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What are some rare LOL dolls?

LOL Surprise dolls have become one of the hottest toys on the market in recent years. These cute dolls come packaged in layered plastic balls that you unwrap to reveal surprises like shoes, clothes, accessories and the doll itself. Part of the fun is not knowing which doll or accessories you’ll get until you open it.

While most LOL dolls are fairly easy to find, some special edition and limited edition dolls are quite rare and hard to come by. Collectors love the thrill of the hunt to try and track down some of these ultra rare LOL Surprise dolls.

Limited Edition LOL Surprise Dolls

LOL Surprise releases special limited edition collections and dolls each year that are only available for a short time. These limited edition dolls often have unique outfits, hair, and accessories that you can’t find with the regular LOL dolls. Some of the rarest special edition LOL Surprise dolls include:

  • Winter Disco – Only 12,000 made
  • Neonlicious – Limited to 72,000
  • Charm School – Limited to 60,000
  • Hollywood – Limited to 90,000
  • Sister – Extremely limited release

These limited edition LOL Surprise series only produce a certain number of each doll, making them hard to find once stores sell out their stock. The low production quantities can make these dolls highly desirable for collectors.

Special Edition LOL Surprise Dolls

In addition to limited edition series, LOL Surprise releases individual special edition dolls that are often exclusive to a particular store or event. Tracking down these extremely rare special edition LOL Surprise dolls can be challenging for collectors.

Doll Name Details
Goldie Special gold edition only at Walmart
Qtiepie UK exclusive doll
Ho Ho Hair Only given as prizes
Sparkle Queen Convention exclusive

These dolls were only available at specific retailers or events, making them highly collectible. Finding them for sale can be difficult and expensive.

Errors and Prototypes

Production errors and prototype LOL Surprise dolls rarely make it into public circulation, but a few have slipped out. These include dolls with mismatched eyes, reversed clothes, or completely unique looks from prototypes. Some examples include:

  • Mismatched eyes Divine
  • Reversed clothes Sparkle Queen
  • Unreleased prototype Miss Independent

These dolls clearly have defects or are from pre-production, but collectors love the uniqueness of their flaws and unreleased designs. They trade and sell for extremely high prices due to small quantities.

New in Box Collectibles

While most kids quickly open up their LOL Surprise dolls, some are kept new in box as collectibles. The first wave LOL Surprise dolls with original packaging and in mint condition are very valuable to collectors.

Doll Estimated Value
Wave 1 Class President $500+
Wave 1 MC Swag $400+
Wave 1 Diva $300+

Full sets of wave 1 LOL Surprise dolls in their original packaging can sell for thousands. These early dolls in perfect condition are rare finds.

Early Prototypes and Sample Dolls

Some of the most sought after LOL Surprise collectibles are early prototypes, test samples, and pre-production dolls. These give an exciting look at LOL Surprise dolls before their commercial debut.

Known examples include:

  • 2013-2014 Alpha Construction Doll
  • Handmade crocheted prototypes
  • Test color sample dolls
  • Pilot production run “zero series” dolls

These dolls come directly from the production line and development phase before LOL Surprise was a brand. They give amazing insight into how the dolls were designed and made. Only a handful exist, making them nearly priceless.

Autographed LOL Surprise Dolls

Some lucky LOL Surprise fans have obtained autographed dolls from the company founders, designers, or voice actors. In particular, dolls signed by co-creator Isaac Larian are highly coveted by collectors.

Other signed examples include:

  • Dolls signed by head designer Lindsey Chernis
  • Voice actor autographs from Baby Yodel or other LOL characters

These autographed dolls add provenance and satisfy collectors who want a personal connection to LOL Surprise creators.

One of a Kind Custom Dolls

Skilled doll customizers have taken LOL Surprise doll parts and accessories to create completely unique, one of a kind art dolls. These amazing dolls showcase creativity and expert craftsmanship transforming the basic LOL Surprise line into spectacular new designs.

Some amazing examples include:

  • Underwater Sea Goddess custom
  • Gothic Lolita ball jointed doll custom
  • Steampunk aviator custom
  • Anime magical girl custom

From stunning haute couture fashions to creative fantasy themes, these imaginative customs showcase the versatility of the LOL Surprise line and push the brand into new frontiers.

Rare Defect LOL Surprise Dolls

Occasional production defects and quality issues lead to strange LOL Surprise dolls unlike any others. While undesirable from a manufacturing standpoint, collectors love the unique qualities and rarity of these “mistake” dolls.

Some examples of these rare defect LOL Surprise dolls include:

  • “Baldy” – Dolls missing hair plugs
  • Eye variants – Mismatched pupil sizes, missing white dots, etc.
  • Upside down stamps – Clothes stamped incorrectly
  • Missing body parts – No arms, missing shoes, etc.

These dolls were deemed unfit for sale and most were destroyed by the factory. But some defects escaped into the public and offer fascinating insights into the production process.

Early Test Market Releases

Before mass market release, LOL Surprise dolls were test launched in small quantities in select markets. These pilot launches were targeted to gauge consumer interest and test packaging designs.

Known test markets include:

  • Initial launch in Quebec, Canada
  • Limited release in Peru
  • Small quantity in UK/Ireland to test European demand

The dolls from these early test launches feature subtle variation from those in main release. Limited availability and origins make these pilot LOL Surprise dolls holy grails for super fans.


The thrill of the hunt makes collecting rare LOL Surprise dolls so exciting. From exclusive special editions to valuable factory errors, there are hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Limited availability and high demand from fans creates an energetic collectors market. Passionate LOL Surprise collectors spend years searching for these elusive dolls that stand out from the crowd.

Owning a truly unique, rare LOL Surprise doll provides a connection to the brand’s history and origins. As LOL Surprise continues to evolve, early and limited edition dolls become more valued over time. For fans and collectors, the joy is in the journey to complete their collection with some of the rarest surprises out there.