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What are the levels for horses in Black Desert?

Black Desert is a popular MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) that allows players to tame and level up horses. Horses are an important means of transportation in the game, and leveling them up can provide various benefits. In this comprehensive guide, we will look at the horse leveling system in Black Desert and the benefits that come with each level.

How Horse Leveling Works in Black Desert

In Black Desert, horses have a maximum level of 30. As you increase your horse’s level, its stats like HP, speed, acceleration, turn, brake, and more will increase. The higher the level, the better stats your horse will have.

To level up a horse, you need to gather training points. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Riding the horse – You passively gain training EXP just by riding your horse around.
  • Racing – Competing in horse races is a fast way to gain lots of training EXP.
  • Training mini-game – You can play a mini-game to train your horse and quickly gain EXP.
  • Skills – Unlocking and using certain horse skills like S: Charge and S: Sideways Move can boost training EXP gain.
  • Equipment – Equipping horse gear like saddles can increase training EXP gain.
  • Training items – There are cash shop items that temporarily boost training EXP gain.

As you gather training points, your horse’s training level will increase. Each level requires more points to progress than the last. Here’s an estimate of how many training points are needed per level:

Level Training Points Needed
1 0
2 68
3 150
4 263
5 413
6 604
7 843
8 1136
9 1490
10 1912
11 2409
12 2991
13 3665
14 4442
15 5330
16 6339
17 7481
18 8766
19 10208
20 11719
21 13311
22 15001
23 16802
24 18728
25 20792
26 23008
27 25389
28 27952
29 30717
30 33705

As you can see, leveling horses in Black Desert takes a lot of time and effort. But it’s worthwhile to invest in leveling your mount for all the benefits.

Horse Level Benefits

Here are some of the main benefits you get when leveling up your horse in Black Desert:

Increased Stats

The primary benefit of leveling horses is the stat increases. As mentioned earlier, HP, speed, acceleration, turn, brake, and more stats will improve. The higher the level, the better performance your horse will have.

More Skills

Leveling unlocks new skills for your horse. Important skills like S: Instant Accel, Drift, and S: Sideways Move are learned through leveling. These add new abilities and combos for your mount.

Higher Tier Coursers

Coursers are special horses with unique skills. To get certain tiers of Coursers, your horse needs to be at a minimum level:

  • Tier 5 Courser – Level 15
  • Tier 6 Courser – Level 25
  • Tier 7 Courser – Level 30 (max level)

Breeding Benefits

Higher level horses have better chances of passing on skills and stats when breeding. Level 30 horses with good skills are highly sought after for breeding the best horses.

Bragging Rights

There’s a sense of prestige and accomplishment in owning a high level horse. It shows you put in the time and effort to raise a proper end-game mount.

Leveling Each Horse Breed

Now let’s take a look at tips and info on leveling each of the main horse breeds in Black Desert.

Tier 1 – Donkey

Donkeys are the most common beginner horse. They are easy to find and have decent starting stats. Some tips for leveling donkeys:

  • Easy to level to 10 just through riding around and doing quests.
  • Beyond level 10 takes significantly more effort.
  • Skills to get: S: Instant Accel, Quick Ride, Quick Back.
  • End goal is a level 15-20 mount for basic transportation.

Tier 2 – Horse

The basic horse is a step up from the donkey. Here are horse leveling tips:

  • Decent speed makes leveling slightly faster than donkeys.
  • Shoot for level 15-25 to access more skills.
  • Skills to get: S: Instant Accel, Quick Ride, Drift, Quick Back.
  • Can be used as main mount for new players.

Tier 3 – Miniature Horse

Miniature horses have the unique ability to gain combat EXP to level up. Tips for minis:

  • Having them out while grinding levels them up from combat EXP.
  • Quickly reach level 30 through active grinding.
  • Great way to get a high level horse for breeding.
  • Skills to get: S: Instant Accel, S: Sideways, Drift, Quick Back.

Tier 4 – Donkey

Donkeys have the highest starting carry weight capacity in the game. Tips for noblewagons:

  • Focus on cargo skills – S: Instant Accel, Quick Ride, Roar, Quick Back.
  • Level to 25-30 for weight limit increases.
  • Use as dedicated cargo mount for trading and transporting.

Tier 5 – Arduanatt

The Arduanatt is a mythical Pegasus that can fly and glide. Tips for this mount:

  • Very hard to obtain, only accessible to late game players.
  • Already starts at level 1 with good stats.
  • Level to 30 to maximize flying speed and stamina.
  • Skills to get: S: Instant Accel, Wings of Wind, Wings of Freedom, Dark Sprint, Quick Back.

Tier 6 – Dream Horse

Dream Horses like Doom and Diné are top tier end-game horse goals. For Dream Horses:

  • Extremely rare and hard to get via awakening attempts.
  • Come pre-leveled, but worth leveling to 30 for best performance.
  • Getting all their exclusive skills should be the priority.
  • The ultimate PvP and PvE mount due to unique skills.

Tier 7 – Unicorn

Unicorns are Mythical tier horses with healing abilities. Tips include:

  • Very rare, hard to obtain horses.
  • Come pre-leveled at a minimum level.
  • Getting Unicorn’s Power skill is top priority.
  • Great support mount for large scale PvP.

Tier 8 – Pegasus

Pegasus are also Mythical horses that can fly. For Pegasus:

  • Just as rare as Unicorns.
  • Level to 30 maximize flight speed and stamina.
  • Try to get both Flight and Glide skills.
  • Top tier flying mount, useful for exploring.

How Long Does It Take to Level Horses?

A common question new players have is how long it takes to level up horses in Black Desert. Here’s a rough estimate:

  • Level 1-15 – Around 1-3 hours of active training
  • Level 15-25 – Around 3-5 hours of dedicated training
  • Level 25-30 – Can take 10+ hours of hardcore grinding

Reaching max level 30 can take weeks or months depending on your effort. Active training methods like horse races and the mini-game will level horses much quicker than just passive riding. Use all the tricks mentioned in this guide to save time leveling your horses.

Closing Thoughts

Leveling horses in Black Desert takes patience and persistence. But it’s incredibly rewarding to have high tier horses with top skills and stats. Use this guide to understand the horse leveling system and training methods. Figure out which breeds you want to focus on and set level goals. With smart, efficient training you’ll be running around on your dream horse in no time!