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What are the colors of neo geo pocket?

The Neo Geo Pocket is a monochrome handheld game console released by SNK in 1998. It was the company’s first handheld system and came in several different colors over its lifetime. In this article, we’ll take a comprehensive look at the various Neo Geo Pocket models and the color options that were available.

Overview of the Neo Geo Pocket

The Neo Geo Pocket was released in three different models – the original Neo Geo Pocket, the Neo Geo Pocket Color, and the Neo Geo Pocket Color (Limited Edition). The original Neo Geo Pocket could only display games in black and white, while the Color models were able to display games in color as the name suggests.

The Neo Geo Pocket was SNK’s response to popular handhelds at the time like the Game Boy Color. It boasted a powerful 16-bit CPU and could emulate SNK’s arcade games perfectly. While it wasn’t as commercially successful as Game Boy, the Neo Geo Pocket developed a cult following and has become a collector’s item over the years.

Neo Geo Pocket

The original Neo Geo Pocket was only available in black and white. It had a monochrome LCD screen and came in three color variants:

  • Black
  • White
  • Clear white

The black and white models featured the Neo Geo Pocket logo in their respective colors. The clear white version had a transparent white casing that allowed you to see the inner circuit board of the console.

Neo Geo Pocket Color

After the failure of the monochrome Neo Geo Pocket, SNK swiftly released the Neo Geo Pocket Color to directly compete with the Game Boy Color. This version had a color LCD screen and came in a variety of bright, vibrant colors:

  • Platinum Blue
  • Stellar Green
  • Flare Red
  • Mint Blue
  • Amazing White
  • Cosmic Blue
  • Racing Silver
  • Premium Gold
  • Crystal White
  • Transparent Black

Some of the more popular colors like Platinum Blue, Flare Red, and Mint Blue were bundled with game packs that included King of Fighters R-1 and Samurai Shodown! 2. Racing Silver and Premium Gold had limited releases.

Neo Geo Pocket Color (Limited Edition)

SNK also released a number of special limited edition Neo Geo Pocket Color models:

  • camouflage green
  • Wood grain
  • Sean with all black buttons
  • Sean silver
  • Choi Bounge silver
  • King silver
  • King gold
  • Athena pink
  • Fio green

These limited editions featured popular SNK characters or special finishes like camouflage and wood grain textures. They were only available in Japan and are very rare collector’s items today.

Most Popular Neo Geo Pocket Color Models

While there were many different color variants of the Neo Geo Pocket Color, some models and color schemes were clearly more popular and sought-after than others:

Model Color Notes
Neo Geo Pocket Color Platinum Blue Bundled with games. Clean, modern color scheme.
Neo Geo Pocket Color Flare Red Bundled with games. Bright vibrant red color.
Neo Geo Pocket Color Mint Blue Bundled with games. Softer pastel blue.
Neo Geo Pocket Color Amazing White Clean white color allowed customization.
Neo Geo Pocket Color Premium Gold Limited edition. Stylish gold color.

As the table shows, the Platinum Blue, Flare Red, and Mint Blue colors were popular for being bundled with game packs. Amazing White and Premium Gold were appreciated for their clean white look and rare gold finish respectively.

Rarest Neo Geo Pocket Color Models

Since the Neo Geo Pocket Color was on the market for only a couple of years, some color variants and special editions are now extremely rare and hard to find. Here are some of the rarest NGPC models:

  • Sean silver limited edition – Sold exclusively at the Tokyo Game Show in 2000, only 60 were made.
  • King gold limited edition – Only 100 units were produced for a magazine promotion.
  • Fio green limited edition – Bundled with the game Metal Slug. Less than 150 units exist.
  • Racing Silver – Very limited market release. Only sold in Europe and Japan.
  • Clear Black – Transparent black casing. Released only in Hong Kong.

These rare models can fetch very high prices among collectors and gaming enthusiasts. The Sean silver limited edition is arguably the rarest, with only 60 units manufactured worldwide. Finding an untouched Neo Geo Pocket Color in original packaging is the holy grail for NGPC collectors.

Most Valuable Neo Geo Pocket Color Models

Based on recent selling prices, here are some of the most valuable Neo Geo Pocket Color models that command high prices due to their rarity and demand:

Model Color Average Price
Neo Geo Pocket Color Sean Silver LE $1000 – $1500
Neo Geo Pocket Color King Gold LE $700 – $1000
Neo Geo Pocket Color Fio Green LE $500 – $800
Neo Geo Pocket Color Racing Silver $400 – $600
Neo Geo Pocket Color Camouflage Green $300 – $500

As demand for rare gaming items increases, prices for the rarest Neo Geo Pocket Color models have skyrocketed. Special editions like the Sean Silver can command over $1000. Even normal releases like Racing Silver have become valuable collector’s items trading for hundreds of dollars.

Factors Driving Neo Geo Pocket Values

There are several key factors that determine the value and collectability of different Neo Geo Pocket Color models:

  • Rarity – Special editions with very limited production runs are more valuable.
  • Condition – New old stock or mint condition units in original box fetch higher prices.
  • Special finishes – Unique colors, textures, and designs like wood grain increase value for collectors.
  • Cultural significance – Models associated with specific games or characters are desirable.
  • Nostalgia – The NGPC has a retro appeal to gamers who grew up with SNK titles.

Models that check multiple boxes like the Sean Silver LE – rare, special design, and nostalgia inducing – can command premium prices from collectors and fans.

Customizing and Modding

One aspect that makes the Neo Geo Pocket Color unique among handhelds is how mod-friendly and customizable it is. Some of the ways fans have customized their NGPCs include:

  • Painting or retouching the case in custom colors and designs.
  • Adding decals and logos of favorite games or characters.
  • LED case lighting for patterns and glow effects.
  • Screen lens replacements to change color or material.
  • Button replacements in different colors to match case.
  • Audio mods for amplification or sound effects.

The Amazing White NGPC is a popular starting point for many modders since the white canvas allows any color paint job. There are even vendors who offer custom NGPC modification services.

Popular Custom Colors

Some popular custom colors that NGPC modders apply include:

  • Candy apple red metallic
  • Electric blue pearlescent
  • Jet black gloss
  • Gold chrome
  • Pink chameleon paint
  • Wood grain hydrodip

Candy colors using translucent paints layered over chrome undercoats are a popular way to create a unique shimmering finish. Hydrodipping allows complex wood, carbon fiber, and camouflage patterns.


The Neo Geo Pocket Color may have been short-lived, but it left behind a diverse range of color models. Some are now extremely rare and command high prices from collectors. Models like the Flare Red and Amazing White proved to be popular mainstream releases, while special editions like the Sean Silver Limited stand as prized rarities. The wide variety of colors and ability to customize opens up limitless possibilities and ensures that every NGPC can be as unique as its owner.