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What aura color is loyalty?

Loyalty is often associated with the color blue in aura readings. Here’s a quick overview of what blue represents in the aura and how it connects to loyalty:

Blue in the Aura

Blue is considered a peaceful, harmonious color in aura interpretation. Some key traits associated with blue in the aura include:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Reliability
  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Sincerity

As you can see, many of these qualities tie directly into being loyal. When someone has a strong blue presence in their aura, they are often very devoted to people and causes they care about.

How Blue Connects to Loyalty

There are a few key ways that the personality traits associated with blue in the aura correlate to loyalty:

  • Commitment – Blue represents dedication and sticking with something or someone through thick and thin. This demonstrates loyalty.
  • Dependability – People with blue auras follow through on their promises. You can count on them to be loyal.
  • Trustworthiness – Loyalty requires trust. Blue in the aura signifies someone is authentic and true to their word.

Additionally, from a symbolic perspective, blue is the color of constancy and faithfulness, which are essential components of loyalty. It’s the hue most reminiscent of a clear blue sky that remains steadfast day after day.

Examples of Blue’s Link to Loyalty

Here are some examples that illustrate blue aura energy expressing itself as loyalty:

  • A friend with a vibrant blue aura sticking by you during challenging times
  • A partner with blue hues in their aura remaining devoted for many years of marriage
  • A co-worker with blue in their energy field demonstrating loyalty to your shared company and team
  • A politician with blue in their aura maintaining consistent values and voting behavior once in office

Other Aura Colors Related to Loyalty

While blue is most closely tied to loyalty, other aura colors can also indicate this trait. Here are a few other hues that may show up in a loyal person’s aura:

  • Green – This color represents compassion and caring, which are important for loyalty in relationships.
  • Pink – The aura color for unconditional love. This kind of bond often inspires loyalty.
  • Gold – Indicates devotion, respect, and idealism – qualities that support loyalty.
  • Purple – Symbolizes integrity which is key for loyalty based on trust.


In summary, blue is considered the aura color most connected to loyalty. Traits like commitment, dependability and trustworthiness associated with blue align closely with being loyal. Other colors like green, pink, gold and purple can also indicate loyalty in an aura reading. Overall, reading the aura provides insight into who a person is on a deeper level.