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What can I mix to make salmon pink?

What can I mix to make salmon pink?

Salmon pink is a beautiful soft pink color that takes its name from the flesh of salmon. This pale peachy pink looks great in any room of the house and pairs perfectly with creams, grays, and even minty greens. If you’re looking to mix up a custom salmon pink paint for a DIY home project, there are a few easy ways to get the perfect pink tone. Here’s what you need to know about making salmon pink paint from scratch.

What Colors Make Salmon Pink?

Salmon pink sits somewhere between light pink and peach on the color wheel. It’s a warm, desaturated shade of pink that goes well with neutrals. To mix up salmon pink paint, you’ll want to blend a warm pink base with creams and peaches. Here are the key ingredients:

– Pink – A light pink, like blush pink, forms the base for salmon pink. The pink brings vibrancy to the mix.

– White or cream – Adding white or cream paint desaturates the pink and lightens the tone. The more white you add, the lighter the pink becomes.

– Peach/orange – Just a touch of peach or orange paint adds warmth and takes the color into salmon territory. Peach offsets the coolness of the pink.

– Red or coral – For a deeper salmon shade, add a small amount of red or coral paint to intensify the pinkness.

So in summary, salmon pink contains a balance of light pink, white/cream, peach, and sometimes a dash of red. Adjust the proportions to make the shade lighter, darker, warmer, or cooler. Test your color on a paint swatch before committing to a whole can.

How to Mix Salmon Pink Paint

Now let’s go over some easy ways to mix up a custom salmon pink paint. Here are a few options using common paint colors:

Option 1: Pink, white, and peach paint

– 1 part blush or baby pink paint
– 1 part white paint
– 1/8 part peach paint

Start with equal parts pink and white paint. The white will dilute the pink. Add a small amount of peach paint and mix thoroughly. Peach is intense, so add it sparingly. Adjust the peach paint to reach your desired salmon tone.

Option 2: Pink, beige, and orange paint

– 1 part pink paint
– 1 part beige paint
– 1/8 part orange paint

Instead of white and peach, you can also mix pink with beige and a little orange paint. The beige acts similarly to white by softening the pink. A touch of orange brings out the salmon undertones.

Option 3: Pink and oatmeal paint

– 3 parts pink paint
– 1 part oatmeal or tan paint

For a deeper salmon shade, use more pink than neutral paint. Mix 3 parts pink with 1 part oatmeal or tan. Oatmeal has yellow-orange undertones that help achieve the peachy salmon color when blended with pink.

Option 4: Coral and white paint

– 1 part coral paint
– 1 part white paint

You can also skip pink and use coral as your base color instead. Mix one part coral paint with one part white to tone down the brightness. This makes for a slightly more orangey salmon color.

Tips for Mixing Salmon Pink

– Make sure paints are thoroughly mixed together to avoid streaks of color.
– Add neutral paints like white, beige, or tan slowly to avoid dulling the pink too much.
– Use peach, orange, and coral paints sparingly as they are very potent.
– Test your mixed paint on a sample board before committing to a whole project.
– Store any leftover mixed paint so you can use the same color again easily.
– Buy sample sizes of paint if you only need a small amount of a special mix.

Ready-Made Salmon Paint Colors

If you don’t want the hassle of mixing custom paint, there are some great ready-made salmon pink paint colors you can buy. Here are a few options to get you started:

Brand Color Name
Behr Blushing Bride
Benjamin Moore Smoked Salmon
Sherwin Williams Rapture Rose
Valspar Whispering Peach

These major paint brands offer their own takes on perfect salmon pink. From dusty roses to peachy pinks, you can find the right ready-made salmon for your needs.

Use Salmon Pink Paint Around Your Home

What are some ways to decorate with salmon pink paint? Here are a few ideas:

– Bedroom – Salmon pink is soothing and romantic for bedrooms. Paint an accent wall in a darker salmon shade.

– Bathroom – A light airy salmon is perfect for bathrooms. It pairs nicely with grays and creams.

– Living space – Use salmon on an accent wall to add brightness to a living room or den.

– Kitchen – For a cute cottage kitchen, paint base cabinets in a buttery salmon tone.

– Nursery – Soft salmon pink paint is ideal for a baby nursery. Combine with creams and pale yellows.

– Front door – Make your front door pop by painting it in a coral-inspired salmon shade.

Salmon pink adds a fresh pop of color around any room. Decorate with complementary neutrals and pastels to really make the color sing. Add salmon pink accessories like pillows, rugs, and artwork to tie everything together. With the right supporting colors, salmon pink paint never goes out of style.


Mixing up a custom salmon pink paint color is easy with the right blend of paints. The key is starting with a pink base and softening it with creams, peaches, oranges or corals. Aim for a delicate balance to achieve that perfect peachy-pink salmon tone. Pre-mixed salmon paints are also available so you can skip the mixing step. With so many options, you can easily find a beautiful salmon pink paint for your next DIY project or home makeover. So embrace this versatile color and add a pop of salmon anywhere you desire adose of vibrancy.