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What are the DMC color groups?

DMC is a popular brand of embroidery floss that is used by crafters worldwide. DMC floss comes in a wide range of colors, which are categorized into color families or groups. Understanding the different DMC color groups can help crafters pick the perfect shades for their projects.

What is DMC floss?

DMC floss is a high-quality, six-strand cotton embroidery thread that is made by the company DMC. Each skein of DMC floss contains 8 meters or 8.7 yards of floss. DMC floss is available in over 400 colors that crafters can use for embroidery, cross stitch, crochet, knitting, and other fiber arts.

Some key features of DMC embroidery floss include:

  • Cotton fiber construction – DMC floss has a mercerized cotton fiber core that provides strength, luster, and durability.
  • 6 ply strand – Each floss is composed of 6 loosely twisted strands that can be separated or used together.
  • Color fastness – The dyed colors have excellent color fastness and resist fading.
  • Variety of shades – DMC offers a wide spectrum of colors from subtle pastels to vivid brights.
  • Uniform yardage – Each skein contains the same 8 meter length for consistency.

The high quality and broad selection of colors make DMC floss a top choice for embroidery and fiber arts projects. The color coding system allows for easy identification and coordination of shades.

DMC Color Groups Overview

DMC organizes its floss colors into 18 major color families or groups. While there are some overlaps, these groups help cluster shades that coordinate well together.

The main DMC color groups are:

  • Reds
  • Pinks
  • Oranges
  • Yellows
  • Greens
  • Blues
  • Purples
  • Browns
  • Grays
  • Blacks
  • Whites
  • Beige
  • Specialty
  • Variegated
  • Neons
  • Metallics
  • Pearl Cottons
  • Fuseables

Having a general sense of these color families can make it easier to browse the DMC selection and quickly pick shades for your project palette.

DMC Red Color Group

The DMC red color group contains vibrant shades of red, from pale rose to deep crimson. This group includes coral and reddish pink colors too. Some popular DMC shades in the red family include:

DMC # Color Name
666 Bright Red
321 Red
304 Red
498 Red
347 Salmon
355 Terra Cotta
326 Rose
370 Lipstick Red
823 Very Dark Carnation
777 Raspberry

The red family can add vibrant, lively color to embroidery, cross stitch, knitting, crochet, and other projects. They are great for flowers, hats, bags, apparel, Christmas designs, and more. Mixing shades within the red group creates depth and visual interest.

DMC Pink Color Group

The pink color group from DMC has light, delicate pinks ranging to fuscias and magentas. Perfect for feminine projects, these pink hues include:

DMC # Color Name
227 Light Shell Pink
226 Shell Pink
211 Pink
209 Lavender
168 Pink
197 Pumpkin
745 Topaz
647 Baby Pink
712 Cream
3326 Rose

Pretty in projects like baby items, feminine fashion, floral designs, and more, DMC’s pink group can create a soft, romantic look. Combining light and dark pinks makes projects pop.

DMC Orange Color Group

The orange family from DMC has warm shades ranging from peach to deep orange. Great for autumn themes, these dynamic orange tones include:

DMC # Color Name
752 Topaz
742 Tangerine
741 Tangerine
738 Topaz
702 Chartreuse
666 Bright Red
304 Red
445 Pumpkin
721 Orange Spice
976 Pumpkin

Orange hues are perfect for leaves, flowers, fruits, spicing up neutrals, and glowing effects on projects. They bring energy, warmth, and vibrance. Using lights, mediums, and darks creates depth.

DMC Yellow Color Group

Sunny yellows ranging from pastel to neon make up DMC’s yellow color family. These bright shades are perfect for spring and summer themes, including:

DMC # Color Name
739 Topaz
743 Yellow
744 Yellow
727 Topaz
726 Topaz
725 Topaz
724 Topaz
406 Celadon Green
772 Yellow
154 Lemon

The yellow group adds cheerful color for flowers, nature scenes, baby items and more. Combining light and brighter yellows can make them pop! They work nicely with greens and blues.

DMC Green Color Group

From forest green to lime, DMC’s green family has a verdant spectrum of shades. Great for nature themes, these greens include:

DMC # Color Name
996 Electric Green
894 Emerald Green
867 Emerald Green
798 Delft Green
792 Emerald Green
791 Cornflower Blue
689 Pistachio Green
972 Nile Green
500 Green
3862 Celadon Green

The green group has shades perfect for leaves, trees, plants and nature motifs. Combining greens with complementary blues and yellows really makes them stand out!

DMC Blue Color Group

Cool, calming blues make up this large DMC color family. Ranging from pastel sky blue to navy, popular blues include:

DMC # Color Name
988 Electric Blue
803 Delft Blue
799 Delft Blue
793 Cornflower Blue
792 Cornflower Blue
789 Cornflower Blue
797 Royal Blue
962 Celadon Green
920 Pistachio Green
775 Baby Blue

Blue is perfect for floral, ocean scenes, apparel, fairy tales, and so much more. Contrasting light and dark blues creates lovely depth and dimension.

DMC Purple Color Group

From lavender to violet, DMC’s purple group has a lovely spectrum. These majestic shades are ideal for feminine projects, fantasy themes, flowers and more:

DMC # Color Name
211 Lavender
225 Shell Pink
227 Shell Pink
209 Lavender
209 Shell Pink
346 Grape
552 Violet
550 Violet
151 Wisteria
152 Wisteria

Purple complements many other colors including pinks, blues, and greens. Mixing light and dark shades creates a regal look.

DMC Brown Color Group

Earthy neutrals from tan to chocolate make up DMC’s brown family. Great for nature scenes, these versatile browns include:

DMC # Color Name
945 Golden Olive
633 Drab Brown
632 Desert Sand
631 Desert Sand
618 Bucksin
954 Mahogany
838 Cocoa
839 Brown Gray
301 Coffee Brown
434 Brown

Earthy brown shades complement blues, greens, reds, pinks, and yellows nicely. They are perfect for nature, fall themes, furnishings, folk art and more!

DMC Gray Color Group

Subtle and sophisticated, DMC’s gray family ranges from silver to charcoal. These versatile neutrals include:

DMC # Color Name
413 Pewter Gray
414 Steel Gray
415 Pearl Gray
316 Steel Gray
317 Baby Blue
318 Steel Gray
319 Pewter Gray
420 Pewter Gray