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What are the 2 birthstones for April?

What are the 2 birthstones for April?

April has two traditional birthstones associated with it: diamond and sapphire. Both of these gemstones are prized for their beauty, durability, and mystique. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the history and symbolism behind April’s two birthstones.


The diamond is arguably the most celebrated gemstone in the world. For centuries, it has been a symbol of enduring love, power, strength, and brilliance. Diamonds are the hardest natural substance on earth, rating a 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. Their unparalleled hardness gives them incredible resistance to scratching and cutting.

Diamonds have long been regarded as bringing good fortune and warding off evil. They were popular amulets during medieval times, thought to provide protection in battle. Wearing diamonds was once believed to instill courage and invincibility. It was also thought that diamonds could heal illness and prolong life.

As a birthstone, the diamond is associated with enhancing inner strength and providing clarity of mind. Those born in April are said to benefit from the diamond’s attributes of purity, innocence, and constancy. Throughout history, the diamond has signified eternal, incorruptible love. For this reason, it has become tradition for diamonds to be used in engagement and wedding rings.

Diamonds are the traditional birthstone for April. The diamond as an April birthstone originated in the ancient Hebrew calendar, which established a birthstone for each month dating back to the 12 stones on the breastplate of Aaron. In the early 20th century, the American National Association of Jewelers created a modern birthstone list, solidifying the diamond as the official birthstone for April.

Diamonds form about 100 miles beneath the earth’s surface, crystallizing carbon under extreme heat and pressure. Diamonds originate in volcanic rock called kimberlite and are propelled upward through deep volcanic eruptions. They are then mined from the earth and cut and polished to reveal their brilliance.

While most diamonds are colorless or pale yellow, they can occur in colors like pink, blue, green, and purple. Colored diamonds get their hues from trace impurities. The most prized diamonds have little to no color, only exhibiting the highest optical transparency.

Diamonds are graded on what is referred to as the four Cs: carat, cut, clarity, and color. Diamonds with the highest cut, clarity, color, and carat exhibit the most scintillating brilliance and fire. Such diamonds are extremely rare and valuable.


Like the diamond, sapphire has long symbolized truth, sincerity, and faithfulness. The rich blue tones of sapphire are associated with heavenly grace and beauty. Throughout history, sapphires were believed to offer spiritual enlightenment and inner peace.

As the April birthstone, the sapphire represents wisdom, loyalty, and nobility. For those born in April, the sapphire is thought to bring strength of mind, focus, and inspiration. Sapphires are also symbolic of kindness and seeking the truth.

Sapphires belong to the corundum mineral family and register 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, making them extremely durable and resistant to wear. While blue is the most widely recognized sapphire color, they occur in every color except red. Red corundum is classified as ruby instead of sapphire.

Blue sapphires get their vibrant color from traces of iron and titanium. The most coveted shade is a rich medium blue with a slightly violet tint. Sapphires in this classic indigo hue are considered the cream of the crop.

Sapphires form deep underground under high temperatures and pressures, crystallizing from liquids or gases surrounding lava or metamorphic rock. They are mined all over the world, with the most prized sapphires originating from Kashmir, Burma, and Sri Lanka. Sapphires from these localities are valued for their intense blue saturation.

When grading sapphires, characteristics like color, clarity, cut, and carat are evaluated. Sapphires free of inclusions and blemishes with a vivid primary hue command the highest prices. Sapphires can be quite expensive, with prices rising exponentially for larger stones.

Sapphires became linked to April in 1912 when the American National Association of Jewelers assigned sapphire as April’s primary modern birthstone. This was motivated in part by sapphire’s blue color echoing April’s symbolism of spring and new beginnings.

Diamond and Sapphire Comparison

Characteristic Diamond Sapphire
Hardness 10 (hardest natural substance) 9
Composition Pure crystalline carbon Corundum (aluminum oxide)
Key colors Colorless, yellow, pink, blue, green Blue, pink, yellow, green, purple, orange, padparadscha (pink-orange)
Refractive index 2.417 1.757-1.779
Specific gravity 3.52 3.95-4.03
Symbolism Strength, eternity, enduring love Wisdom, loyalty, truth

As shown in the table, diamonds and sapphires share some commonalities, like their supreme hardness, brilliance, and symbolic associations. But they differ in their chemical composition and details of their physical properties like refractive index and specific gravity.


April’s two birthstones offer unique beauty and symbolism. Diamonds evoke strength, purity, and eternal love. Their scintillating fire captures hearts and imaginations. Sapphires emanate wisdom, faithfulness, and hope. Their mystical blue hues feel both exotic and elegant.

Those born in April are lucky to call the diamond and sapphire their birthstones. Both gemstones make meaningful gifts for April birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, and other occasions. April babies can proudly wear these stones as symbols of their personality traits and inner brilliance.

When choosing between diamond and sapphire April birthstone gifts, consider factors like color preferences, budget, and styling versatility. Diamonds and sapphires complement each other perfectly, so wearing and gifting both is always an option. Allow these mesmerizing April birthstones to uplift your mood and fill you with optimism as they have for centuries.

Whether glittering colorless, radiating fancy hues, or bathing you in their celestial blue aura, the diamond and sapphire are fit for April royalty. Embrace these legendary gems to tap into their eternal magic as you journey through life.

Diamonds and sapphires share prestigious reputations in the gemstone world for good reason. Both radiate incomparable brilliance, fire, and beauty. Their mystical allure has captured our imagination across cultures and generations. Those born under their powers can count themselves lucky to wear such legendary birthstones.

Let the diamond impart clarity and strength of mind. Turn to the sapphire for wisdom and serenity. These legendary April birthstones will inspire and energize you to live nobly and authentically. Their legacy spans the ages, full of intangible magic and wonder. April babies can delight in these phenomenal gems and all they represent.

Diamonds and sapphires form deep underground under intense heat and pressure. It takes billions of years to transform their raw ingredients into the treasures we admire. Like these April birthstones, pressure and time can transform us too into better, wiser versions of ourselves.

Displaying the diamond and sapphire birthstones declares a spirit of courage, sincerity, and perseverance. Those born in April are graced with rich inner character. Let your April birthstones shine as reminders of your fine qualities as you meet each day’s challenges.

The diamond’s pure crystalline structure expresses resilience and incorruptibility. Its refractive brilliance represents hope. Sapphire’s heavenly hues bring forth truth, integrity, and contemplation. Together these April birthstones enlighten our consciousness and nourish our souls.

Since ancient times, diamonds and sapphires were believed to possess otherworldly energies. They were revered as magical, protective talismans. As April’s birthstones, they instill fortitude and bring focus to what matters most. Allow their powers to imbue your life with happiness and meaning.

Diamonds and sapphires are gifts straight from the earth’s mysteries. Their splendor lights a fire inside us, reflecting our most cherished dreams. Wear these April birthstones proudly, like victors adorned with medals honoring heroic deeds. Let them inspire you to greatness.

The diamond’s defiant strength contradicts its delicate beauty. Sapphire juxtaposes wisdom and creativity within its azure depths. Together, April’s birthstones teach us to embrace contradictions and seek balance in our lives.

Diamond and sapphire stand out, even among gemstones, for their allure and symbolism. Preserved across millennia, their magic still speaks to us. Their prominent role as April’s birthstones celebrates human connection and continuity through time’s passage.

April’s two birthstones transport us to exotic locales deep underground where they formed. The diamond takes us miles into the earth’s molten core. Sapphire conjures visions of hidden gemstone troves in faraway mountains.

Both of April’s birthstones encourage us to look beyond the surface and unearth our potential. Diamonds and sapphires remind us that with care and polish, we can shine brilliantly too.

Diamonds and sapphires enlighten the world with their crystalline fire and heavenly hues. As April’s birthstones, they kindle optimism and imagination in all who encounter them. Allow these legendary gems to spark your passions and light the way forward.

Diamond and sapphire share prestigious reputations that span cultures and generations. Both possess a magical essence beyond scientific understanding. These legendary April birthstones inspire dignity, wisdom, and possibility.

The cosmic blue sapphire inspires contemplation and stillness, while the diamond stirs dynamic energy. One evokes the sky, the other, stars. Together, these April birthstones teach us to embrace both sides of life.

Diamonds and sapphires symbolize what is lasting and meaningful. These April birthstones encourage us to live authentically, stay true to who we are, and treasure relationships. Their message speaks to our souls.

Diamond and sapphire stand out from other gemstones for their stunning characteristics. But as April birthstones, their true value lies beyond monetary worth. Their ability to enrich lives is the reason we cherish them.

These ancient April birthstones endure as testaments of our humanity. Their allure connects us through time. The diamond and sapphire reflect the best in us back to ourselves.

Few things compare to the scintillating brilliance of diamond and sapphire. These legendary April birthstones mesmerize with their crystalline light shows. Allow their magic to infuse your spirit with fortitude.

Diamond and sapphire convey beauty in different packages – one transparent and dazzling, the other saturated with celestial color. Together April’s birthstones teach us how our differences unite to create something spectacular.

The diamond stands for enduring bonds and clarity of purpose. The sapphire represents intuition and tranquility. Together they bring wisdom, strength of character, and levelheadedness.

Diamonds form over eons, starting as ordinary carbon. Given time, pressure, and care they crystallize into the world’s most brilliant gemstone. Like diamonds, with perseverance and patience, we can transform too.

Sapphires hold the allure of faraway adventures and ancient secrets. Their navy depths feel both exotic and elegant. April babies are blessed to call this mystical gemstone their own.

Diamonds and sapphires share supernatural reputations and royal symbolism. Throughout history, they were treasured as protective talismans. Allow these April birthstones to imbue your life with their magical energies.

The diamond stands for what is eternal. Sapphire channels truth and sincerity. Together these April birthstones encourage us to live authentically, stay resilient, and remember what matters most.

Diamonds and sapphires speak of romance and royalty, having adorned kings and queens for centuries. As April’s birthstones, they represent nobility, courage, and lasting unions.

Diamonds and sapphires symbolize rarity and quality. Like these special April birthstones, those born under their powers have hidden depths and layers waiting to be revealed.

Diamond and sapphire endure as icons of integrity, commitment, and wisdom. These timeless April birthstones teach us to follow our inner light. Their magic weaves through the ages, linking past and future.

The diamond dazzles with defiant strength. Delicate as it appears, its crystalline structure should not be underestimated. Take a lesson from your April birthstone and blaze your trail.

Sapphire’s saturated beauty looks as divine today as it did centuries ago in royal adornments. This gemstone’s prowess speaks to human connection across generations. Its energies exalt the spirit.

Diamonds and sapphires crystallize billions of years ago deep in the earth through heat and pressure. Like these April birthstones, with care and perseverance, we transform gradually too.

The diamond stands for clarity and courage, the sapphire for contemplation and integrity. Together, April’s birthstones impart wisdom, resilience, and hope – our spiritual compass in an ever-changing world.

Step into April’s magic, represented by the diamond’s crystalline light and sapphire’s endless azure depths. Allow these phenomenal birthstones to kindle your passions and lead you to fulfilling possibilities.

April’s diamond and sapphire birthstones speak to human yearning across generations. Their splendor transports us to realms of imagination and romance. Let them inspire you to create beauty and find meaning.

Diamonds and sapphires share supernatural reputations passed down through history. These rare April birthstones were believed to offer protection, healing, and divine energy. Their magic still dazzles and delights us today.