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What are the in colors for nail polish?

What are the in colors for nail polish?

Nail polish trends change frequently as new colors come in and out of style. Some shades seem to remain popular staples, while others are fleeting fads. As we approach 2023, these are shaping up to be the hottest nail polish color trends.

Current Nail Polish Trends

Some of the most on-trend nail polish shades for 2023 include:

Nudes and neutrals

Nude and neutral nail polishes remain a classic look that complements any skin tone. Popular neutral shades include pale pink, beige, tan, gray, and mauve. These understated neutrals are sophisticated and elegant.


Soft pastel shades are predicted to be everywhere in 2023. Pretty pastel pinks, lavenders, mints, and corals are fresh and feminine. These dreamy shades are perfect for spring.


Bold, bright neon shades make a fun splash for summer. Electric greens, oranges, pinks, and yellows are eye-catching in glossy finishes. Neutral outfits pop when paired with neon nails.


Metallic nail polishes add glam and shimmer. Silver, gold, rose gold, bronze, and chrome are glitzy finishes that make a statement. Foil and holographic metallics are especially on-trend.

Dark vampy shades

Deep plums, wines, blacks, and dark reds are sophisticated for fall and winter. These rich, dark nail colors are bold and mysterious. Dark manicures pair well with darker clothing and makeup.

Unique textures

Nail art and textured finishes are growing trends. Matte nails, cracked and shattering effects, velvet, glitter, chrome, and more unique textures provide interesting contrast and dimension.

Nail Polish Colors by Season

The most popular nail polish colors tend to shift from season to season:


Pastels, neutrals, metallics

Spring nail colors are soft and feminine. Pretty pastels, nude neutrals, and rose gold metallics complement Easter and spring wardrobes.


Neons, brights, whites

Bold summer nail colors include neon shades, bright primary colors, and crisp whites. These fun, vibrant shades match the energy of summer.


Earth tones, dark wines, vampy shades

Deep plums, burgundies, forest greens, and navy blues reflect fall fashions. Glittery metallics and unique textures also come into play.


Dark vampy shades, metallics, jewel tones

Vampy dark nails pair well with winter wardrobes. Festive gold, silver, and red metallics suit holiday parties. Forest greens, sapphire blues, and ruby reds reflect winter jewels.

Most Popular Nail Polish Brands

When it comes to nail polish, some brands stand out above the rest. Here are the most popular nail polish brands right now:


OPI is beloved for its wide range of colors, from neutrals to neons. Their lacquers have long-lasting wear and come in trendy seasonal collections.


Known for their creative color names, Essie offers a vast palette with new limited edition shades. Their polishes provide even coverage and have a quick drying time.

Sally Hansen

A drugstore classic, Sally Hansen nail polishes are affordable and readily available. Their Insta-Dri fast-drying formula makes at-home manicures easy.

China Glaze

China Glaze is popular for their unique special effects polishes, from holographic to flakies. Their lacquers are longer-wearing but have a higher price tag.


Zoya nail polishes are vegan, natural nail-friendly, and available in the trendiest shades. Their collections often pay homage to social causes.

Choosing the Right Nail Colors for Skin Tone

Selecting the most flattering nail polish color depends partly on your individual skin tone. Here are some guidelines for choosing the best shades:

Fair/Light Skin

Pastels, pinks, plums, blush tones

Fair skin looks best with equally soft hues like light pinks, lavenders, and peaches. Deeper plums and blushes also complement without being too harsh. Avoid stark whites.

Medium Skin

Corals, reds, nudes, neutral metallics

Medium skin tones can pull off vibrant corals and true reds with ease. Nude neutrals like caramel and taupe are also flattering. Silver, gold, and rose gold metallics look striking.

Olive Skin

Emerald greens, cobalt blues, metallics

Play up olive undertones with complementary emerald greens and sapphire blues. Shimmery gold, silver, and blackened metallics make olive skin glow. Deep purples like eggplant can accent nicely.

Dark Skin

Jewel tones, neon brights, vampy darks

Darker skin pairs beautifully with dark nail polish shades. Crimson reds, neon pinks, electric greens, and inky blacks make bold statements. Metallic chrome and blue-based reds are also eye-catching.

Long-Lasting Manicure Tips

To extend the life of your fabulous manicure, follow these nail care tips:

– Use a base coat to prevent staining and allow polish to adhere to the nail better.

– Always apply two to three thin layers of polish for even coverage and longevity. Thick globs of polish tend to chip faster.

– Wrap the tips of your nails with polish to seal in color and prevent early tip wear.

– Finish with a quick-dry top coat for shine and chip resistance. Regular top coats work, but quick-dry formulas are ideal.

– Avoid hot water when washing dishes by wearing rubber gloves to prevent excessive chipping and fading.

– Apply cuticle oil daily to nourish and hydrate nails and cuticles, preventing breaks and hangnails.

– File nails into a gentle rounded shape to prevent snagging and breakage.

– Limit removal to once a week if possible, since excessive acetone exposure can dry and thin nails.

DIY Nail Art Techniques

Elevate your manicure with these easy nail art techniques:


Create an ombre fade by sponging two nail polish colors from cuticle to tip. Alternate colors on different nails.

Polka dots

Use a toothpick, bobby pin, or dotting tool to create various sized polka dots on a base color.


Paint thin vertical, horizontal, or diagonal stripes over a base color. Tape helps keep lines neat and straight.

Color blocking

Paint on solid blocks of color to different nails for a bold, graphic look. Leave negative space between colors.


Drop polish onto the nail and swirl with a brush or toothpick to achieve a marbleized design.

Glitter tips

Coat just the tips of nails with glitter polish while keeping the base nude or neutral. Topcoat to smooth.


Sprinkle glitter flakes over wet polish and let set. Topcoat to seal them in place. Vary glitter sizes for texture.


The hottest nail polish trends offer plenty of exciting colors and textures to choose from. While classics like nudes and pale pinks remain staples, neon brights and moodier darks are making a splash this year. Metallics and unique 3D effects provide eye-catching contrast. Seasonal collections provide on-trend hues. With the right tips and techniques, your fabulous manicure can last over a week. Whether you opt for a solid color or an intricate nail art design, a fresh coat of polish instantaneously elevates any look.