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What are the color codes for beautiful beige?

What are the color codes for beautiful beige?

Beige is a versatile neutral color that can add a warm, inviting look to any space. However, with so many shades of beige paints and materials available, it can be tricky figuring out the exact color codes and names for the perfect natural beige hue. This comprehensive guide will highlight the most popular and beautiful beige color palettes for home interiors, the specific Pantone or hex codes needed to achieve the desired look, and decor tips for making beige work in every room.

Understanding Beige Color Theory

Before diving into specific beige color codes, it’s helpful to understand what beige is and why it’s such a universally flattering neutral shade. Beige sits in the neutral color family, ranging from light tans to medium browns. However, unlike stark grays or whites, beige injects a subtle warmth into any space. The inherent red-orange undertones add a natural, organic look that pairs well with other neutrals like brown, tan, cream, and ivory.

Unlike using bright accent colors, beige provides a soothing, calming backdrop that pairs seamlessly with other hues. You can layer rich blues, greens, reds, and purples over beige without clashing. This makes beige a foolproof foundation for creating a cohesive color palette. The natural color also complements wood furniture and floors for an earthy look.

Choosing the Right Beige Tones

Beige encompasses a wide spectrum from light to dark. The trick is choosing the right shade of beige for your interior design goals.

Light beiges like cream, eggshell, and linen work best in dark rooms lacking natural light. The pale hues keep things airy and ethereal.

Soft muted beiges add a cozy vibe to living spaces and bedrooms. These flexible hues pair well with most colors.

Warm medium beiges contain subtle orange/red undertones that bring out the richness of wood furniture and floors.

Dark beiges make a dramatic neutral statement on feature walls or as exterior house paint colors. The depth adds contrast and dimension.

Popular Beige Paint Colors

Many paint companies offer beige shades in a variety of undertones and depths to suit any design style. Here are some of the most popular beige paint colors and their specific codes:

Linen White – Benjamin Moore

This super light beige has a barely-there warmth that opens up dark spaces.

Benjamin Moore Code: OC-65
RGB Code: 248, 240, 231
HEX Code: #F8F0E7

Cloud White – Sherwin Williams

A popular, very light beige with a crisp, clean look.

Sherwin Williams Code: SW 7005
RGB Code: 242, 234, 219

Accessible Beige – Sherwin Williams

A light beige with a gentle warmth embraced by designers.

Sherwin Williams Code: SW 7036
RGB Code: 239, 228, 206
HEX Code: #efe4ce

Balanced Beige – Behr

This light beige adds brightness without going too stark.

Behr Code: PPU18-13
RGB Code: 225, 213, 198
HEX Code: #E1D5C6

Khaki Beige – Glidden

A light sandy beige color perfect for bedrooms and baths.

Glidden Code: GGI-06
RGB Code: 221, 204, 183

Shoji White – Benjamin Moore

This light warm beige mimics washi paper tones.

Benjamin Moore Code: OC-70
RGB Code: 239, 220, 187

Camel Back – Behr

A light camel beige that plays well with other neutrals.

Behr Code: N220-2
RGB Code: 201, 178, 149
HEX Code: #C9B295

Biscotti – Behr

A warm sand beige ideal for Mediterranean style homes.

Behr Code: PPU17-15
RGB Code: 216, 188, 159
HEX Code: #D8BC9F

Gray Cashmere – Benjamin Moore

A soft warm greige beige perfect for whole home palettes.

Benjamin Moore Code: 2142-60
RGB Code: 227, 217, 208
HEX Code: #E3D9D0

Chai Latte – Behr

This greige beige adds cozy warmth to any room.

Behr Code: PPU18-07
RGB Code: 186, 172, 158

Modest Gray – Sherwin Williams

A versatile greige that plays well with other colors.

Sherwin Williams Code: SW 6195
RGB Code: 166, 152, 136
HEX Code: #A6988

Beige Gray – Glidden

A muted greige beige suited for open airy spaces.

Glidden Code: GGI-12
RGB Code: 152, 140, 123
HEX Code: #988C7B

Edgecomb Gray – Benjamin Moore

A warmer greige beige alternative to gray.

Benjamin Moore Code: HC-173
RGB Code: 239, 230, 221
HEX Code: #efe6dd

Café Cream – Glidden

A creamy medium-toned greige beige.

Glidden Code: GGI-15
RGB Code: 211, 198, 186
HEX Code: #D3C6BA

Sea Salt – Sherwin Williams

A green-gray-beige hybrid color.

Sherwin Williams Code: SW 6204
RGB Code: 178, 166, 151
HEX Code: #B2A697

Tanager Turquoise – Benjamin Moore

A gray-greige beige with subtle blue-green tones.

Benjamin Moore Code: 2137-60
RGB Code: 201, 192, 183
HEX Code: #C9C0B7

Gray Owl – Benjamin Moore

A warmer neutral beige with gray undertones.

Benjamin Moore Code: OC-52
RGB Code: 158, 149, 137
HEX Code: #9E9589

Latte – Behr

A medium tan beige ideal for accent walls and exteriors.

Behr Code: P300-4
RGB Code: 154, 135, 115
HEX Code: #9A8774

Rochester Tan – Behr

A darker tan beige with red undertones.

Behr Code: P340-4
RGB Code: 130, 101, 63
HEX Code: #82653F

Camel – Glidden

A versatile medium-dark beige with orange undertones.

Glidden Code: GGI-20
RGB Code: 168, 129, 101
HEX Code: #A88165

Toasted Almond – Behr

A warm burnt beige ideal for creating depth.

Behr Code: M320-4
RGB Code: 139, 113, 92
HEX Code: #8B715C

Peanut Butter – Glidden

A creamy dark brown beige shade.

Glidden Code: GGI-25
RGB Code: 136, 108, 88
HEX Code: #886C58

Beige Color Schemes

Beige is endlessly versatile, working beautifully on walls or as accent colors. But the key to making beige really stand out is pairing it with complementary hues in a coordinated color scheme. Here are some stunning beige color combinations for interiors:

Beige and Blue

Pair light airy beiges with bold navy or soft powder blue for a soothing coastal vibe. Robin’s egg blue also pops against beige backdrops.

Beige and Green

From sage to mint, rich green hues make beige walls feel fresh and natural. Olive green and dark emerald work with deeper beige shades.

Beige and White

For a clean and bright palette, use crisp white trims with light beige walls. Add in light wood accents and finishes.

Beige and Black

Deep beiges make an elegant pairing with flat black trims, furniture or decor pieces for striking contrast.

Beige and Gray

Mix warm beige walls with cool gray accent walls or furnishings for a refined, versatile look.

Beige and Red

Vibrant ruby red or rust orange pops against beige backdrops for a bold, energetic vibe.

Beige and Yellow

Buttery yellows and ochre orange inject cheer alongside light earthy beige walls and decor.

Beige and Pink

Blush pink makes beige feel soft and feminine. Rose quartz pink also complements greige beige tones.

Beige and Purple

Deep plums and lavender provide rich contrast against light or medium beige backgrounds.

Beige, Blue and Green

A crisp nautical palette with light beige walls, navy accents, and pops of seafoam green.

Beige, Black and White

Classic and elegant, this combination adds clean definition through black outlines on beige.

Beige, Gray and White

Different shades of beige, gray, and white establish cohesion with neutral variation.

Beige, Red and Brown

Earthy terracotta reds, deep browns, and warm beige embody organic tranquility.

Beige Paint Brands

When selecting the perfect beige paint color, the brand matters. Paint quality and undertones can vary widely. Here are some top beige paint options organized by brand:

Benjamin Moore

– Linen White OC-65

– Shoji White OC-70

– Edgecomb Gray HC-173

– Gray Owl OC-52


– Cloud White SW 7005

– Accessible Beige SW 7036

– Modest Gray SW 6195

– Sea Salt SW 6204


– Balanced Beige PPU18-13

– Biscotti PPU17-15

– Camel Back N220-2

– Chai Latte PPU18-07


– Khaki Beige GGI-06

– Beige Gray GGI-12

– Café Cream GGI-15

– Camel GGI-20


– Latte Valspar 5007-3A

– Chic Beige Valspar 6004-1B

– Clay Beige Valspar 6006-6A

– Desert Beige Valspar 6008-10B

Beige Paint Finishes

Beyond choosing the right beige hue, consider these paint finishes to make the color stand out:

– Flat – For a brushed suede texture that masks flaws

– Matte – Subtle sheen, easy touch-ups

– Eggshell – Classic muted sheen, easy cleaning

– Satin – Soft glow, heightens architecture

– Semi-Gloss – Reflective shine and depth

Beige Decor Ideas for Every Room

Ready to bring beautiful beige into your home? Here are inspiring ways to decorate with beige in any room:

Living Room

– Light beige sofas, darker beige walls

– Neutral beige rug, navy arm chairs

– Beige curtains, emerald green pillows

Dining Room

– Beige dining chairs, wood table

– Abstract beige area rug

– Bold black and white art


– Two-tone beige and white cabinets

– Beige quartz countertops

– Navy island for contrast


– Light beige headboard, darker walls

– White and beige patterned bedding

– Round beige chair, floral pillow


– Soothing beige walls, white bath

– Beige marble tile, gray vanity

– Cream towels, greenery

Home Office

– Dark beige accent wall

– Gray desk, beige office chair

– Gallery wall with colorful art

Kids Room

– Playful pops of color on beige

– White furnishings, natural toys

– Whimsical beige area rug

Outdoor Space

– Warm medium beige exterior

– Beige patio furniture cushions

– Terracotta planters, green plants


Beige may seem simple, but its versatility makes it a foolproof neutral that works everywhere. By choosing the right shade of beige and pairing it with complementary accents, you can create a light airy oasis or rich elegant aesthetic. Whether you prefer creamy ivories, warm taupes, muted linens, or deep khakis, following the exact beige paint color codes highlighted here will help you achieve the perfect natural look for your space. Experiment with different beige decor ideas and color combinations until you find your ideal tranquil haven.

Beige Color Codes Tables

Here are some helpful beige color code comparison tables:

Beige Paint Color Brand Code RGB Code HEX Code
Linen White Benjamin Moore OC-65 248, 240, 231 #F8F0E7
Cloud White Sherwin Williams SW 7005 242, 234, 219 #F2EADB
Accessible Beige Sherwin Williams SW 7036 239, 228, 206 #efe4ce
Beige and Blue Paint Colors Code
Shoji White OC-70
Hale Navy HC-154
Nebulous Blue 2143-60

Beige Color Codes Keywords