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What are the google colors palette?

Colors play an important role in web design and digital marketing. The right color scheme can help attract users’ attention, convey the right mood or emotions, and align with a brand’s visual identity. Google has developed color palettes over the years that are widely used across its own products and services. Understanding Google’s color palettes can help designers and marketers make informed decisions when selecting colors for websites, logos, graphics, and more.

Google is one of the most influential technology companies in the world. Its products and services, like Search, Gmail, YouTube, Android, and Google Ads are used by billions of people. Google has carefully crafted color palettes for many of its brands and services over the years. While Google doesn’t publish official guidelines on using its colors, analyzing Google’s brands provides valuable insights into its color palette choices.

Some key benefits of using Google’s color palettes include:

  • Brand recognition – Using colors associated with Google products helps reinforce brand recognition.
  • Trust and credibility – Google’s brands are trusted by billions of users, the colors impart some of that credibility.
  • Familiarity – Many users are already familiar with Google’s color palettes from regular Google product use.
  • Accessibility – Google tends to choose colors that are accessible to users with visual impairments.

In this article, we’ll examine some of Google’s core brand color palettes and hexadecimal color codes. This information can help guide design and marketing product decisions to align with Google’s proven color schemes.

Google’s Primary Colors

Google’s primary color palette consists of blue, red, yellow and green. These colors appear across many Google brands and services including:

  • Google Search – Green, Blue, Red, Yellow
  • YouTube – Red, White
  • Google Maps – Green, Red, Yellow, Blue
  • Gmail – Red, White, Blue
  • Google Drive – Blue, Red, Yellow, Green
  • Google Ads- Green, Yellow

Here are the hexadecimal color codes for Google’s primary brand colors:

Color Hex Code
Google Blue #4285F4
Google Red #EA4335
Google Yellow #FBBC05
Google Green #34A853

These primary colors form the basis of the Google brand. Using any combination of these colors will help reinforce the strong Google brand.

Google Search Color Palette

The Google search homepage and app features a distinct color scheme:

  • White background
  • Black and gray text
  • Blue links
  • Green search button

White space is prominent on the Google homepage to focus attention on the search bar. Gray text provides helpful information without distracting from search. The iconic blue links identify results clearly against the white background. The green search button prompts users to take action.

Reproducing this color palette in search landing pages or search-related projects can help associate your content with Google Search’s simplicity and effectiveness.

Google Search Color Codes

Color Hex Code
Google Blue Links #1A0DAB
Google Green Button #34A853
Google Gray Text #70757A
Background White #FFFFFF

YouTube Color Palette

YouTube uses a distinct red and white color palette:

  • Red (#FF0000) – Primary brand color across logo, icons, buttons.
  • White (#FFFFFF) – Background color.
  • Black (#000000) – Text color.

This high contrast red and white color scheme creates a bold, energetic look aligned with YouTube’s video-centric brand. The color palette appears extensively across YouTube’s website and mobile apps.

Using a similar red and white color palette can help create visual association with YouTube’s Dynamism and high energy.

YouTube Color Codes

Color Hex Code
YouTube Red #FF0000
YouTube White #FFFFFF
YouTube Black #000000

Gmail Color Palette

Gmail uses a complementary palette of blues, reds, and whites:

  • Red (#D14836) – Primary accent color.
  • Blue (#4285F4) – Secondary accent color.
  • White (#FFFFFF) – Primary background.
  • Gray (#CCCCCC) – Secondary background.

This color scheme creates an upbeat, inviting mood that aligns with Gmail’s friendly email app brand. The red accents in particular help emails stand out against the white and gray backgrounds.

Consider using touches of red and blue against white or gray to suggest Gmail’s modern email app environment.

Gmail Color Codes

Color Hex Code
Gmail Red #D14836
Gmail Blue #4285F4
Gmail White #FFFFFF
Gmail Gray #CCCCCC

Google Maps Color Palette

Google Maps utilizes a palette of blues, greens, yellows and reds:

  • Green (#34A853) – Primary map color.
  • Red (#EA4335) – Secondary map accent.
  • Yellow (#FBBC05) – Traffic color.
  • Blue (#4285F4) – Water color.

This color scheme helps delineate different map elements clearly. Greens distinguish landmasses, blues indicate water, yellows highlight traffic conditions, and reds mark highlights and warnings.

For geo-apps and services consider adopting the Google Maps palette to convey similar real-world geographic associations.

Google Maps Color Codes

Color Hex Code
Google Green #34A853
Google Red #EA4335
Google Yellow #FBBC05
Google Blue #4285F4

Google Drive Color Palette

Google Drive uses the primary Google color palette of blues, reds, yellows and greens:

  • Blue (#4285F4) – Primary accent.
  • Red (#EA4335) – Secondary accent.
  • Yellow (#FBBC05) – Tertiary accent.
  • Green (#34A853) – Quaternary accent.

This colorful scheme suggests Google Drive’s role as a hub offering access to many Google services. The palette appears across Google Drive’s website, mobile apps, and installer.

Use these colors together to implying seamless integration with Google Drive and other Google services.

Google Drive Color Codes

Color Hex Code
Google Blue #4285F4
Google Red #EA4335
Google Yellow #FBBC05
Google Green #34A853

Google Ads Color Palette

Google Ads features green and yellow branding:

  • Green (#4285F4) – Primary brand color.
  • Yellow (#FBBC05) – Secondary brand color.
  • Blue (#4285F4) – Tertiary brand color.

This cheerful green and yellow combo suggests the positive ROI from Google Ads campaigns. Green signifies earnings and growth, while yellow indicates vigor and enthusiasm.

Try incorporating Google green and yellow in campaigns promoting advertising services or results to capture some of these positive associations.

Google Ads Color Codes

Color Hex Code
Google Green #34A853
Google Yellow #FBBC05
Google Blue #4285F4


Google employs consistent color palettes across its major brands that reinforce its products’ shared values of simplicity, trustworthiness, and accessibility. By utilizing similar colors in your own projects, you can evoke some of the strong favorable associations people have with Google’s tools and services.

Keep Google’s primary color palette of blues, greens, yellows and reds top of mind. Consider the context your project is operating in and how you can best leverage Google brand color associations:

  • Google Search – Simple clarity
  • YouTube – Energy and dynamism
  • Gmail – Modern and friendly
  • Google Maps – Real-world associations
  • Google Drive – Integrated services
  • Google Ads – Performance and returns

With some thoughtful color choices guided by Google’s palettes, you can design and market products that feel intuitively aligned with Google’s trusted tools and services.