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What color can combine to navy blue?

What color can combine to navy blue?

Navy blue is a dark shade of blue that has an RGB value of #000080. It is a versatile color that can combine well with many other colors to create appealing color schemes. In this article, we will discuss what colors go well with navy blue and provide examples of color combinations that work.

Warm colors that combine with navy blue

Navy blue has a cool undertone, so pairing it with warm colors creates an eye-catching contrast. Here are some warm hues that navy blue can be combined with:

Red – Red and navy is a classic color combination that looks bold and vibrant. The contrast of the bright red against the dark blue is striking. This color scheme is associated with preppy style and collegiate wear.

Orange – Orange has a fiery energy that complements the depth of navy. Different shades of orange like peach, coral, and burnt orange all pair nicely with navy blue. This combo evokes a playful, youthful vibe.

Yellow – Bright yellow attracts attention and lightens up the navy hue. Soft pastel yellows work as well as bold primary yellow against the blue. This combination is optimistic and cheerful.

Pink – Soft pinks accent navy blue in a feminine way. From light pastel pink to fuchsia, any shade of pink can blend with navy for a pretty palette. The contrast makes the colors pop.

Warm Color Example
Red Fire engine red, burgundy
Orange Peach, burnt orange, coral
Yellow Sunflower, pastel yellow, gold
Pink Fuchsia, baby pink, dusty rose

Cool colors that go with navy blue

Since navy already has a cool undertone, pairing it with other cool colors creates a cohesive, soothing palette. Here are some cool hues that work well with navy:

Light blue – Lighter shades of blue complement the navy beautifully. Powder blue, sky blue, baby blue all integrate seamlessly with the darker navy. The monochromatic look is calm and sophisticated.

Purple – Deep purples like eggplant and lilac pair dramatically with navy, while lighter lavender and violet also blend nicely. The combo of blue and purple is associated with creativity and imagination.

Teal – The blue-green teal hue contrasts just enough with navy to be eye-catching without clashing. Use bright teal as an accent color against navy for a refreshing pop.

Green – Forest greens, olive greens, and seafoam greens complement navy’s depth with their earthy vibes. The classic navy and green preppy look will never go out of style.

Cool Color Example
Light blue Baby blue, powder blue, robin’s egg
Purple Lilac, lavender, eggplant
Teal Seafoam, peacock, turquoise
Green Forest green, olive green, sea green

Neutrals that complement navy blue

Neutral shades provide a subtle backing that allows the vibrancy of the navy to take center stage. Here are some neutral colors that pair cleanly with navy:

White – Crisp white against rich navy blue creates a classic nautical vibe. Use white as a neutral base and accent with navy and red for a fresh, sporty look. White lightens and brightens the navy hue.

Gray – Grays mix seamlessly with navy, allowing both colors to shine. Charcoal gray and navy is an edgy yet sophisticated combo for men. Lighter grays balance the darkness of the navy.

Black – Navy and black is a powerful color scheme with dramatic impact. The high-contrast look is bold and modern. Use black sparingly against navy to prevent darkness overload.

Brown – Earthy browns like tan, beige and mocha blend with navy’s inherent coziness. The warmth of the brown prevents the navy from feeling cold.

Neutral Example
White Stark white, ivory, cream
Gray Charcoal, silver, taupe
Black Jet black, obsidian
Brown Tan, beige, mocha

Pastels that work with navy blue

Soft, muted pastel shades create a gentle contrast against bold navy. They give the vibrant navy an airy, delicate feel. Here are some pretty pastels to pair with navy:

Mint green – Mint green has a refreshing quality that livens navy blue up. Use it as an accent color against navy for a beachy, resort style.

Lavender – Sweet lavender feminineizes navy blue in a romantic way. The palette evokes springtime and lilacs.

Peach – Peach is a universally flattering pastel that flatters navy’s richness. The peachiness warms up navy’s cool tone.

Yellow – Buttery yellow pastels like lemon chiffon add a cheery brightness to navy’s moodiness. The pale yellow keeps navy from feeling gloomy.

Pastel Example
Mint green Seafoam, pistachio, spearmint
Lavender Wisteria, lilac, thistle
Peach Melon, nectarine, peach
Yellow Lemon chiffon, cream, butter

Metallic colors that pair with navy blue

Shimmering metallic shades add luminosity and sheen when combined with matte navy blue. Here are some glitzy metallics that complement navy:

Gold – Navy and gold exude luxury. The nautical color scheme evokes gems and jewelry. Gold’s warmth plays well against cool navy.

Silver – Flashy silver makes navy pop with sparkle and shine. The metallic sheen brightens up the darker navy hue.

Bronze – Bronze has an earthy quality that rounds out navy’s bold vibrancy. The metallic brown tones down and neutralizes navy.

Copper – Fiery copper makes a vibrant accent color to navy blue. It brings out the reddish undertones in navy for extra depth.

Metallic Example
Gold Shimmery gold, champagne, rose gold
Silver Mercury, platinum, steel
Bronze Coppery bronze, rust, taupe
Copper Penny copper, burnt orange, cinnamon


Navy blue is an extremely versatile color that combines beautifully with a wide variety of shades. Warm colors like red, orange, yellow and pink contrast strikingly with navy to create vibrant, lively palettes. Cool hues of blue, purple, teal and green blend seamlessly for cohesive style. Neutrals like white, gray, black and brown act as soft backgrounds that let the navy pop. And pastels and metallics lend navy an ethereal, luminous effect. With so many flattering color combinations, navy blue can be used as a base for any aesthetic or mood. So do not be afraid to get creative and experiment with navy blue!