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What are the colors of Kona Cotton Stormy Skies?


Kona Cotton Stormy Skies is a beautiful cotton fabric collection from Robert Kaufman Fabrics featuring a variety of cool-toned prints. The collection includes small-scale prints in shades of blue, gray, and ivory, evoking images of stormy seas and cloudy skies. As the name suggests, Kona Cotton Stormy Skies features a color palette dominated by blues and grays, but also includes some pops of cream and ivory to provide contrast.

The Colors

The main colors featured in the Kona Cotton Stormy Skies collection are:

  • Steel blue
  • Dusty blue
  • Ice blue
  • Pale blue
  • Sky blue
  • Dark gray
  • Light gray
  • Ivory
  • Cream

Here is more detail on each of the shades:

Steel Blue

This is a dark grayish blue that adds beautiful contrast when paired with lighter blues. It has a gloomy, stormy look.

Dusty Blue

A soft, pale blue with hints of gray. This tranquil blue evokes hazy skies.

Ice Blue

As the name suggests, this is a frosty, icy shade of blue. It’s quite pale but still has an obvious blue tone.

Pale Blue

A very light blue that is just a touch brighter than ice blue. It has an airy, delicate look.

Sky Blue

This is a light cornflower blue. It’s a bit brighter and more saturated than the paler shades.

Dark Gray

A dark charcoal gray that adds nice contrast and depth.

Light Gray

A cooler, bluer gray that reads as a neutral backdrop.


A creamy off-white shade that works nicely with the blues and grays.


Slightly warmer than ivory, this is a soft, creamy white that also pairs beautifully with the cooler tones.

Color Palette

Here is a summary of the main Kona Cotton Stormy Skies color palette:

Color Hex Code
Steel Blue #556D7C
Dusty Blue #8DA6BF
Ice Blue #DCE2EA
Pale Blue #E2EDF7
Sky Blue #8CAECD
Dark Gray #474C51
Light Gray #9EA4AD
Ivory #EBE8D8
Cream #F4F0E4

As you can see, it covers a range of cool blues from pale icy shades to rich navy, complemented by quiet grays and creams. This subdued palette evokes a sense of melancholy and thoughtful contemplation.

Print Styles

The Kona Cotton Stormy Skies collection includes a variety of small-scale print styles that incorporate the coordinating color palette. Here are some of the types of prints:

  • Abstract watercolor prints
  • Brushstroke prints
  • Tonal ombre prints
  • Ditsy florals
  • Linear motifs
  • Minimalist geometrics
  • Tiny polka dot prints
  • Stormy weather inspired prints like raindrops and lightning bolts
  • Whimsical cloud prints

The prints evoke the mood of the collection beautifully with style like stormy waves, rainy landscapes, and wispy clouds. Many of the designs have a painterly, artistic look rendered in watercolor or brushstrokes. The patterns are subtle and understated, with soft outlines and a dreamy blurred effect.

Using Kona Cotton Stormy Skies Fabrics

The muted color palette and varied prints of Kona Cotton Stormy Skies make it versatile to use for all types of sewing and quilting projects. Here are some ideas:


The cotton fabrics are ideal for piecing quilts, especially medallion-style quilts where the prints can be mixed and matched to create visual interest. Try using the small scale prints for the quilt top and solid shades for the backing and binding.


The colors and prints work beautifully for women’s and children’s clothing. Use solids and small prints to create flowy dresses, ruffled skirts, cropped tops and more.

Home Decor

These fabrics are perfect for accent pillows, table runners, curtains and other home decor projects. The colors work well for a calm boho or eclectic style.


Use these fabrics to make table linens, pouches, totes, zippered bags and other accessories. The stormy color scheme is very trendy.

Mixing and Matching

Kona Cotton solids in shades like indigo, turquoise, and yellow can be mixed in with the Stormy Skies prints to add pops of contrast and brightness. Conversely, black, white, or dark red solids could be paired with the collection to make the colors seem even more subdued and moody. There are endless possibilities for mixing and matching!


Kona Cotton Stormy Skies features a beautifully coordinated palette of blue and gray small-scale prints that can be incorporated into all types of sewing and quilting works. With its cool palette, painterly prints, and stormy vibe, this collection evokes images of brooding skies and melancholy landscapes. The fabrics are versatile and can be mixed and matched with solids or other Kona Cotton collections. Quilters, garment sewists, and crafters will love exercising their creativity with these moody printed cottons. Whether you make bed quilts, flowy dresses, or home decor accents, Kona Cotton Stormy Skies has everything needed to make brooding and beautiful projects.