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What are the color options for Twitch names?

Twitch allows users to customize the color of their username to stand out in chat. Username colors are an important way for broadcasters and viewers to express themselves on the platform. While all users start with a default white name, Twitch offers a selection of different colors to choose from.

Default Username Color

When someone first creates a Twitch account, their username will appear in white text by default. This is the standard username color that most users will see. The white name blends in with the chat background, giving no special emphasis to the user’s messages.

Many people stick with the default white username color when chatting. It’s a simple, clean look that doesn’t draw a lot of attention. However, switching to a custom color can help a user’s messages stand out from the crowd.

How to Change Twitch Username Color

Twitch allows each user to pick a custom username color for their profile. To change your Twitch username color:

  1. Go to your Twitch Settings
  2. Select the “Channel and Videos” tab
  3. Click on “Username Color”
  4. Choose from one of the available color options
  5. Click “Save” to update your username color

The new color will now appear next to your username whenever you chat on Twitch. You can return to the settings at any time to choose a different username color.

Available Username Color Options

Twitch provides a preset selection of colors for users to customize their usernames. Here are the different username color options available on Twitch:

Color Hex Code
Blue #009CDC
Coral #FF7F50
Dodger Blue #1E90FF
Spring Green #00FF7F
Yellow #FFFF00
Cyan #00FFFF
Red #FF0000
Deep Pink #FF1493
Purple #A020F0
Chocolate #D2691E

The colors available cover the rainbow, providing many options for personalization. Users can choose bright, vibrant colors like yellow and spring green or soft pastels like coral and lavender.

Tiered Username Colors

In addition to the default selection, Twitch offers special tiered username colors that come with a paid subscription. These exclusive colors can only be used if you have an active monthly subscription on Twitch.

The tiered sub colors are:

  • Tier 1 – Purple
  • Tier 2 – Aqua
  • Tier 3 – Red

Having a tiered sub color gives a user more recognition in chat and shows their financial support of Twitch. However, a regular user who does not pay for a sub can still stand out with a custom color.

Username Colors for Bits Cheer

Special username colors are also unlocked temporarily when cheering Bits in a channel. Bits are Twitch’s virtual goods that viewers can purchase to support streamers. The more Bits someone cheers at once, the cooler the color:

  • 100 Bits – Blue
  • 500 Bits – Green
  • 1000 Bits – Purple
  • 5000 Bits – Red
  • 10,000+ Bits – Rainbow

The Bit cheer colors only last for a short time before reverting to the user’s chosen permanent username color. But it allows viewers to stand out in chat when supporting their favorite streamer.

Username Colors for Twitch Staff

In addition to regular users, Twitch staff members also get special username colors in chat. These help identify them as official Twitch employees or admins.

Twitch staff username colors include:

  • Admin – Red
  • Staff – Purple
  • Community Manager – Green
  • Moderator – Blue

Being able to spot different Twitch staff helps chat participants know who the authorized admins are. It also highlights when an official Twitch representative is present in the community.

Username Colors for Partners and Affiliates

Special username colors are granted to Partners and Affiliates. This emphasizes their status as popular Twitch content creators.

  • Partner – Purple
  • Affiliate – Green

Having a Partner or Affiliate color makes them easy to identify in any Twitch chat. It shows that they have an established presence on the platform.

Username Colors for Turbo Subscribers

Users who purchase Twitch Turbo also gain access to a unique username color option. The Turbo color is pink and helps highlight paying Turbo subscribers.

Turbo provides ad-free viewing, expanded emotes, and other benefits. The pink username color is a bonus perk for buying Turbo.

Username Colors for VIPs

Channel owners can designate certain users as VIPs. This gives them a special orange username color in that channel’s chat.

The orange VIP color helps distinguish users who have been given privileges by the streamer. It shows their status within that specific community.

Tips for Picking a Username Color

With all the username color options available, how should you go about selecting one for yourself? Here are some tips:

  • Choose your favorite color or one that reflects your personality
  • Pick a vibrant shade that will stand out clearly
  • Avoid selecting red or green if you are color blind
  • Make sure the color contrasts well with the chat background
  • Don’t hesitate to change colors periodically for variety

While the default white username works fine, selecting a color is a great way to personalize your Twitch chat experience. Have fun exploring all the different color choices!


Username colors allow Twitch users to customize their chat messages and stand out from the crowd. While new accounts start with plain white names, Twitch provides a wide selection of colors to choose from in your settings.

The available options range from bright primaries to soft pastels. Special colors are also granted for tiered subscriptions, Bits cheers, staff, Partners, and other roles. Picking the right color can help express your personality and individuality on Twitch.

So explore all the username color choices and find one that suits you! A unique color helps your messages pop in any Twitch chat you participate in.