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What cars come in the color green?

What cars come in the color green?

Green is a popular color choice for cars. Many major automakers offer green exterior paint options across their model lineups. Green evokes feelings of nature, renewal, and energy. For some buyers, choosing a green car is a way to express their personality or values around sustainability.


Toyota offers several shades of green paint across their lineup of cars, trucks, and SUVs. Some of the most common Toyota green colors include:

  • Cedar Green Metallic
  • Army Green
  • Mint Green Metallic
  • Sea Green Pearl
  • Electric Lime Green

Popular Toyota models like the Camry, Corolla, RAV4, Tacoma, and Prius can all be found with green exterior color options. Toyota first offered green paint choices in the 1950s and has continued the tradition with green shades inspired by nature.

Toyota Model Green Color Options
Toyota Camry Sea Green Pearl, Electric Lime Green
Toyota Corolla Electric Lime Green
Toyota Prius Electric Lime Green


Honda is another automaker that has made green paint options available across many models. Some Honda green car colors include:

  • Dark Green Pearl
  • Polished Metal Metallic
  • Emerald Green Pearl
  • Forest Mist Metallic
  • Evergreen Pearl

The Civic, Accord, CR-V, Pilot, and other popular Honda vehicles can be found with eye-catching green paint jobs. Honda first introduced green colors in the 1970s and continues offering unique green shades that appeal to environmentally-conscious buyers.

Honda Model Green Color Options
Honda Civic Polished Metal Metallic, Dark Green Pearl
Honda Accord Dark Green Pearl


Ford’s green metallic paint options have bold, nature-inspired names like Kodiak Brown and Dark Persian Green. Some green exterior colors offered by Ford include:

  • Electric Spice
  • Green Gem Metallic
  • Green Envy
  • Grabber Green
  • Guard

Ford truck and SUV models like the F-150, Explorer, and Escape are available with green paint jobs. Ford first introduced green colors in the 1920s with options like Brewster Green.

Ford Model Green Color Options
Ford Mustang Grabber Green, Green Gem Metallic
Ford F-150 Guard


Chevy has used eye-catching green paint colors like Lime Green, Mosaic Green, and Green Mist over the years. Some current green exterior color options from Chevrolet include:

  • Dark Emerald Green Metallic
  • Peppermint Metallic
  • Woodland Green Metallic
  • Green Mist Metallic
  • Mountain Green Metallic

Popular Chevy models including the Malibu, Equinox, Traverse, Silverado, and more are available with green paint jobs. Chevy first introduced green colors in the 1950s.

Chevy Model Green Color Options
Chevy Silverado Woodland Green Metallic
Chevy Malibu Green Mist Metallic


For buyers looking for a green Nissan vehicle, some options include:

  • Monterey Green Metallic
  • Spruce Green Pearl
  • Caspian Green Metallic
  • Juniper Green Metallic
  • Deep Forest Green Pearl

Nissan SUVs, sedans, sports cars, and trucks like the Pathfinder, Altima, GT-R, Frontier, and Armada can be found with fresh green exterior paint shades.

Nissan Model Green Color Options
Nissan Altima Monterey Green Metallic
Nissan Pathfinder Spruce Green Pearl


Hyundai offers a range of green paint colors with cool nature-inspired names like Moss Green Metallic and Amazon Green. Some available Hyundai green exterior colors are:

  • Julep Green Metallic
  • Amazon Green Metallic
  • Moss Green Metallic
  • Masala Green Pearl
  • Micro Pine Green Pearl

Hyundai sedans, hatchbacks, crossovers, and SUVs like the Elantra, Kona, Tucson, and Santa Fe can all be found with appealing green paintwork.

Hyundai Model Green Color Options
Hyundai Tucson Micro Pine Green Pearl
Hyundai Elantra Masala Green Pearl


Kia offers lush green exterior paint colors like Celadon Green and Fathom Blue Green. Some available green paint options from Kia include:

  • Blue Green
  • Celadon Green
  • Gravity Blue Green
  • Fathom Blue Green Metallic
  • Dark Pines Green

The Soul, Niro, Sportage, Sorento, and other popular Kia models can be found with appealing green color options.

Kia Model Green Color Options
Kia Soul Celadon Green
Kia Niro Gravity Blue Green


Mazda offers deep green metallic paint colors across several models like the CX-5 and Mazda3. Some examples of Mazda green exterior colors include:

  • Eternal Blue Mica
  • Deep Crystal Blue Mica
  • Jet Black Mica
  • Sonic Silver Metallic
  • Blue Reflex Mica

While Mazda doesn’t have specific “green” color names, many of their deep blue and black metallic paints contain hints of green tones.

Mazda Model Green-Toned Color Options
Mazda CX-5 Deep Crystal Blue Mica
Mazda3 Eternal Blue Mica


Volkswagen offers some exotic green paint colors like Pure Gray and Tornado Red. Some green exterior paint options from VW include:

  • Pure Gray
  • Tornado Red
  • Deep Black Pearl
  • Aurora Red Metallic

VW models like the Jetta, Passat, Atlas, and Beetle can be found with grayish-green hues. VW has also offered bright green colors on some limited edition models.

VW Model Green-Toned Color Options
VW Jetta Pure Gray
VW Passat Aurora Red Metallic


Green is an appealing and popular exterior car color offered by most major automakers. From exotic metallics to subdued nature-inspired greens, there are many stylish green paint options across all vehicle types and price ranges. As concerns over sustainability grow, green car color choices let owners make an environmental statement. For buyers looking to stand out from the crowd, a green machine gets noticed on the road while reflecting the owner’s unique personality.