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What are the different types of Swarovski crystal?

Swarovski crystals are beautiful sparkling gems that have been loved by many for over a century. The Austrian brand Swarovski is renowned for producing high quality cut crystal in various shapes, sizes and colors. But what are the different types of Swarovski crystals available? Let’s take a look.

Cut Swarovski Crystals

Cut crystals are the most popular and widely recognized Swarovski crystals. They have a brilliant cut with either a round or pointed back and a flat table facet. The precise faceting allows light to refract and create rainbow effects. Cut crystals come in many sizes and shapes including round, bicone, oval, teardrop, square and rectangle.

Round Cut

Round cut is the classic and most common Swarovski crystal shape. The 58 facets optimally reflect light to produce exceptional brilliance. Round crystals come in a full spectrum of colors and various sizes ranging from SS5 (1.5mm) to SS50 (25mm).

Bicone Cut

Bicone cut has a football shaped design with two conical ends. The bicone cut has a total of 70 facets with 40 on the upper half and 30 on the lower half. This cut maximizes light return and radiance. Bicone Swarovski crystals are available in vibrant colors and sizes from 2mm to 20mm.

Oval Cut

Oval cut has an elliptical shape with pointed ends. The 58 precisely placed facets distribute and scatter light to create a dazzling optical effect. Oval Swarovski crystals come in a range of vivid colors and dimensions from 2x3mm up to 30x45mm.

Teardrop Cut

Teardrop cut has a pear shaped design with a pointed bottom. The 58 facets are optimized to maximize fire and brilliance. Teardrop Swarovski crystals have a glamorous look and come in sizes ranging from 6x3mm to 45x25mm.

Square Cut

Square cut has a geometric shape with 90 facets arranged in three rows. This cut showcases an intense play of light. Square Swarovski crystals are available in shades like jet, crystal and blue. Typical sizes range from 3mm to 20mm.

Rectangle Cut

Rectangle cut has a four-sided shape with 94 facets set in three rows. The faceting arrangement ensures optimal light refraction. Rectangle Swarovski crystals come in metallic coatings and sizes up to 50x8mm.

Fancy Cut Swarovski Crystals

In addition to the traditional cuts, Swarovski also offers fancy and novelty cut crystals. These have unique shapes, cuts and effects.

Pear Cut

Pear cut has an elegant teardrop shape with 54 facets. The wider bottom and pointed head resemble a pear. Pear cut Swarovski crystals have good brilliance and come in attractive colors.

Heart Cut

Heart cut has a charming heart shape with 58 facets arranged in three rows. Heart cut crystals have a lovely sparkle and symbolize love. They are available in sizes from 8x8mm to 23x22mm.

Triangle Cut

Triangle cut crystals have three straight sides and 54 facets in three rows. The triangular shape symbolizes creativity and wisdom. These crystals have a unique brilliance effect.

Star Cut

Star cut has a five-pointed star design with 70 facets arranged in three rows. The star shape symbolizes guidance and hope. Star cut crystals make interesting pendants and charms.

Butterfly Cut

Butterfly cut crystals have a charming butterfly shape with 54 facets. The butterfly symbolizes transformation, grace and joy. These novelty crystals are available in lovely colors.

Alphabet Cut

Alphabet cut crystals are engraved with letters of the alphabet. Each letter has 54 well-placed facets that enhance the engraving. Alphabet cut crystals can spell out names, words and phrases.

Number Cut

Number cut crystals are engraved with numbers (0 to 9) and mathematical symbols. The 54 facets accentuate the engraved numerals and symbols. Number cut crystals are commonly used for dates and ages.

Coated Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski uses advanced coating techniques to apply metallic and multi-color reflective finishes on standard cuts. Coated crystals have a brilliant sheen.

Aurora Borealis (AB) Coating

The Aurora Borealis coating gives a rainbow effect. It is made by vacuumevaporating a highly reflective material onto the crystal. AB coating comes in different shades – AB, AB2X, AB9X.

Dorado Coating

Dorado coating gives a glittery gold luster. A thin layer of gold is applied uniformly over the crystal. Dorado coating amplifies the brilliance.

Aqua Bohemica Coating

Aqua Bohemica coating gives multi-color highlights on a metallic base. Oxides are directly deposited onto the crystal in a vacuum chamber.

Vitrail Coating

Vitrail coating produces the effect of stained glass. A translucent colored coating is applied on the crystal through high temperature calcination.

Metallic Coatings

Metallic coatings like bronzite, dorado, vitrea give a reflective finish. The coatings are made with gold, silver and other metals for colors.

Machine Cut Swarovski Crystals

Machine cut crystals have an economical price point while maintaining Swarovski quality and brilliance. They have a patented machine cut with 33 facets.

Machine Round Cut

Machine round is an affordable option to the classic round brilliant cut. It has a 33 facet round design cut by precision machines.

Machine Navette Cut

Machine navette has a 33 facet pear shape cut by automated machines. It provides great value for the navette look.

Machine Square Cut

Machine square has a 33 facet square cut produced efficiently by machines. It gives the square look at a budget-friendly price.

Hot Fix Swarovski Crystals

Hot fix crystals have a heat-activated glue on the bottom that adheres to fabrics. They are used for embellishing clothing, accessories and crafts projects.

Flat Back Hotfix

Flat back hotfix crystals have a flat bottom with glue. They lie flat when adhered onto fabrics by heat pressing.

Pointed Back Hotfix

Pointed back hotfix crystals have a pointed tip with glue applied. The pointed back slides into fabric so the crystal is held securely.

Crystal Type Characteristics
Cut Classic brilliant cuts, optimal light refraction, various shapes and sizes
Fancy Cut Unique shapes and cuts like heart, star, butterfly
Coated Reflective and multi-color coatings like Aurora Borealis, Vitrail
Machine Cut Affordable automated machine cut crystals
Hotfix Heat-activated glue for adhering crystals onto fabrics


Swarovski offers an amazing range of crystal types to meet diverse needs. The classic cut crystals with their famous brilliance remain the most popular choice. Fancy cuts add novelty shapes and effects. Coatings produce beautiful iridescent reflections. Machine cut and hotfix crystals provide economical options. Each crystal type has unique facets, finishes and qualities that create stunning jewelry, decorations and accessories.

With its long expertise in precision-cut crystals, Swarovski continues to be the leader in crystal manufacturing. Their broad selection gives designers, artists and consumers endless possibilities for creating sparkling designs. Swarovski’s culture of innovation ensures exciting new crystal varieties and technologies will continue to be introduced. With knowledge of the different crystal types and their characteristics, you can choose the perfect Swarovski crystals to make your projects shine.