mauve cardigan with blue dress Mauve vase with blue flowers
Mauve and Olive Green Mauve blouse with olive jacket Mauve candleholder on olive table
Mauve and Navy Blue Mauve shoes with navy dress Mauve sofa with navy pillow
Mauve and Blush Pink Mauve skirt with pink top Mauve and pink roses in vase
Mauve and Gold Mauve dress with gold heels Mauve pillow with gold trim

Tips for Decorating and Dressing with Mauve

When incorporating mauve into your home or outfits, keep these tips in mind:

– Use mauve as an accent. Because of its muted tone, a little mauve goes a long way. Use it sparingly to complement neutrals and bolder colors.

– Mix multiple shades of mauve together, from pale lilac to deep purple. Layering mauve hues adds visual interest.

– Add mauve with decor items like pillows, throws, vases and artwork instead of large furniture or statement walls.

– Pair mauve with metallics like gold and copper to make the color appear richer. Metallic shoes, bags, jewelry and home decor glam up mauve.

– Contrast mauve with neutrals like white, tan and gray to allow the color to stand out. Keep outfits from becoming too matchy-matchy.

– Introduce bold complementary colors like emerald green, sapphire blue or burgundy to energize soft mauve. These colors make dynamic duos.

– For a retro look, combine mauve with pastels like mint green, pale blue and blush pink. Vintage color combos never go out of style.

– Add mauve handbags, shoes, scarves or other extras to inject the color into neutral outfits. Mauve accessories complement most wardrobe basics.

– Mix patterns like mauve florals, polka dots, paisleys and stripes for a eclectic, bohemian vibe. This works for both outfits and home decor.


With its soft, romantic charm, mauve makes a beautiful addition to any wardrobe or home when paired with the right colors. Stick to a neutral, pastel, earth tone or jewel tone palette for foolproof combinations with mauve clothing, accessories and decor.

By thoughtfully coordinating complements for mauve, you can easily incorporate this vintage-inspired hue into elegant, stylish looks. Mauve requires careful mixing and matching, but the results are always sophisticated. With an eye for color, you can unlock the full potential of gorgeous mauve.