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What color are Flynn Rider’s eyes?


Flynn Rider is a fictional character who first appeared in Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 50th animated feature film Tangled in 2010. He is voiced by American actor Zachary Levi and serves as the male lead and love interest of Rapunzel, the film’s heroine. Though originally introduced as a dashing thief hiding under the pseudonym “Flynn Rider”, he later reforms with Rapunzel’s help and reveals himself to be Eugene Fitzherbert. As one of the most beloved characters from Tangled, many fans have wondered—what color are Flynn Rider’s eyes?

Flynn Rider’s Appearance in Tangled

In Tangled, Flynn Rider is described as a handsome young man with brown hair and a light goatee. He has an athletic build and is quite tall. Flynn wears a lavish blue vest over a white long-sleeved shirt, brown leggings, tall leather boots, and a purple belt decorated with various pouches for his thieving equipment.

When it comes to Flynn Rider’s eye color, it is not explicitly stated in the film itself. However, through analysis of Flynn’s various appearances and studying official Disney artwork and merchandise, a strong case can be made that Flynn Rider has green eyes.

Evidence Supporting Green Eyes

Here is the evidence that supports the idea that Flynn Rider has green eyes:

  • In most of Flynn’s appearances, his eyes have a distinct greenish tint to them. In indoor lighting, they appear more hazel, while in outdoor daylight, they look clearly green.
  • The official Disney Tangled coloring book depicts Flynn with bright green eyes.
  • Flynn is represented with green eyes in the Disney Infinity video game series, a partnership between Disney and game developer Avalanche Software.
  • Most Flynn Rider costumes, wigs, and roleplay accessories meant for dress-up and cosplay are designed with green contacts or wigs to match Flynn’s eye color.
  • Zachary Levi, who voices Flynn, has green eyes himself in real life.

Based on this evidence, green appears to be the predominant eye color represented across Flynn Rider’s various Disney appearances and merchandising.

Counter Evidence

There is some evidence, however, that leaves Flynn’s eye color more ambiguous:

  • In certain scenes, Flynn’s eyes appear more blue-green or blue-gray under different lighting conditions.
  • Some Tangled books and comics depict Flynn with blue or blue-green eyes instead of bright green.
  • The Disney Wiki lists Flynn’s eyes as “green/blue” suggesting they may be a hybrid between the two colors.

So while green seems to be the most canonical eye color for Flynn Rider, there is room for interpretation, with some sources leaning more blue-green or blue-gray. The lighting conditions in a particular scene may also change how Flynn’s eyes appear, shifting between green, blue, and gray.

The Significance of Flynn Rider’s Eye Color

Why does Flynn Rider’s eye color matter in the first place? Here are some potential symbolic reasons behind the choice of green eyes for Flynn’s character design:

  • Green eyes often represent a personality shift. This symbolizes Flynn’s character arc from thief to hero over the course of the Tangled story.
  • The green helps give Flynn an exotic, adventurous look fitting for a roguish thief.
  • Green is associated with nature, growth, and renewal – themes that tie into Rapunzel’s story arc in the film.
  • Green eyes stand out vividly against Flynn’s brown hair, allowing them to be an expressive feature of his animation.

So in summary, the animators likely chose green eyes to complement Flynn Rider’s personality and character development in Tangled. The green helps give him a sense of mystique and charm that visually supports his role in the story.

Flynn Rider’s Eye Color in the Tangled Sequel

In Tangled: Before Ever After and the Tangled animated TV series, Flynn Rider returns alongside Rapunzel, still sporting his signature green eyes. His eye color remains consistent as a recognizable part of Flynn’s dashing design.

Some additional details on Flynn’s green eyes in the Tangled sequel material:

  • The lighting and animation continue to emphasize the greenish hue of his eyes, especially in outdoor daylight scenes.
  • His eyes are shown as vividly green in the 2D animated TV series, keeping with the films’ design.
  • Even in Rapunzel and Flynn’s wedding portrait, Flynn’s eyes are unmistakably green rather than blue.
  • Green remains the predominant eye color used for Flynn Rider marketing and merchandise related to Tangled: Before Ever After.

So even as the animation style evolved, Disney stayed true to Flynn’s signature green eyes in the Tangled sequel material. They remained an integral part of his look as Rapunzel’s romantic partner.


In summary, while Disney never definitively stated Flynn Rider’s eye color in the Tangled movies or supplementary materials, the strong majority of evidence points to green eyes. This includes Flynn’s character design in the films, the eye color used in Disney’s official merchandise and marketing, and the symbolic meaning behind the color green relating to Flynn’s character arc and role in the story. Elements like lighting conditions and developing animation styles may produce more blue or gray shades at times, but canonical materials overwhelmingly show Flynn Rider with bright green eyes. So for fans seeking to emulate Flynn Rider’s look themselves, seeking out green contact lenses or wigs will provide the closest match to Flynn’s eye color seen on screen.

Scene Lighting Flynn’s Eye Color
Tangled lantern scene Outdoor natural lighting Green
Tangled campfire scene Warm orange firelight Green with hazel tones
Tangled kingdom scene Indoor castle lighting Blue-green
Tangled wedding portrait Daylight (painting) Green

This table summarizes how different lighting conditions influence the shade of Flynn Rider’s eyes across various Tangled scenes, while keeping the underlying green color consistent. Warm lighting brings out more hazel tones, while cool lighting adds blue tones – but the overall green hue remains intact across Flynn’s animated appearances.

In closing, green is considered the “official” eye color of Flynn Rider. It matches the majority of his Disney merchandise, the symbolic meaning behind the color, and Zachary Levi’s natural eye shade. Minor shifts from scene to scene are expected, but Flynn’s signature green eyes endure as a beloved part of his roguish character design. So for fans seeking to emulate the dashing thief’s look, green is the way to go to capture the essence of Flynn Rider.