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What are the popular shades of teal?

What are the popular shades of teal?

Teal is a gorgeous and versatile color that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Its soothing blue-green tones are reminiscent of beautiful tropical waters and provide a sense of tranquility. In the world of color, teal falls somewhere between green and blue on the color wheel, making it a bold yet elegant hue. There are many shades of teal to choose from, ranging from light and bright aqua tones to deeper, more complex jewel teals. Let’s explore some of the most popular shades of this stunning color.

Bright Aqua Teals

On the lighter end of the teal spectrum, aqua teals are cheerful, vibrant shades that add a pop of color. Think of the crystalline blue-green tones of tropical waters in destinations like Hawaii, the Caribbean, or the Mediterranean. These shades are perfect for accent walls, home decor, or adding a splash of color to fashion. Some examples include:

Aqua #00FFFF
Electric Aqua #7FFFD4
Viridian Green #40826D
Mint #3EB489

The classic aqua shade has a RGB value of #00FFFF and really pops against white. Electric aqua has a bright neon appearance with a RGB of #7FFFD4, while viridian green is a bluer aqua with a RGB of #40826D. Mint falls in the soft pastel range of teal greens with a RGB of #3EB489. All of these shades are lively, vibrant, and perfect for adding energy to any space.

Tiffany Blue

One of the most iconic teal shades is Tiffany Blue, named after the famous jewelry retailer Tiffany & Co. This robin’s egg blue is a light, cool tone that popped up frequently in 20th century design. The Tiffany Blue shade has a RGB value of #0ABAB5 and is a bit more green than traditional “robin egg” blue.

Over the years, Tiffany Blue has been spotted on everything from jewelry boxes to perfume packaging. It evokes a sense of nostalgia and luxury. This soft aqua tone works beautifully in kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms when you want to add a subtle pop of color. It’s a vintage teal look that never goes out of style.

Peacock Teals

Deeper and richer in tone, peacock teals get their name from the iridescent feathers of a peacock’s tail. These shades combine deep blue with shimmering green for a dramatic, multi-dimensional look. They are regal and elegant teals. Some popular peacock teal shades include:

Teal #008080
Emerald #028F1E
Parrot Green #438D80
Jungle Green #29AB87

True teal is a balanced blue-green tone with a RGB of #008080, while emerald is deeper with more green at #028F1E RGB. Parrot green at #438D80 RGB has touches of gray that tone it down. Jungle green at #29AB87 RGB straddles the line between green and teal with vivid color. Use these shades when you want to make a bold, striking impression in an interior space. They are perfect accent colors.

Turquoise Teals

Turquoise teals have a slightly higher ratio of blue to green, bringing the serene qualities of blue to these shades. They are heavily associated with the blue gemstone turquoise, evoking the American Southwest. Some turquoise teal hues include:

Celestial Blue #4997D0
Turquoise Blue #30D5C8
Blue Chill #22A7F0
Malibu #5EB1BF

With a RGB value of #4997D0, celestial blue is a bright, vivid turquoise that really stands out. Turquoise blue is lighter and slightly greener at #30D5C8 RGB. Blue chill at #22A7F0 RGB and Malibu at #5EB1BF RGB have a soft, relaxed quality perfect for a beach house. The turquoise teals bridge the gap between teal and blue in stunning fashion.

Dark and Jewel Teals

At the deepest end of the teal family, dark and jewel teals showcase the dramatic side of this versatile color. Deeply complex and sophisticated, these shades are perfect for accent walls, vodka bottles, or glamorous cocktail attire. Some sensational options include:

Midnight Green #004953
Deep Teal #003532
Sea Green #3EABBF
Blue Lagoon #016162

Midnight green at #004953 RGB, deep teal at #003532 RGB and blue lagoon at #016162 RGB are sophisticated, almost blackened teals. Sea green provides some vibrancy at #3EABBF RGB. With jewel teal shades, a little goes a long way. Use them sparingly for maximum impact.

Popular Teal Color Combinations

One of the best qualities of teal is its ability to pair beautifully with other colors. Here are some popular color combinations using various teal shades:

Teal and Orange – Vibrant orange is a stunning contrast against any shade of teal. Try electric aqua with burnt orange.

Teal and Pink – Feminine pink softens teal’s edges. Pair a pastel pink with a bright aqua.

Teal and Yellow – Cheerful brights like lemon yellow pop against teal. Mint green and sunny yellow are a happy combo.

Teal and Purple – Deep jewel teals complement light lilacs or rich eggplants. The contrast is elegant.

Teal and Red – For dramatic contrast, pair red with dark teals. Try burgundy red with midnight green.

Teal and Neutrals – Soft creams, whites and grays allow bold teals to take center stage. Sea green with white is beachy.

When decorating with teal, look at the undertones of the specific shade you chose and pair accordingly. Aqua teals go with bright contrasts like orange or yellow. Dark teals match moodier hues like purple, red or charcoal gray.

How Lighting Affects Teal

Something important to keep in mind when decorating with teal is that its appearance will shift slightly based on the lighting. Here’s how different light temperatures change the look of teal:

Natural Daylight – With a white balance around 5000K, daylight gives the truest representation of a teal’s shade. Choose teal paint swatches in natural light.

Warm Incandescent Lighting – Incandescent bulbs around 2700K add a yellow/orange tint that will subtly deepen teals. Aqua tones may shift more towards green.

Cool Fluorescent Lighting – Around 4000K, fluorescents have a blue/green tint that will brighten lighter teals. Dark teals may look more blue.

LED Lighting – Newer LED bulbs around 4000-5000K provide natural white light that preserves teal’s original tones. Check bulbs for warm or cool temperatures.

To get an accurate sense of how a teal will look, view fabric swatches, paint samples, and clothing in natural daylight. Then, see how they look under different bulbs at home. Consider the lighting you’ll use most in a room when selecting a teal paint color.

Teal in Fashion and Beauty

Teal is a huge trend across all aspects of fashion and beauty. Its flattering tones complement all complexions and eye colors. Here are some ways to wear the teal trend:

Clothing – For spring and summer, try light teal jeans, shorts, dresses, or beach coverups. In winter, deep jewel teal sweaters or coats pop against gray skies.

Shoes – Metallic teal heels are glamorous for a night out. Casual canvas sneakers in aqua tones add flair.

Handbags – A medium teal handbag can jazz up neutrals like black, tan or white. Go bright with sunny yellow.

Jewelry – Teal jewelry like statement necklaces, cocktail rings, or teal gemstone earrings make great accessories.

Nail Polish – On fingers or toes, teal polish looks great on all skin tones. Try deep emerald on fingers against a neutral pedicure.

Eyeshadow – For blue or green eyes, sweep a shimmery peacock teal shade across lids. It makes eyes pop.

Lipstick – Bold lips in aqua or teal blue-green are runway ready. More natural options include teal tinted balms.

Hair Dye – Fashion-forward types may consider temporary or semi-permanent teal hair dye to transform their look.

Incorporate your favorite teal shades into an outfit for a pulled together, stylish look. This colorful hue works year-round.

Teal Home Decor Ideas

Decorating with teal is a great way to add an eye-catching pop of color to any room. Here are some inspiring ways to use teal shades in home decor:

Accent Wall – Painting one wall in a vibrant teal instantly modernizes a room. Use aqua in a study or peacock teal in a bedroom.

Tile – For backsplashes, bathroom walls, or flooring, glossy teal tile makes a dramatic impact. Jewel tones heighten the luxe look.

Furniture – Upholstering a chair or sofa in teal velvet or suede adds glamour to a living space. Or select a teal painted dresser.

Cabinets – Give dated kitchen or bathroom cabinets a facelift by painting them in a trendy teal like sea green or Tiffany Blue.

Front Door – Make an inviting first impression by painting your home’s front door in a cheerful aqua tone. Accent with teal planters.

Accessories – Toss teal pillows on sofas and beds or roll out a teal area rug to tie spaces together. Add matching candles, vases or table lamps.

Artwork – Display vibrant teal paintings or prints to liven up stark white walls. Black and white photography gains new dimension against a teal mat.

Textiles – Use teal curtains, table runners, bath mats, or shower curtains to enhance a room’s theme. Mix patterns for eclectic style.

With endless options, teal can transform the look and feel of any space. It works equally well in traditional or contemporary homes.


Teal is having a major moment in interior design, fashion, and beauty industries. Its soothing, sophisticated tones range from bright, energetic aquas to deep, moody jewels. When used effectively, teal conjures up feelings of relaxation with vibrant tropical flair. It pairs beautifully with other colors and lights up neutral spaces. With endless shades and combinations, finding your perfect teal is a joyful journey of self-expression. Whether you prefer a pop of aqua or dramatic emerald tones, teal allows you to make a stylish statement.