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What are the colors of auras around people?

What are the colors of auras around people?

The aura is an energetic field that surrounds and penetrates the human body. It reflects our inner state of being on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. The aura has various colors, each associated with different meanings. By reading someone’s aura colors and patterns, we can gain insight into their personality, emotions, health, lifestyle and more. Auras are seen through clairvoyance, a psychic ability to perceive subtle energy fields and auras around people.

What Is An Aura?

The aura is an oval-shaped, multi-colored luminous energy field enveloping a person’s body. It emits its own characteristic radiation and has its own structure, form, and color. The aura typically extends from the body by 3-4 feet in all directions. However, a spiritually evolved person like a saint can have a much larger aura extending further away. The auric colors are seen by clairvoyants and mystics, who have developed psychic abilities to perceive subtle energies beyond the five senses.

The aura consists of seven main layers, each with its own set of colors and meanings. The seven layers from the lowest frequency to the highest are:

  • Physical Aura Layer
  • Etheric Aura Layer
  • Emotional Aura Layer
  • Mental Aura Layer
  • Astral Aura Layer
  • Etheric Template Layer
  • Celestial Aura Layer

The inner layers of the aura closest to the body reflect short-term states, while outer layers reveal long-term states. For example, the etheric and emotional aura layers change colors and patterns rapidly to reflect fleeting feelings and moods. In contrast, the celestial aura layer remains stable over a long time and reveals soul purpose.

Meaning of Aura Colors

Different aura colors have significant meanings related to the person’s thoughts, feelings, health, and spirituality. Here are the most common aura colors and their general meanings:

Red Aura Color Meaning

Red is associated with vitality, ambition, strength, anger, sexuality, passion, athleticism, and action. It can indicate issues with temper, aggression, or ego. Dark muddy red reflects excessive anger. Clear red points to vitality and leadership. Pink red aura is about romance and new relationships. Fresh bright scarlet shows high energy and stamina.

Orange Aura Color Meaning

Orange is linked to creativity, joy, confidence, comedy, laughter, communication, balance, and social abilities. Dull orange points to low energy and pessimism. Bright orange is about creativity, new ideas, and changes. Peach or pink-orange is about emotions, caring, and tenderness.

Yellow Aura Color Meaning

Yellow represents mental abilities, optimism, hopefulness, positivity, clarity, and wisdom. Bright golden yellow reflects high intellectual brilliance. Dark yellow represents fear, anxiety, and mental exhaustion. Lemon yellow points to high concentration and focus.

Green Aura Color Meaning

Green denotes balance, growth, healing, sympathy, compassion, love of people, animals and nature. Dark or muddy green reflects uncertainty, deceit, resentment, jealousy. Fresh green shows new growth and opportunities. Emerald green is about spiritual awakening and unconditional love.

Blue Aura Color Meaning

Blue represents intuition, peace, calmness, honesty, devotion, and idealism. Dark blue reflects being intuitive and having inner wisdom. Light or sky blue denotes clarity, optimism and new perspectives. Royal blue shows spirituality and good judgment. Navy blue is about truth and integrity.

Purple Aura Color Meaning

Purple reflects mystical abilities, spiritual awareness, imagination, creativity, psychic powers, and artistic talent. Muddy or muddy purple denotes being overwhelmed, confused and frustrated. Clear royal purple shows spirituality and good judgment. Lavender reflects vision, imagination and daydreaming.

White Aura Color Meaning

White represents purity, truth, equality, detachment, and discrimination. It can indicate new energy, protection, and perfection. Dazzling white shows perfection. Ivory white reflects optimism. Gray white is about illness, exhaustion, or depression.

Silver Aura Color Meaning

Silver represents abundance, intuition, illumination, and calmness. Bright metallic silver is about prosperity and business acumen. Dull gray silver reflects mental overload. Shiny silver shows an awakening of psychic and intuitive senses.

Gold Aura Color Meaning

Gold represents enlightenment, wisdom, spiritual energy, and divine protection. Shiny metallic gold reflects worldly knowledge and financial abundance. Dull brown gold indicates miserliness and materialism. Angelic gold is about divine guidance and protection.

Black Aura Color Meaning

Black represents mystery, shadows, secrets, evil, unknown factors, malice, depression, and dark thoughts. A small black spot can mean negative thinking. Large black patches reflect past life problems and dark magic. Shades of gray indicate dark thoughts, grief or physical pain.

How to Read Auras

Here are some tips on how to see and interpret auras:

  • Relax, breathe deeply and gaze at a person’s face, especially the forehead and solar plexus area.
  • Look beyond the physical body into the energy field surrounding it. Be patient and maintain soft focus.
  • Pay attention to aura colors, brightness, size and clarity. Note movement, pulsing, fluctuations, patches and gaps.
  • Interpret aura colors and patterns based on the meanings listed above.
  • Notice changes in the aura to understand thoughts, moods, health issues.
  • With practice, you can read auras better and develop your clairvoyance.


The aura is a subtle energetic field around the human body reflecting our inner state of being. Aura reading provides insight into thoughts, feelings, personality, health issues and spirituality. Each aura color has a specific meaning related to mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states. With practice of psychic abilities, anyone can learn to perceive auras and understand their meanings.