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What are the colors of Arlo in flight rising?

Arlo is a breedable dragon in the online game Flight Rising. As with all dragons in Flight Rising, Arlo can come in a variety of different colors and variations. The colors that Arlo can be bred in are determined by its elemental alignment, gene pool, and breed. Let’s take a closer look at what colors Arlo can appear as in Flight Rising.

Arlo’s Elemental Alignment

All dragons in Flight Rising belong to one of 11 elemental flights. Arlo is an arcane dragon, meaning its elemental alignment is Arcane. The arcane element controls magic and illusions. This elemental alignment means Arlo can be bred in the mystic, heather, ghost, starshine, spider, glow, smoke, pearlcatcher, spines, facet, and arcanist breed groups.

Arlo’s Gene Pool

In addition to its elemental alignment, Arlo’s colors are also determined by its expansive gene pool. Arlo has access to over 50 different genes that control its colors and patterns. Here are some of the possible genes Arlo can have:

  • Basic genes: arctic, midnight, charcoal, cinder, coal, obsidian, onyx, shadow, black, grey, white, smoke, silver
  • Iridescent genes: facet, butterfly, crackle, shine
  • Metallic genes: gold, steel, silver, iron
  • Rare genes: ghost, arcanist
  • Unusual genes: glowtail, blossom
  • Pattern genes: stripes, tiger, freckle, speckle, swirl, ripple
  • Eye color genes: emerald, shamrock, chartreuse

With so many genes to choose from, Arlo can be bred into a wide array of colors and variations.

Arlo’s Breed

Finally, Arlo’s specific breeds also determine what colors it is able to be. For example, the Pearlcatcher breed of Arlo can only be a limited selection of colors, while the Imperial breed has access to more colors.

Here are some of the possible breeds Arlo can be and their color availability:

Breed Sample Colors
Imperial White, charcoal, midnight, arctic, shadow, black, obsidian, smoke, silver
Skydancer White, grey, charcoal, silver, glow, arcanist, ghost
Pearlcatcher White, black, charcoal, grey, obsidian, midnight
Spiral White, smoke, silver, black, obsidian, grey, charcoal, arcanist

As you can see, Arlo’s breed plays a role in determining its color possibilities as well.


In summary, the colors that the dragon Arlo can be bred as in Flight Rising are determined by:

  • Its arcane elemental alignment, which allows mystic, ghost, starshine, spider, and other arcane colors
  • Its expansive gene pool with over 50 genes affecting colors and patterns
  • Its specific breeds, like Imperial or Skydancer, which have different color availability

With all these factors taken together, Arlo can potentially be bred into a wide variety of colors and variations in Flight Rising, ranging from arctic white to coal black to glowtail green. Its arcane elemental alignment grants it access to magical and illusory colors as well. The many possible genes give it combinations of colors, metals, iridescence, and patterns. And depending on its breed, certain colors will be available over others. In the end, Arlo is a very colorful dragon in Flight Rising!

Here is some more background on the colors and breeds that Arlo can have in Flight Rising:

Common Arlo Colors

Some of the most common colors Arlo is bred as in Flight Rising include:

  • White – A pure snowy white, accented with grey, silver, or arctic tones.
  • Black – A deep onyx or coal black, perhaps with charcoal accents.
  • Grey – Light or dark grey tones, like smokey quartz or stormy skies.
  • Green – Vibrant emerald or shamrock greens, sometimes metallic or shimmery.
  • Purple – Mystic illusory purples with ghostly arcanist tones.

These classic colors pair well with Arlo’s arcane nature and mystical aesthetics. White and black represent opposites and duality, while grey creates a brooding mysterious look. Greens complement Arlo’s magical abilities, and purples match its secretive arcane personality.

Rare Arlo Colors

Some rarer and more unusual colors Arlo can also be bred as include:

  • Glowtail – A bright, vivid green glow down the tail and wings.
  • Opalescent – Shimmering rainbow colors like an opal gemstone.
  • Ghost – A translucent, ethereal, floating appearance.
  • Arcanist – Brilliant purple colors laced with arcane starbursts.
  • Crystal – Faceted gem-like scales that refract light.

These special colors really highlight Arlo’s otherworldly arcane theme. The glowtail, ghost, arcanist, and crystal colors in particular amplify its strong ties to magic and illusion. Opalescent shimmering rainbows also give Arlo an unearthly quality.

Arlo Breed Colors

Arlo’s breeds also determine what palette of colors it can be. Here are some top colors for popular Arlo breeds:

  • Imperial – Imperial Arlos come in regal colors like white, black, silver, charcoal, and midnight blue.
  • Skydancer – These graceful Arlos are often pastel whites, greys, glows, and ghostly arcanists.
  • Pearlcatcher – Iridescent pearlescent white, grey, black, and silver are common here.
  • Spiral – Spiral Arlos lean towards monochromatic smoke, shadow, and metallic colors.

Each breed lends itself to certain characteristic colors and styles for Arlo. The imperials have an aristocratic air with bold classic colors, while the Skydancers have more delicate pale tones. Pearlcatchers shimmer with iridescence, and Spirals are more imbued with arcane shadow magic.


Arlo can be an extremely colorful dragon in Flight Rising with its arcane elemental alignment, myriad of genes, and varied breeds all contributing to its color possibilities. Magical misty purples, ghostly greens, dark smokey greys, regal blacks, and shimmering opals are all options for this mystical dragon. Its arcane nature provides a template for colors that are otherworldly, mysterious, and touched by illusion magic. In the end, Arlo’s colors perfectly represent its secretive personality and strong ties to the arcane flight.