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What are the names of the grey brown colors?

What are the names of the grey brown colors?

Grey brown colors are neutral earth tones that combine gray and brown shades. They provide a soothing, natural look and work well in any room of the house. Knowing the specific names of popular grey brown paint colors can help you find the perfect hue for your home decor.

Basic Gray Brown Colors

Here are some of the most common grey brown color names:

  • Taupe – A dark tan with gray undertones. Taupe is one of the most versatile grey browns.
  • Mushroom – A soft, warm medium tan-gray.
  • Khaki – A neutral beige with brown-gray tones.
  • Pewter – A cooler, bluish gray with a little brown.
  • Charcoal – A very dark gray brown, almost black.
  • Dove – A warm, pale taupe gray.
  • Sandstone – A light beige-brown.
  • Slate – A blue-gray with brown undertones.
  • Stone – A natural-looking medium tan gray.
  • Ash – A light, warm taupe gray brown.

These versatile neutrals work well in any room. Taupe, khaki, dove, sandstone and mushroom shades are especially popular for living rooms, bedrooms and dining spaces where a cozy, welcoming ambiance is desired.

Warm Grey Browns

Warm grey browns have a yellow or red undertone that gives them a cozier, more inviting look. Here are some popular warm grey brown paint colors:

  • Doeskin – A light camel brown beige.
  • Desert Taupe – A light sandy brown gray.
  • Quill – A warm, soft medium taupe.
  • Grayling – A beige-brown with taupe undertones.
  • Wood Ash – A very light tan mushroom color.
  • Rosetta – A rosy tan beige gray.
  • Bison Beige – A natural, dark blonde tan.
  • Hazelnut – A creamy medium brown taupe.
  • Shitake – A brownish warm dove gray.
  • Driftwood – A weathered, beachy medium tan.

These toasty grey browns are especially popular for homes with a farmhouse, cottage, rustic, eclectic or traditional decor style.

Cool Grey Browns

Cool grey browns have blue or green undertones that make them feel more modern and relaxing. Here are some popular cool toned grey brown paint hues:

  • Rockport Gray – A blue-green tinted light taupe.
  • Passive – A calming blue-gray beige.
  • Heather – A brownish gray with subtle lavender tones.
  • Cadet Grey – A cool blue-toned medium taupe.
  • Gray Screen – A green-tinged, pale mushroom.
  • Clay Ash – A blue-based brownish taupe.
  • Mountain Peak – A slate gray with hints of brown.
  • Smoke – A dark charcoal gray with brown.
  • Sandpiper – A brownish blue-gray beige.
  • Weathered Gray – A cool, driftwood inspired taupe.

These sophisticated grey browns work especially well for modern, contemporary, minimalist and transitional rooms.

Popular Grey Brown Paint Colors

Here are some of the most popular specific grey brown paint colors from leading brands:

Paint Brand Paint Color Name Type of Grey Brown
Behr Chic Taupe Warm taupe
Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Cool light taupe
Sherwin Williams Repose Gray Warm light taupe
Valspar Mystic Smoke Dark charcoal taupe
PPG Pewter Cast Cool medium taupe
Glidden Doeskin Tan Warm beige-taupe
Kelly Moore Prairie Dust Warm sandy taupe
Clare Khaki Brown Neutral tan-taupe
Dunn Edwards Grizzly Cool gray brown
Pittsburgh Desert Stone Warm beige taupe

With popular paint colors like Revere Pewter, Repose Gray, Khaki Brown and Doeskin Tan, it’s easy to find the perfect grey brown paint for your home.

Grey Brown Color Schemes

Grey browns are extremely versatile and work well with both warm and cool palettes. Here are some recommended color schemes using grey brown:

  • With warm neutrals: Pair taupe, khaki or mushroom walls with accents in cream, light brown, tan, sand and soft white.
  • With cool neutrals: Combine slate or charcoal grey brown with pale blue, light gray, ivory and off-white.
  • With natural greens: Taupe and olive green create an earthy, organic look. Add in sages, mosses and jade green accents.
  • With dusty blues: Soft powder blue and pale sky blue work nicely with cool toned taupe gray browns.
  • With pastels: Dusty mauves, pinks, yellows and seafoams contrast beautifully with neutral taupe backdrops.
  • With jewel tones: Pair rich garnet, emerald, sapphire and gold accents with warm taupe walls.
  • With black and white: Crisp black and white with grey brown creates a modern yet cozy aesthetic.

Whether you prefer an airy neutral palette or rich, bold colors, grey browns provide the perfect complement.

Tips for Decorating with Grey Browns

Here are some top tips for stylishly incorporating grey brown colors into your home:

  • Use grey browns as a neutral backdrop that allows bolder accent colors and patterns to pop.
  • Pair grey browns with natural materials like wood, rattan, jute and linen for an organic look.
  • Incorporate grey brown statement furniture like a storage ottoman or tufted sofa.
  • Layer in metallics like bronze, pewter and antique brass for an elegant, glam touch.
  • Accent with creamy whites, beiges and wood tones to create a harmonious, welcoming palette.
  • Upgrade cool grey browns with crisp navy and emerald green accents for a bold, modern style.
  • Warm up taupe walls with touches of terra cotta, mustard yellow and crimson red.
  • Use darker charcoal grey browns to create an intimate, cozy atmosphere.
  • Add natural texture with seagrass rugs, linen drapes and cozy wool throws.
  • Incorporate grey brown kitchen cabinets for a timeless, versatile look.

From stylish furniture to complementing accents, decorating with grey browns allows you to easily create both contemporary and traditional looks.

Benefits of Grey Brown Colors

There are many benefits to decorating with grey brown paint colors and accents:

  • Versatile – Grey browns work with any style, from modern farmhouse to urban loft.
  • Soothing – These muted, subtle tones have a calming effect.
  • Natural – Grey browns evoke a cozy, earthy look.
  • Neutral – They provide a subtle, versatile backdrop for bolder colors.
  • Timeless – Grey browns have enduring, perennial appeal.
  • Easy to coordinate – They effortlessly match other wall colors, finishes and decor.
  • Chic – Grey browns feel simultaneously vintage and modern.
  • Warm or cool – Choose a grey brown with warm or cool undertones.
  • Light and airy – Lighter taupe greys keep rooms feeling bright and open.
  • Cozy and intimate – Darker mushroom greys create a snug atmosphere.

With their adaptability, elegance and laidback vibe, it’s no wonder grey browns remain a popular favorite among designers and homeowners.


Grey brown is the perfect versatile neutral that works for any design style or palette. From light and airy warm taupe beiges to cozy, deep charcoal browns, grey browns enable you to easily achieve both contemporary and traditional looks. Popular grey brown paint colors like Revere Pewter, Repose Gray and Mushroom provide a soothing, natural backdrop for your home decor. Paired with crisp whites, earthy neutrals, bold jewel tones or punchy modern hues, grey browns always provide a stylish, put-together look. For a sophisticated color that offers timeless, perennial appeal, you can’t go wrong with grey brown.