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What are the colors of the personality aura?

What are the colors of the personality aura?

The aura is an energetic field that surrounds the human body. It reflects emotions, health, thoughts, and character. The aura consists of seven main layers, each associated with a different color. The colors in a person’s aura indicate their personality, strengths, weaknesses, and areas of growth. Understanding aura colors provides insight into who we are.

The Meaning of Aura Colors

Here are the meanings of the seven main aura colors:

  • Red: Passionate, energetic, competitive, sexual, hot-tempered, aggressive
  • Orange: Creative, intellectual, detail-oriented, analytical, scientific, inventor
  • Yellow: Optimistic, easy-going, intellectual, friendly, indecisive, anxious
  • Green: Loving, gentle, compassionate, healer, teacher, social, money-oriented
  • Blue: Calm, intuitive, sensitive, kind, spiritual, soft-spoken, caring
  • Indigo: Wise, psychic, seeker of truth, spiritual, intuitive, perceptive, visionary
  • Violet: Magical, artistic, eccentric, futuristic, idealistic, philosophical, humanitarian

A person’s aura contains a blend of these colors in varying proportions. The dominant color(s) indicate their strongest personality traits. Knowing what each color represents provides insight into a person’s character.

Red Aura Personality

People with a dominant red aura are action-oriented go-getters. Red represents the root chakra, which governs our vitality and primal instincts. Those with a strong red aura are full of physical energy and passion. They are typically bold, assertive, and competitive. Red personalities thrive on challenge and adventure. They pursue their goals vigorously and hate feeling restricted. While red auras crave variety and constant stimulation, they can also have fiery tempers when provoked.

In relationships, red aura personalities are passionate lovers who enjoy intimacy and romance. They want an exciting, sexually-charged relationship. Red auras approach everything in life vigorously, including love. They need a partner who can match their energy levels and intensity. While red auras are playful, fun lovers, they can also have a jealous and aggressive side. When in balance, reds bring action, courage, and vibrancy to relationships.

Orange Aura Personality

Orange aura personalities are creative problem-solvers. Orange correlates to the sacral chakra, governing our creativity, emotions, and sexuality. Those with a vibrant orange aura tend to be intellectual, analytical, and detail-oriented. Their minds are constantly generating new ideas and solutions. Orange auras have scientific, methodical minds that notice the subtleties in everything. While they are bursting with innovative ideas, they may struggle to focus and complete projects.

In relationships, orange auras need a partner who engages their intellect. They enjoy philosophical discussions, light debate, and witty banter. Orange auras approach intimacy logically, reading their partner’s cues while also communicating their needs. They can be reserved about expressing emotions and prefer to show their feelings through thoughtful gestures. With their innovative thinking and problem-solving skills, orange personalities bring creativity to their relationships.

Yellow Aura Personality

Yellow aura people have sunshiny, optimistic personalities. Yellow correlates to the solar plexus chakra, which governs self-expression, confidence, and personal power. Those with a prominent yellow aura tend to be cheerful, easy-going, and playful. Yellow personalities make friends easily due to their happy-go-lucky attitude. They seek positive experiences and interactions. While yellows are intellectually sharp, they can be indecisive and anxious about the future.

In relationships, yellow auras create a lighthearted, enjoyable atmosphere. They enjoy making their partner smile and laugh. Yellow personalities are affectionate partners who feel happiest when their relationships are fun. While conflicts make them uneasy, they are willing to talk through issues. Overall, yellows are accepting, open-minded partners who avoid judging or trying to change their mate. With their sunny disposition, yellow auras inject warmth, humor, and vitality into their relationships.

Green Aura Personality

Green aura individuals are nurturers who build strong connections. The green aura resonates with the heart chakra, influencing love, compassion, and relationships. Those with a vibrant green aura are gentle, kind, and giving. They excel at understanding others’ needs and make people feel heard and valued. While greens are excellent listeners, they can be too passive and unwilling to assert their needs.

In relationships, green personalities are loyal, supportive partners who go the extra mile. They lavish love, affection, and praise on their mate. Green auras are highly attuned to their partner’s feelings and needs. While greens can become overly obsessed with keeping their partner happy, they make genuinely caring companions. With their giving nature and desire for harmony, green auras bring steadiness, devotion, and warmth to relationships.

Blue Aura Personality

Blue aura people are highly intuitive, sensitive, and peaceful. Blue corresponds to the throat chakra, which governs communication, expression, and truth. Those with a strong blue aura tend to be quiet, thoughtful, and introspective. They ponder life’s deeper meanings and think carefully before speaking. While blues are excellent communicators, they can be reserved about expressing their inner world. Blue personalities excel at calmly resolving conflicts.

In relationships, blue auras are loyal, honest partners who value genuine connections. They prefer quality time and deep conversations to lavish gestures. Blues intuitively sense their mate’s feelings. While they can be slow to open up, once comfortable blue auras are affectionate, sensual partners. With their sensitivity and desire for harmony, blue personalities create tranquil, trusting relationships. However, their tendency to internalize emotions can damage bonds if unchecked.

Indigo Aura Personality

People with indigo auras have visionary, mystical personalities. Indigo correlates to the third eye chakra that governs intuition and perception. Those with a vibrant indigo aura tend to be wise, psychic, and deeply spiritual. Indigos seek truth and hidden knowledge. They are highly intuitive and often experience psychic visions, prophetic dreams, or just a strong “knowingness.” While indigos feel connected to the divine, they can isolate themselves while consumed in their inner world.

In relationships, indigo auras can be challenging but fascinating partners. They experience relationships on a spiritual level and may view their mate as their soulmate. Indigos feel tremendous – almost cosmic – passion for their partner when the bond is right. However, they may become bored and disconnected if the relationship lacks depth or passion. Indigos need partners willing to explore mystical experiences and existential conversations. When united with the right person, indigo auras create magical, soulful bonds.

Violet Aura Personality

Violet aura individuals are highly visionary, spiritual, and artistic. Violet relates to the crown chakra, governing our connection to higher wisdom and pure consciousness. Those with a dominant violet aura tend to be magic-makers – artists, musicians, poets, and performers. They have mystical, eccentric personalities and thrive on creative expression. While violets have brilliant imaginations, they may struggle to be practical. They dislike structure and routine, preferring freedom.

In relationships, violet auras crave inspiration, intimacy, and ecstasy. They want a partner who enjoys mystical experiences as much as physical pleasures. Violet personalities bring creativity, imagination, and passion to their relationships. However, they may avoid or flee connections that feel dull or ordinary. Violets need freedom to create and innovate. When given space to express their gifts, violet aura people are whimsical, passionate partners who add joy and magic to relationships.


Our aura colors provide insight into our innate strengths, weaknesses, desires, and personalities. While we all have a blended aura, most people have one or two dominant colors that influence them. Knowing the meanings behind aura colors can help you understand yourself and build deeper connections in your relationships.

Uncovering your aura colors involves having your energy field read by an intuitive. An aura camera can also detect the colors in your energy field. Once aware of your predominant aura colors, you can better understand your innate gifts and purpose. Aura colors reflect our souls – glimpsing this energy provides a window into our innermost essence.