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What black candle stands for?

What black candle stands for?

Black candles have been used in spiritual and religious rituals for centuries. They are typically associated with banishing negativity, reversing curses, breaking hexes, and dispelling evil. Black candles also represent power, wisdom, protection, and independence. In this article, we will explore the meaning and uses of black candles in depth and provide tips for working with them.

Black Candle Meanings

Here are some of the common symbolic meanings associated with black candles:

Banishing Negativity

The color black absorbs and contains, rather than reflects, making it excellent for banishing negative energy and influences. Lighting a black candle helps to banish bad habits, negative thinking, grief, fears, illnesses and anything else unwanted. The black candle absorbs those negative vibrations.


Black is a powerful color representing strength and protection. Black candles ward off negativity and protect us from harm. They create an energetic barrier around us that repels lower vibrations and guards us psychically. Black candles are great for protection spells.

Reversing Curses

Black has the ability to reverse curses and hexes sent against us. Burning a black candle while visualizing the curse being broken is an effective way to send it back to the sender. Black candles absorb the negativity of the curse into themselves, reversing it.


Black candles bring justice. They help restore balance and right wrongs done against us, bringing karma back on those who have acted unethically or immorally. Black candles work well for spells calling for justice.

Repelling Evil

The color black repels and blocks evil forces and spiritual attacks. Black candles work to keep evil and dark entities at bay. They create a fortress of spiritual protection around us when lit with focused intent.

Breaking Bad Habits

Black candles help us recognize our own darkness within, including bad habits and behaviors we wish to change. Meditating on a black candle flame reveals our shadows and brings them into the light to be examined. This empowers us to break self-destructive patterns.


Black color symbolizes independence, self-control, and freedom. Black candles connect us to our inner resilience, willpower, and strength. They remind us we have the power to claim our independence on our own terms.

Deep Wisdom

Black absorbs all light, capturing the wisdom of all colors. Black candles represent deep spiritual wisdom and inner knowledge coming from the magical dark. Meditating with black candles opens our consciousness to receive esoteric knowledge and truths.

Honoring the Dead

In many traditions, black candles are burned to honor ancestors and commune with spirits of the dead. The black flame bridges the gap between the living and dead to promote communication and ancestral magic.

Black Candle Uses in Magic

Here are some of the common uses for black candles in spiritual and magical rituals:

Banishing Spells

Use a black candle in spells to banish negative energy, bad habits, illnesses, addictions, or anything unwanted from your life. Visualize the black flame absorbing and containing the energy as you focus your intention.

Binding Spells

Burn a black candle when binding someone who intends harm or wrongdoing. The black candle will constrain their energy and stop them from hurting you or others.

Breaking Curses

Light a black candle while visualizing any curses or hexes against you reversing back to the sender. See the black flame neutralizing the negativity.

Protection Spells

Use black candles in any spell to protect yourself, your home, or your loved ones. Imagine the black candle forming a protective barrier.

Repelling Evil

Burn a black candle if you feel you are under spiritual attack or negative psychic energy. Visualize the black flame repelling and blocking these forces.

Justice Spells

Work with black candles when performing spells calling for justice, such as against unethical business practices or corrupt systems. Pray or invoke deities of justice while burning the candle.


Gaze at a black candle flame to see within your subconscious, reveal your shadow self, and uncover inner weaknesses you want to change.

Wisdom & Divination

Meditate with a black candle to seek spiritual wisdom and deep knowledge. Use black candles on your altar when performing divinatory work such as tarot or rune readings.

Communing with Spirits

Light black candles when you want to connect with or honor ancestors and the dead. The black flame attracts spirit communication.

Past Life Regression

Stare into a black candle flame and visualize traveling back through your past lives. Black candles help induce hypnosis and past life recall.

Ending Relationships

Burn a black candle to help sever relationship ties and emotional cords, bringing closure. Visualize the flame cutting the cords.


Place a black candle by your bedside and burn it at night to prevent nightmares. The black flame will absorb any bad dreams.

Black Candle Magic Tips

Here are some tips for working with black candles in your magical practice:

– Choose taper or pillar candles over jar or votive candles when using black candles for focused spellwork. The elongated flame is better for visualization.

– Dress black candles with banishing, binding, reversing, or protective oils to enhance their power. Runes, sigils, or herbs can also be carved or added.

– Always light black candles intentionally, visualize your goal, and focus on directing the energy. Conscious effort is key.

– For banishing spells, burn the black candle starting at the top so the flame burns down removing negativity as it goes.

– Let black candles burn out completely rather than blowing them out to fully release the magic.

– Keep a black candle on your altar or sacred space for ongoing protection and to repel negative influences.

– Pair black candles with silver and white to boost protective abilities or with red when reversing curses back.

– Choose the size of the candle based on the magnitude of your magical goal. Bigger candles for major change, smaller for minor issues.

– Repeat black candle spells for 3, 7, 9 or 21 days for the most powerful effects by layering the energies over time.

Black Candle Precautions

A few safety precautions when working with black candles:

– Never leave burning candles unattended. Practice fire safety.

– Be mindful of ceiling height if using large candles – make sure there’s ample headspace as they burn down.

– Trim wicks to 1⁄4 inch before lighting to prevent smoking and uneven burning.

– Place candles in heat proof holders on an uncluttered surface to prevent accidental fires.

– Allow candles to cool fully before moving or discarding after use.

– Keep black candles out of reach of children and pets.

Black Candle Recap

In summary, black candles are powerful tools for banishing, binding, protection, reversing, absorbing negativity, gaining wisdom, communing with spirits, and exploring the shadow self. With a rich symbolic history across many spiritual traditions, black candles lend their profound transformational energy to magic when used with conscious focus of will. Practice candle safety, use intuition when selecting your candles, set clear intentions, and allow the mystical black light to illuminate your inner realm.

Meaning Uses
Banishing negativity Banishing spells
Protection Protection spells
Reversing curses Breaking curses
Justice Justice spells
Repelling evil Repelling evil
Breaking bad habits Self-examination
Independence Ending relationships
Wisdom Divination
Honoring the dead Communing with spirits


Black candles are mystical tools that have deep symbolic meaning across cultures. When used intentionally in spiritual practice, black candles help practitioners tap into the dark inner realms of wisdom, face their shadows, cut energetic cords, repel evil, break hexes, invoke justice, communicate with spirits, explore past lives, absorb negativity, and unlock deep power within. With proper safety precautions, black candles amplify spells when focused on clear goals for transformational magic. The darkness is illuminated with black candle light.