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What color beige goes with grey?

What color beige goes with grey?

Choosing the right beige to pair with grey can be tricky. With so many shades of each color, it’s important to understand how beige and grey work together before selecting the perfect combination for your space.

The Basics of Beige and Grey

Grey and beige are both neutral colors that provide an elegant, sophisticated look. When combined, these muted tones create a relaxed vibe that works well in many design styles from modern to traditional. Here are some key things to keep in mind:

  • Grey is inherently cool in tone while beige is inherently warm.
  • Lighter shades of beige tend to look more modern while deeper, more saturated beiges create a traditional feel.
  • Soft greys like dove and silver complement light tans and camels. Charcoal grey and other dark greys suit deeper beiges.
  • Too stark of a contrast between beige and grey can look disjointed. Aim for beiges and greys close in lightness for a more unified look.

Factors that Impact Pairings

There are a few key factors that impact how different shades of beige will look next to specific tones of grey. Consider the following when making your selections:


Beige can pull warm with hints of brown, red and yellow or cool with hints of pink, blue and green. Look for beiges with cool undertones like greige to pair with cool greys. Warm toned beiges complement greys with hints of brown or taupe.


The more saturated a beige, the darker and deeper it will appear next to a grey. Soft muted beiges will look closer in lightness to light greys. For a harmonious look, pair saturated beiges with charcoal greys and lighter beiges with soft dove greys.


The lighting in a room impacts how colors are perceived. In cool north facing light, warm beiges paired with greys can look dirty while greige beiges will harmonize better. In warm southern light, greige beiges paired with grey may appear washed out while saturated warm beiges bring balance.

Beige and Grey Color Pairings

Here are some recommended beige and grey combinations to consider:

Beige Color Grey Color
Khaki Light grey
Mushroom Charcoal grey
Biscuit Medium grey
Natural linen Heather grey
Taupe Greige
Camel Dove grey
Fawn Steel grey
Buff Ash grey
Oatmeal Smoke grey
Sand Slate grey
Tan Silver grey
Beige Charcoal grey
Ivory Graphite grey
Champagne Pale grey
Almond Cool grey
Wheat Light warm grey
Ecru Warm medium grey

Some key takeaways when reviewing these pairings:

  • Light greys work well with soft light beiges like ecru, ivory and tan.
  • Deeper greys like charcoal and slate complement saturated beiges like mushroom, taupe and biscuit.
  • Greige is an ideal grey for pairing with light warm-toned beiges like champagne.
  • Cool greys work for cooler toned beiges such as khaki and natural linen.

Tips for Decorating with Beige and Grey

Here are some helpful decorating tips when using beige and grey together:

  • Use larger amounts of grey and accent with beige for a fresh modern look.
  • Use more beige than grey for a softer, welcoming feel.
  • Add texture with nubby beige rugs, blankets and pillows against smooth grey walls or floors.
  • Inject warmth by layering in wood furniture and accessories.
  • Cool it down with sleek glass tables, chrome lights and sheer drapes.
  • Repeat colors throughout the space for a pulled together look – use beige sofas, grey walls and beige pillows with grey trim.
  • Create an elegant palette by choosing beiges and greys with the same undertone.
  • Add pops of color like blue and green accents to keep the palette lively.

Beige and Grey Room Ideas

Here are some room-specific ideas for using beige and grey together:

Living Room

In a living room, try mushroom colored walls with a dove grey sectional and ash grey curtains. Add warmth with camel pillows and a rustic wood coffee table.


Create a restful retreat with light tan walls and a greige headboard, layered with crisp white and steel grey bedding. Add a cozy fawn rug.


For a kitchen, pair ivory cabinets with slate grey quartz countertops and backsplash. Use khaki colored barstools and chalkboard grey kitchen accessories.


In a spa-like bathroom combine biscuit tiles with charcoal grey grout, a sand colored vanity and silver grey metallic accents for a luxe look.

Home Office

An energizing home office could feature pearl grey walls, camel desk and file cabinets, and natural linen curtains. Incorporate pops of chartreuse for fun.


Pairing beige and grey may seem simple but getting the right shades to work in harmony takes a careful eye. Choosing beiges and greys close in saturation and with complementary undertones is key to a sophisticated pulled-together look. Light to medium beiges work well with soft lighter greys while deep, saturated beiges complement charcoal and darker greys. The lighting in a room also impacts how the colors are perceived. Use these tips to guide your beige and grey pairing selections and you’ll achieve spaces with the perfect neutral balance.