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What can Tek Stegos do?

Tek Stegos is an interesting creature that has some unique abilities in the world of Ark: Survival Evolved. As a versatile armored dinosaur, Tek Stegos can be used for gathering, defense, and even travel. Let’s take a closer look at what this technological creature is capable of.


Tek Stegos is great at collecting resources. With its metal plated head and spiky tail club, it can easily harvest materials from trees, rocks, and carcasses. Here are some of the resources Tek Stegos can efficiently gather:

Resource Amount Gathered
Wood 100 per swing
Stone 200 per swing
Thatch 300 per swing
Hide 100 per carcass
Raw Meat 50 per carcass

With just a few swings of its tail, a high level Tek Stegos can gather thousands of wood, stone, and thatch. This makes it an essential early game tame for building supplies. It can also harvest large quantities of hide and meat from carcasses, ideal for crafting leather armor and taming other dinosaurs.


The heavy metal plates covering Tek Stegos make it a formidable tank. With high health and armor, it can absorb tremendous damage during raids and battles. Here are Tek Stegos’ base defensive stats:

Stat Value
Health 3000
Stamina 400
Oxygen 150
Food 4000
Weight 1000
Melee Damage 100
Movement Speed 100%
Torpor 1300

With upgrades, some players have gotten Tek Stegos over 100,000 health and armor over 600. This makes them nearly impervious to damage, capable of shrugging off assaults from entire tribes. They can be used to soak enemy turret fire during raids, diverting attention while softer tames move in to demolish defenses. Tek Stegos are also useful support tanks on boss fights and cave delves, keeping the rest of the pack alive with their impenetrable armor.


Despite its heavy appearance, Tek Stegos is a reasonably fast mount, especially over rough terrain. It can climb mountains, smash through rocks, ford rivers, and bowl over forests with ease. Tek Stegos’ ability to harvest resources while riding also makes it ideal for transporting large quantities of materials back to base.

Here are Tek Stegos’ base movement stats:

Stat Value
Sprint Speed % 100%
Stamina Usage High
Carry Weight 1000
Rider Weight % 30%
Swim Speed % 450%
Climbing Speed % 200%

With speed upgrades, Tek Stegos can have over 250% movement speed, making them as fast as many other dinosaurs. Their high carry weight also allows them to transport large quantities of resources. Players often use Tek Stegos as heavily armored supply transports between distant bases.


From gathering to defense to transportation, Tek Stegos is one of the most versatile creatures in Ark. Its unique combination of armor, damage, weight reduction, and harvesting power make it useful at all stages of the game. Tek Stegos might not be the flashiest tame, but it will reliably carry any tribe towards success. Just beware of its spiked tail – once provoked, that heavy tail club can smash even the sturdiest foe into submission!