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What are the color forecasting groups?

Color forecasting groups are organizations that predict and determine color trends usually 1-3 years in advance. These groups are made up of color experts, designers, stylists, and market researchers who analyze current cultural trends, consumer psychology, and innovations in materials and technology to forecast popular colors for the seasons ahead. Some of the most influential global color forecasting groups include:

Pantone Color Institute

Pantone is considered one of the leaders in the color forecasting industry. Located in Carlstadt, New Jersey, the Pantone Color Institute researches global trends and puts together a color palette twice a year that predicts the most popular shades 2 years in advance. Some of Pantone’s notable forecasts include:

Year Notable Colors
2000 Cerulean Blue, Fuchsia Rose
2016 Rose Quartz, Serenity Blue
2017 Greenery
2018 Ultra Violet
2019 Living Coral
2020 Classic Blue

Pantone also partners with brands across industries including fashion, home furnishings, electronics, and more to help incorporate the predicted colors into product development and branding.


WGSN (Worth Global Style Network) is a trend forecasting firm with offices around the world including London, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai. WGSN employs designers, stylists, color forecasters, and researchers who analyze street style, art, lifestyle, architecture innovations, socio-cultural shifts, and more. They release color reports and palettes twice a year forecasting trends 2-3 years in advance. Some of their annual Color of The Year forecasts include:

Year Color
2015 Marsala
2016 Quartz
2017 Flame
2018 Ultra Violet
2019 Aurora Red
2020 Tranquil Dawn

WGSN provides color trend reports and palettes to thousands of companies in the design, fashion, manufacturing, retail, marketing, and advertising industries.

Color Marketing Group

The Color Marketing Group based in Alexandria, Virginia is made up of color designers, forecasters, researchers, and marketing professionals across 10 countries. This international non-profit association comes out with an annual color trend report forecasting colors 3 years ahead based on socio-economic trends, innovations, lifestyles, new materials, and more. Some of their annual Colors of the Year include:

Year Color
2016 Serenity and Rose Quartz
2017 Niagara
2018 Ultra Violet
2019 Coral Pink
2020 Dynamic Blue
2021 Illuminating and Ultimate Gray

Their annual color forecasts are used by companies in product development, branding, graphic design, interior design, fashion, and marketing.

NCS Colour Forecasts

NCS (Natural Color System) is a color forecasting group based in Stockholm, Sweden. They produce two color forecast reports per year predicting color trends 2 years in advance based on observational research and data analysis of society, design innovations, art, fashion, architecture and more. Some of their recent Color Forecasts include:

Year Colors
2022 Rust, Khaki and Earthy Greens
2023 Pale Yellow, Turquoise, Lilac

NCS color forecasts are used internationally by product designers, marketers, artists, architects, and other creatives.


Color forecasting groups are essential for predicting upcoming color trends across industries. By researching and analyzing society, design, art, technology, and culture, these color experts provide guidance to companies and creatives on shades that will resonate with consumers in the next few years. The forecasts help brands stay ahead of trends and develop products that align with consumer psychology and preferences. Whether it’s Pantone’s Classic Blue or WGSN’s Marsala, the annual color selections from forecasting groups like these become integrated into the products and visuals we interact with every day.