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What can I wear with an orange dress?

What can I wear with an orange dress?

An orange dress can be a fun and eye-catching addition to your wardrobe. However, orange is a bold color so it’s important to pair it with items that will complement it well. The right accessories and additional pieces can make your orange dress really stand out. Here are some ideas for items to wear with an orange dress for different seasons and occasions.

Matching the Season

What you pair with an orange dress will depend partly on the time of year. Some clothing and accessory options work better for fall and winter weather, while others are ideal for warmer spring and summer months.

Spring and Summer

During the warmer months, lightweight and breathable fabrics work best with an orange dress. Opt for clothes and accessories in spring and summer color palettes that will complement the orange shade.

Some top options include:

– White or cream cardigans or kimonos. A light white topper provides balance against the bold orange hue.

– Denim jackets. A classic jean jacket looks great with a casual orange sundress.

– Straw bags and hats. Natural straw accessories fit the spring and summer vibe.

– Sandals. Open toe sandals in brown, tan, white or metallic shades pair nicely with an orange dress without competing.

– Floral prints. Mixing in small floral prints on accessories can soften the brighter orange.

– Coral, yellow or blue jewelry. Accessories in these colors complement an orange dress beautifully for summer.

Fall and Winter

During the colder months, richer colors and warm fabrics help balance out an orange dress. Ideas include:

– Burgundy cardigans or blazers. Deep wine tones pair gorgeously with bright orange.

– Dark wash denim. Dark jeans or jackets help ground the look.

– Ankle booties. Black or brown leather booties add warm textural contrast.

– Tights and leggings. Opaque black tights or patterned leggings keep legs warm.

– Plaid scarves. Classic plaid scarves in red or blue schemes work nicely.

– Gold jewelry. Gold necklaces, earrings and bracelets complement orange with metallic richness.

Dressing for Occasions

Certain items work well for dressing up an orange dress for everything from casual daytime wear to formal events. Consider occasion when choosing pieces to complement your dress.

Casual Daytime

For casual daytime activities like meeting friends for brunch or running errands, opt for laidback complements to your orange dress:

– Jean or leather jacket
– Canvas sneakers or sandals
– Straw tote bag
– Minimal jewelry like simple gold hoops

Office Wear

To give an orange dress a professional polish for the office, try:

– Black or nude blazer
– Black heels or loafers
– Leather tote or briefcase
– Pearl earrings and necklace

Casual Daytime Office Wear
Jean or leather jacket Black or nude blazer
Canvas sneakers or sandals Black heels or loafers
Straw tote Leather tote or briefcase
Minimal jewelry like simple gold hoops Pearl earrings and necklace

Date Night

Upgrade your orange dress for an evening out with:

– Black moto jacket
– Metallic or black heels
– Gold bracelet and earrings
– Black clutch

Formal Occasion

For formal weddings, parties and events try:

– Floor length chiffon wrap
– Strappy heels
– Sparkling jewelry like diamond earrings
– Metallic evening clutch

Top Pieces to Wear with an Orange Dress

Specific clothing items and accessories are especially complementary to wear with an orange dress.


Jackets nicely balance the vibrant hue. Good options include:

– White or denim jean jackets for casual wear
– Black or nude blazers for professional looks
– Leather moto jackets for evenings out


Shoes that work well include:

– White or metallic sandals in spring/summer
– Black booties or loafers in fall/winter
– Black or metallic heels for date nights


Stylish handbag pairings include:

– Straw totes for casual daytime
– Leather totes or briefcases for work
– Metallic clutches for formal occasions


On jewelry, stick to metals and gemstones that complement orange:

– Gold hoops or chains
– Pearl earrings and necklaces
– Diamond earrings or bracelets

Avoiding Clashes

Certain colors and prints don’t pair as harmoniously with bright orange. Stay away from pieces in shades like:

– Neon greens or pinks – Too much color competition
– Red and fuchsia – Clashes with orange hue
– Animal prints – Competes visually with orange color blocking
– Large florals – Can look too busy with orange dress

Stick to solid colors or smaller prints in the recommended shades for a foolproof coordinated look.

Conducting a Color Test

If you find a cute accessory but aren’t sure if the color complements your orange dress, do a quick test:

1. Hold the item next to your dress in natural lighting
2. Look at it through squinted eyes to blur colors slightly
3. See if the tones blend nicely or compete/clash

Trust your instincts on what harmonizes. If your gut says the pairing looks off, it likely won’t work.


An orange dress makes a fun addition to your wardrobe when paired with the right complementary pieces. Stick to lighter tones like white, cream and denim for spring and summer. Opt for richer neutrals like black, navy and gold in fall and winter. Consider occasion formality too – casual pieces for day, professional items for work and glamorous accents for nights out. Avoid large competing prints or heavily saturated colors. With the perfect complements, your orange dress will get plenty of wear all year long!