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What are the colors of anniversaries?

What are the colors of anniversaries?

Anniversaries are important milestones to celebrate in a relationship. Each year together represents growth, shared experiences and memories. The traditional colors associated with anniversaries symbolize different stages and emotions. Knowing the colors can help guide anniversary gift ideas and themes.


The traditional anniversary color gifts are linked to gemstones, flowers, and materials that represent the passage of time. As years go by, anniversaries build on deeper meaning and symbolism. Early years focus on passion and excitement, moving towards more serious commitment. Milestone decades represent wisdom, harmony, and trust built over time. Understanding the special colors and symbols tied to anniversaries can lead to more thoughtful, meaningful gifts and celebrations.

Anniversary Year Traditional Color Meaning
1st Gold A treasure, symbolic of wealth and prosperity
2nd Garnet Deep red color represents eternal friendship and trust
3rd Jade Light green, symbolizes prosperity and good health
4th Blue topaz Fidelity, strength and wisdom
5th Sapphire Sincerity, faithfulness and loyalty
10th Diamond Clarity, endurance, innocence
15th Crystal Symbolizes how the relationship has blossomed over time
20th Emerald Success, wisdom to make the right decisions
25th Silver Malleable metal enduring through time
30th Pearl Classic beauty, celebrates maturity
35th Coral Closeness, tells the story of a relationship
40th Ruby Love, passion that’s lasted the test of time
45th Sapphire Loyalty, strong commitment through challenges
50th Gold Rich history, golden celebration of love

The colors and gemstones associated with traditional wedding anniversaries carry deep symbolism and meaning. They represent milestones, emotions, growth and the passage of time for a relationship.

1st Anniversary: Gold

The first wedding anniversary color is gold. Gold symbolizes a treasure, and celebrates the first year of marriage as golden. It represents the value of the relationship and hopeful beginnings. Gold signifies wealth and prosperity. It conveys joy, optimism and happiness. Gifts featuring gold say “our first year together is precious.” Jewelry gifts with gold meanings include watches, charms, cufflinks, rings or earrings with “1” engraved. Modern 1st anniversary gifts also include gold plated items, gold jewelry or gold dipped roses.

2nd Anniversary: Garnet

Garnet is the traditional 2nd anniversary stone. The deep red color has ties to passion and love. Garnet symbolizes eternal friendship and trust between two people. It also represents constancy and faith. A gift featuring garnets for the second anniversary highlights the strong bond that’s continuing to develop between a couple after two years together. Other modern 2nd anniversary gifts ideas are items made from cotton or china. Cotton represents intertwining lives and flexibility, while fine china conveys beauty and fragility.

3rd Anniversary: Jade

Jade has symbolic meaning in many cultures tied to protection, good health and wisdom. The pale green color made it fitting as the traditional 3rd anniversary gemstone. Jade represents prosperity and vitality. It conveys harmony, closeness and the renewal of love. Jade gifts honor growth over the first three years. It says the relationship is still fresh, flourishing and nurtured. Other 3rd anniversary gift ideas are crystal, representing clarity, or leather goods symbolizing flexibility and durability.

4th Anniversary: Blue Topaz

Topaz is the stone for the 4th wedding anniversary. Blue topaz in particular symbolizes strength. It promotes openness, wisdom and truth. The blue color represents fidelity. Blue topaz gifts celebrate four years of marriage and appreciation between spouses. It recognizes devotion has deepened and the relationship continues to strengthen. Other 4th anniversary gift ideas are appliances to equip the home or fruit baskets showing life’s sweetness.

5th Anniversary: Sapphire

Sapphire is the modern and traditional 5th anniversary stone. Sapphire symbolizes sincerity, faithfulness and loyalty. The blue hue represents heaven and tranquility. Sapphire stones are commonly used in engagement rings and wedding bands to embody commitment. Sapphire anniversary gifts recognize five years of trust and maturing love. The sapphire symbolizes a couple has built a solid foundation. Other 5th anniversary gifts feature silver representing a milestone, or wood conveying flexibility and continuous growth.

10th Anniversary: Diamond

Diamonds are the traditional 10th wedding anniversary gemstone. Diamonds convey lasting clarity, purity and strength of the marriage commitment. The diamond represents overcoming challenges and emerging stronger. Diamond anniversary gifts celebrate ten years together and renewing the promises made on a couple’s wedding day. Diamonds traditionally also mark 60th and 70th wedding anniversaries. Other 10th anniversary gift ideas are tin or aluminum symbolizing flexibility and adaptability, or diamond jewelry like earrings or cufflinks.

15th Anniversary: Crystal

Crystal is the traditional 15th wedding anniversary gift. Crystal represents how a relationship has blossomed over time. It conveys growth, clarity and renewal. The prismatic effect symbolizes the different phases and reflections of marriage. Crystal suggests a couple’s relationship has many facets and continues to sparkle through the years. Modern 15th anniversary gift ideas are watches to represent time and continuing love, or glass conveying transparency.

20th Anniversary: Emerald

The traditional 20th anniversary stone is the emerald. Emeralds symbolize wisdom, patience, and the ability to make the right decisions. The green color also represents fertility, springtime and rebirth. Emerald anniversary gifts honor the success of achieving twenty years together. They celebrate married life getting better with time. Other 20th anniversary gift suggestions are platinum jewelry symbolizing rarity and value, or china to represent resilience through daily wear and use.

25th Anniversary: Silver

Silver is the traditional 25th wedding anniversary gift. Representing a milestone, silver signifies 25 years of marriage. Silver is malleable and enduring. A silver gift reflects the flexibility and longevity of the loving bond. Modern 25th anniversary gift ideas are silver jewelry or silver plated household items. Alternatives are rhinestones as less expensive crystals, or sterling sculptures representing creativity and passion.

30th Anniversary: Pearl

Pearls symbolize classic beauty and represent the 30th wedding anniversary. Pearls celebrate married life’s maturity, natural glow and simple elegance. They have symbolic meaning of wisdom gained through experience. Pearls convey the richness of a long-term relationship. Traditional 30th anniversary gifts are pearl necklaces or earrings. Modern gifts include diamond jewelry, symbolizing clarity and enduring strength.

35th Anniversary: Coral

Coral is the traditional 35th anniversary gift. Coral symbolizes devotion and closeness in a relationship that has thrived for decades. Its reddish hue represents life energy. Coral formations result from tiny living creatures over time telling a story. In the same way, coral anniversary gifts represent the shared story of a marriage. Alternatives for 35th anniversary gifts are jade, reminding couples to cherish each day, or linen representing the beautiful fabric of married life.

40th Anniversary: Ruby

The ruby is considered the traditional 40th wedding anniversary stone. Its deep red conveys love, passion and energy. The ruby symbolizes vitality, excitement and commitment that’s lasted the test of time. After 40 years, ruby gifts celebrate married life still going strong. Ruby anniversary gifts also represent wisdom, power, and devotion. Alternatives are modern gifts featuring rubies, or personalized ruby jewelry with the number 40.

45th Anniversary: Sapphire

Sapphire comes up again as the traditional gemstone representing 45 years of marriage. Given earlier at the 5th anniversary, the sapphire holds symbolic meaning of integrity, trust and loyalty. After 45 years together, it takes on new depth honoring a committed relationship despite challenges and ups and downs. Sapphire anniversary gifts recognize the bonds of passion and friendship only growing stronger.

50th Anniversary: Gold

Returning full circle, gold symbolizes the 50th wedding anniversary. Gold represents unfading, enduring love. The 50th milestone anniversary is referred to as the golden anniversary. Gold honors the precious time two people have shared their lives together. Modern 50th anniversary gifts feature gold, like jewelry, watches or coins. Gold dipped roses symbolize the relationship coming full bloom. Celebration of lasting commitment and creating golden memories is at the heart of the 50th anniversary.

Celebrating each year together with thoughtful gifts tied to anniversary colors and symbols can enhance a relationship’s meaning over time. Understanding the special significance behind traditional anniversary gemstones and materials allows for more personal, heartfelt gifts to mark each milestone.