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What are the Hogwarts house Colour codes?

What are the Hogwarts house Colour codes?

The four Hogwarts houses in the Harry Potter series each have their own distinct colours that represent the qualities of students sorted into those houses. Knowing the exact colour codes for these iconic house colours can be useful for any Harry Potter fans who want to accurately recreate them for projects, costumes, artwork, or designs.

Gryffindor House Colours

Gryffindor house is known for bravery and courage. The Gryffindor colours are scarlet and gold. According to Pottermore, the official Harry Potter website, the exact hex code for Gryffindor scarlet is #740001. This is a rich, vibrant red colour. The gold is a metallic gold colour, which can be approximated with the hex code #D3BC8D. The Pantone colours that best match the Gryffindor colours are PMS 202 for the scarlet and PMS 871 for the metallic gold.

Gryffindor Colour Hex Code Pantone Number
Scarlet #740001 PMS 202
Gold #D3BC8D PMS 871

These shades of scarlet and gold perfectly represent the bold, courageous nature of Gryffindor house. When depicted in the Harry Potter films, the Gryffindor colours are shown on the house’s banners, scarves, robes, and other house merchandise. Using these exact colour codes allows fans to recreate the Gryffindor aesthetics in any projects where they want to showcase their pride for this Hogwarts house.

Ravenclaw House Colours

Ravenclaw house values intelligence, wisdom, and wit. Ravenclaw’s colours are blue and bronze. The specific blue that represents Ravenclaw is #0E1A40, which is a dark midnight blue colour. This deep blue shade evokes mystery and creativity. The metallic bronze colour is #946B2D. As with Gryffindor’s gold, this bronze shade needs to have a metallic finish to accurately portray Ravenclaw’s colours.

Ravenclaw Colour Hex Code Pantone Number
Blue #0E1A40 PMS 289
Bronze #946B2D PMS 876

The blue and bronze pairing symbolizes Ravenclaw’s commitment to expanding the mind and attaining enlightenment. In the Harry Potter stories, Ravenclaw uniforms, dorm rooms, and house merchandise feature these specific shades. True Ravenclaw devotees know that using the precise colour codes in any Ravenclaw-themed projects is crucial to accurately conveying the intellectual vibe of this Hogwarts house.

Hufflepuff House Colours

Hufflepuff house values dedication, patience, and fairness. The Hufflepuff colours are yellow and black. The yellow is #FDB913, which is a bright golden-yellow. This sunny colour represents the warmth and welcoming nature of Hufflepuff house. The black is simple hex code #000000, which is just solid black. When paired with the vibrant yellow, this black takes on a rich, earthy tone.

Hufflepuff Colour Hex Code Pantone Number
Yellow #FDB913 PMS 123
Black #000000 Black 6

The cheerful yellow and grounded black work together to reflect Hufflepuff’s values of patience, loyalty, and fairness. The uniforms, common room, and merch proudly displaying these colours are key symbols of Hufflepuff house. For true badger fans, using the precise Pantone and hex codes to recreate these iconic colours is the only way to showcase Hufflepuff pride.

Slytherin House Colours

Slytherin house is known for ambition, cunning, and resourcefulness. Slytherin colours are green and silver. The specific green shade is #0D6217, which is a cool, deep green. This rich green exemplifies the sly, ambitious nature of Slytherin house. The silver is a metallic colour, which can be matched to #C0C0C0. Like the other metallic shades, the Slytherin silver needs a shiny metallic finish.

Slytherin Colour Hex Code Pantone Number
Green #0D6217 PMS 350
Silver #C0C0C0 PMS 877

The pairing of these rich green and shimmering silver tones perfectly captures the essence of cunning Slytherin house. Slytherin banners, uniforms, dorms, and merchandise containing these exact colours appear throughout the Harry Potter stories. For Slytherins who want to showcase their house pride, it’s important use the precise colour codes and finishes when recreating these iconic green and silver shades.


The four Hogwarts houses each have their own special Colour codes that represent the qualities valued by each house. Gryffindors sport scarlet and gold, Ravenclaws feature blue and bronze, Hufflepuffs display yellow and black, and Slytherins show green and silver. The specific hex codes, Pantone numbers, and metallic sheens of these Colours give them their powerful symbolic meanings.

For Harry Potter fans looking to accurately recreate these iconic Hogwarts Colours, it’s important to use the precise Colour codes listed here. Whether it’s a costume, artwork, design project, or just showing general house pride, proper use of the Hogwarts house Colour codes helps capture the true essence of each of these unforgettable school houses.