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What color accessories go with lavender?

Lavender is a light purple shade that can add a soft, feminine touch to any wardrobe. When pairing lavender with accessories, it’s important to choose colors that complement the lavender rather than clashing with it. Some perfect color matches for lavender accessories include light pink, cream, gray, white and other pastels. Metallic accessories like silver, pewter and gold also pair beautifully with lavender. Here’s a more in-depth look at the best color accessories to match with lavender clothing and accessories.


Pink is an ideal color to pair with lavender for a sweet, romantic look. Soft pinks like blush, petal and ballet pink add a delicate pop of color when matched with lavender items. Pink accessories that coordinate well with lavender include:

  • Blush pink purses, handbags or totes
  • Light pink shoes like ballet flats or heels
  • Petal pink jewelry like necklaces, bracelets or earrings
  • Soft pink scarves or hair accessories

Pink brings out the purple undertones in lavender for a gentle, feminine color combination. Pastel pink accessories with lavender creates a spring-ready look that’s both stylish and sweet.


Crisp white accessories serve as a perfect neutral pairing with lavender items. White often acts as a base for paler pastel shades, letting the soft lavender color pop. White accessories that match well with lavender include:

  • White handbags like shoulder bags, satchels or clutches
  • White shoes like lace-up sneakers, pumps or sandals
  • White jewelry like layered necklaces, cuff bracelets or stud earrings
  • Crisp white scarves, hats or headbands

An all-white outfit paired with a few key lavender accessories makes for an easy, chic look. Alternatively, white shoes, bags and jewelry help ground lighter lavender pieces. The clean white balances out the light purple shade.


Cream or off-white accessories are another neutral that pairs nicely with lavender. Cream has a warmer, more subtle tone than bright white. Creamy neutrals that match well with lavender include:

  • Cream purses like hobo bags, crossbody bags or totes
  • Nude or cream-colored heels, flats or sandals
  • Off-white jewelry like stacked bracelets, layered necklaces or hoop earrings
  • Long cream scarves or pashmina wraps

Cream accessories are optimal for creating a laidback, casual look with lavender pieces. The muted cream color lets the vibrant lavender remain the focal point.


For an elegant, sophisticated look, pair lavender with gray accessories. Cool-toned grays like slate, charcoal and silver complement the purple undertones of lavender beautifully. Gray accessories that match with lavender include:

  • Gray purses like structured satchels, totes or clutches
  • Ankle boots, ballet flats or pumps in gray
  • Sparkling gray jewelry like statement necklaces or cocktail rings
  • Infinity scarves, shawls or wraps in gray

Grayscale accessorizing is both stylish and easy-to-match with many lavender wardrobe pieces. Light gray accessories let the lavender stand out, while dark charcoal grays are bolder and balance the light purple shade.


Metallic accessories are the perfect way to make lavender pop. Silver, pewter, gold and rose gold all complement lavender beautifully. Metallic accessories that stand out with lavender include:

  • Shoulder bags, satchels or backpacks in metallic shades
  • Strappy heels or sandals in silver, gold or rose gold
  • Stacking bracelets, hoop earrings or chain necklaces
  • Metallic infinity scarves or shawls

The sheen of metals like silver, gold and rose gold makes lavender accessories shine. Metallics add shine and a hint of glam to any lavender outfit.


Matching lavender with other pastel accessory shades creates a soft, dreamy look. Pastels like mint, peach, yellow, blue and lilac pair attractively with light purple lavender. Pastel accessories that complement lavender include:

  • Butter yellow crossbody or tote bags
  • Mint or seafoam green ballet flats or sandals
  • Peach or lilac statement necklaces or cuff bracelets
  • Sky blue infinity scarves or shawls

Pastel on pastel makes for an ultra-feminine accessory combination. Mixing complementary pastels like lavender and mint green or lavender and peach creates visually appealing style.

Rich Colors

While lighter accessory shades pair best with lavender, some rich colors also make for stylish combinations. Deep red, emerald green, sapphire blue and eggplant can be gorgeous with lavender when done right. Richly-colored accessories to try with lavender include:

  • Small red shoulder or crossbody bags
  • Dark green heels or booties
  • Sapphire drop earrings or cocktail rings
  • Eggplant or wine-colored infinity scarves

These darker accent colors are eye-catching against soft lavender pieces. Just be sure to use them sparingly, so they don’t overwhelm the light purple shade.

What to Avoid

While many colors complement lavender beautifully, some shades clash with the light purple tone. Accessory colors to avoid with lavender include:

  • Orange or neon yellow
  • Lime green
  • Royal blue
  • Burgundy or magenta

These bold, highly saturated tones compete too much with soft lavender pieces. They make it hard for the light purple shade to stand out. Stick to more subtly-colored accessories to keep the focus on the lavender.

Tips for Mixing and Matching

Here are some top tips for effortlessly mixing and matching lavender with coordinating accessory colors:

  • Use neutrals like white, cream and gray to anchor lavender, then add one colorful accessory as a pop.
  • Combine lavender with similar tones and hues like pinks and pastels for tonal dressing.
  • Add metallic shoes, bags or jewelry to make lavender pop against understated neutrals.
  • Limit brights to one or two statement accessories so lavender remains the star.
  • Echo the lavender shade in floral prints or patterns to pull a look together.

With these guidelines, it’s easy to choose accessories that enhance lavender without overpowering it. Have fun mixing and matching different shades to create stylish looks.

The Best All-Around Accessory Colors

If you want to build a versatile accessories wardrobe to pair with lavender pieces, focus on these top colors:

  • White: Crisp white bags, shoes and jewelry will match any lavender look.
  • Silver: Metallic silver accessories add sheen and sparkle.
  • Blush Pink: Romantic pinks complement lavender perfectly.
  • Cream: Understated cream or nude accessories are endlessly versatile.
  • Gray: Light grays work for casual looks, dark grays for elegance.

By stocking up on these core five colors, you’ll be prepared to accessorize any lavender outfit with style.


Lavender is a gorgeous shade to accessorize because it pairs well with so many colors. Neutrals like white, cream and gray create simple sophistication. Pastels, metallics and light pinks are soft and feminine. For drama, rich greens, blues and reds can accent lavender when used minimally. Avoid bright oranges, neons and royal colors that may overwhelm. With these handy tips, you can confidently choose handbags, shoes, jewelry and scarves that complement your favorite lavender pieces.